Thailand Alternative State Quarantine ASQ & ALSQ

The main things you need to know about Thailand quarantine hotels.

What is ASQ?

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) is the process of two-week quarantine at government-approved hotels in Thailand at traveler’s own expense. Every hotel is partnering a selected hospital to provide this service This type of quarantine facilities must be used for several types of foreigners returning to Thailand as well as Thais preferring to quarantine at higher quality facilities at their own expense instead of using State Quarantine (SQ) facilities that are provided for them at no expense. ASQ is the type of quarantine hotels that are located in or around Bangkok.

What is ALSQ?

Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ), also called Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) in some sources, is the same type of quarantine as ASQ just quarantine hotels in this list are located outside Bangkok. Hotels in other provinces that previously were in the list of ASQ hotels are now classified as Alternative Local State Quarantine hotels. If you are looking to quarantine in Phuket, Pattaya or any other city/island except of Bangkok, then you need to look for ALSQ hotel.

What's included?

ASQ / ALSQ packages include not only the stay for 15 nights but also complimentary 3 meals a day (full board), free WiFi, one-way transfer from the airport to the hotel, 24/7 on-site nurse to take your temperature and check health 2 times a day, and at least 2 COVID-19 tests that are conducted on-site on different days of quarantine. All these features are included in every package as it's a requirement.

Different hotels might include various extra features into their ASQ / ALSQ packages such as a complimentary welcome minibar (with no alcohol), yoga mat, extra meal (e.g. afternoon tea), free consultation with doctors, etc.

How much does it cost?

Price of ASQ / ALSQ packages currently start at 27,000 THB (about 900 USD) per person and can be as high as 220,000 THB (about 7,000 USD) per person, depending on the level of hotel and the room size. As the package includes full board meals and COVID-19 tests, the second person in the room is charged separately even if a discounted rate is normally offered. 

What hotels are approved as ASQ / ALSQ?

Constantly updated lists of the officially approved ASQ and ALSQ hotels can be easily found here:

ASQ Hotels

ALSQ Hotels

How to book ASQ / ALSQ hotel?

Direct reservation is needed for booking an ASQ / ALSQ package as online booking systems such as or do not offer an option of booking the quarantine package for the majority of hotels.

However, there is finally one hotel that lets you book it's quarantine package on!

NEW! You can conveniently book an Alternative State Quarantine package for 15 nights on online booking system here: SureStay Plus by Best Western Sukhumvit 2. Make sure to choose the length of stay 15 nights to be able to book the ASQ package! 

How to choose ASQ / ALSQ hotel?

You can read ASQ hotel reviews and ALSQ hotel reviews for getting a better idea about how this quarantine experience in each hotel looks like as it is really different from the normal stay you would experience at that hotel.

If you are just looking for the cheapest option under 40,000 THB per person, you can find all these hotels in the list here: Cheapest Thailand ASQ Hotels.

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