Best Currency Exchange Rates around Sukhumvit, Asok

Even if Thai banks in central Bangkok are not as greedy as at Suvarnabhumi Airport, currency exchange rates offered by them are still far from good. However, there are plenty of much better options for exchanging your money around Sukhumvit. Best currency exchange rates in Bangkok are usually offered by Super Rich.

Currency Exchange at the Bank vs. Super Rich

You will see plenty of banks while walking on Sukhumvit Rd. around Asok and Phrom Phong area. You just need to step few meters aside from the main street and you can get the best currency exchange deals in Sukhumvit area.

Currency exchange rates offered by the bank in Sukhumvit area can be seen in the table below.

Currency Exchange at the Bank 

At the same time currency exchange rates inside the shopping mall on the other side of Sukhumvit Rd. were as follows.

Currency Exchange at Super Rich 

As you can see, on the day the photo was taken for 100 USD bill you could get 3264 THB at the bank and 3306 THB at Super Rich. Saving 42 THB might not look as a huge profit but it would still be better if you spent it buying fruits from the vendor on the street and not just giving them up to the bank.

Exchange of other currencies at Super Rich lets you save even more as for every EUR changed at Super Rich and not at the bank you can save 0.60 THB, for every GBP – 1.13 THB.

Where to find good currency exchange rates around Sukhumvit?

Super Rich at BTS Asok Station

One of the branches of Super Rich (Orange one) is located just outside BTS SkyTrain station Asok, near Exit 1, not far from the entrance to Terminal 21 Shopping Centre.

Super Rich at BTS Asok Station 

However, this currency exchange booth seems to be the busiest around and you can expect to see long queues, especially during rush hour. How can you avoid long waiting and still get the best currency exchange rate?

Super Rich at Interchange 21

Walk to the branch of Super Rich which can be found at the ground floor of Interchange 21 building. Interchange 21 building can be easily reached from BTS SkyTrain Asok station by skywalk (you will see signs leading to the building). Interchange 21 branch of Super Rich offers the same rates and usually there are no people waiting.

Super Rich at Interchange 21 

Super Rich at Emporium, near BTS Phrom Phong Station

Another branch of Super Rich (Green one) can be found at Emporium Shopping Centre, which is conveniently connected to BTS SkyTrain Phrom Phong station by skywalk.

Emporium Shopping Centre

How to find Super Rich at Emporium?

If you’re entering Emporium Shopping Centre at BTS station level (Emporium M level), Louis Vuitton store should be on your left.

Emporium Shopping Centre

Just walk straight to the lift.

Emporium Shopping Centre

Take the lift down to B1 level.

Emporium Shopping Centre

Currency exchange booth of Super Rich Thailand will be on your right when you leave the lift, just around the corner.

Super Rich at Emporium

Currency exchange rates here are usually even better than at Asok branch of orange Super Rich.

Currency exchange rates at Emporium branch of Super Rich Thailand (Green one).

Currency exchange rates at Emporium 

Currency exchange rates at Asok branch of Super Rich (Orange one) on the same day.

Currency exchange rates at Asok 

For every 100 USD or 100 EUR exchanged at Emporium branch of Super Rich Thailand you can expect to save 10 THB extra.

Other Money Changers around Sukhumvit

There are other money changers around Sukhumvit, most of them working just in a single booth. You can find them inside Terminal 21 Shopping Centre or on Asok street between Interchange 21 building and Soi Cowboy (see below).

Other Money Changers around Sukhumvit 

Currency exchange rates offered by these independent money changers are usually somewhere in the middle between bank rates and Super Rich rates.


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