Update 20 June 2022! Thailand entry rules will be updated from 1 July 2022. The requirement of Thailand Pass application and having COVID Insurance for 10,000 USD will be removed for travelers arriving in Thailand from 1 July 2022!


Thailand Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox Program

Thailand is easing entry requirements for travelers and set to reopen the country to fully vaccinated travelers without having to undergo quarantine but travel restricted to within Blue Zone Sandbox area under "Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox" scheme from November 2021. Everything you need to know about this Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox program for entering Thailand.

Thailand Entry Schemes 

In accordance with the Thailand opening country policy, Thailand has introduced travel schemes for different kinds of international tourists entering Thailand from 1 November 2021 as follows:

Test & Go (Exemption from Quarantine) - for vaccinated travelers

Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox - for vaccinated travelers

Happy Quarantine - for vaccinated & unvaccinated travelers

What is Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox? 

"Living in The Blue Zone Sandbox" is a one of the new schemes to welcome travelers to Thailand. The "Blue Zone", previously called "Sandbox", is a safe area for travelers. The Blue Zone Sandbox program is starting on 1 November 2021. Tourists from all countries who have completed COVID-19 vaccination can travel to one of Blue Zone provinces where they can stay within approved areas for the first five days and then can travel freely anywhere in Thailand. 

The Blue Zone Sandbox Rules & Requirements

Despite the fact that there is no quarantine requirement, arriving tourists will still be required to present some documents before traveling and will also have to take a COVID-19 test once they arrive in Thailand. Travelers need to stay within Blue Zone Sandbox destination for at least 7 5 nights and if the second COVID-19 test result is negative, they can travel to other destinations in Thailand.

Learn more about the Blue Zone Sandbox rules and requirements below.

The Blue Zone Sandbox Destinations

UPDATE 31 March 2022! The duration of mandatory Sandbox stay has been reduced to 5 days from 1 April 2022

Starting from 1 July 2021, Thailand formally implemented the "Sandbox Program" in 4 areas, namely Phuket Province, Surat Thani Province, Phang Nga Province (Khao Lak, Koh Yao) and Krabi Province (Koh Phi Phi, Koh Ngai, Railay) that is free of quarantine. If tourists want to go to other places in Thailand , they must first stay in the Sandbox area for 7 night before leaving. Currently these special tourism areas that are now called "Blue Zones" are expanded to several other provinces, among them all areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin as well as certain areas in Chiang Mai.

The updated list of Thailand Blue Zones designated as tourism opening pilot areas for Thailand Sandbox can be found here: Blue Zones Destinations

The Blue Zone Sandbox Eligible Countries

The Blue Zone Sandbox plan is available for vaccinated travelers flying to Thailand from any country in the world.


No quarantine is required by this scheme but travelers are restricted to stay in the Sandbox Area for 5 days. Travelers must wait for the negative result of the first RT-PCR COVID-19 test in the hotel before travelling around the Blue Zone.


For entering Thailand and using Blue Zone Sandbox model, travelers need to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travellingTravelers must present the official COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate (or other official document to certify full vaccination) with a vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Thai Authority. Proof of vaccination must be submitted when applying for Thailand Pass.

Regulations for travelers under the age of 18 who are willing to enter Thailand under Blue Zone Sandbox scheme

  • Children under the age of 6 are not required to get vaccinated. However, those children need to travel with their parents or guardians, then undergo the saliva testing for Covid-19 upon arrival in Thailand.
  • Children between the age of 6 - 11 are not required to get vaccinated. However, those children need to travel with their parents or guardians. 
  • Children between the age of 12 - 17 are required to get vaccinated at least 1 dose. If those children are unvaccinated, they need to travel with their parents or guardians.

Regulations for travelers who have previously been infected with Covid-19 and willing to enter Thailand under Blue Zone Sandbox scheme

  • Travelers who had been infected with COVID-19 within 3 months before entering Thailand are able to use the COVID-19 recovery form or a medical certificate certifying that the patient has already recovered from COVID-19 or no symptoms. In this category, presenting the RT-PCR test result is unnecessary
  • Travelers who had been infected with COVID-19 for more than 3 months before entering Thailand must receive at least one dose of vaccination at any time after being infected with COVID-19.
  • Travelers who were fully vaccinated prior to COVID-19 infection are considered as fully vaccinated.

The Blue Zone Sandbox Hotels

Arriving travelers are restricted to stay at SHA Extra Plus hotel, which has SHA++ certificate issued by Thai government for complying with safety and health measure standards.

You can book Sandbox Hotels via OTA (such as Booking.comAgoda.com), travel agencies or direct booking to the SHA Extra Plus hotels. Hotel reservation teams will be required to issue booking confirmation.

The lists of certified hotels in difference provinces can be found below.

SHA Extra Plus Hotels (SHA++):

Medical Insurance

Foreigners need to provide medical insurance with a minimum treatment coverage of 20,000 USD or equivalent in any other currencies. The insurance must cover the total duration of stay in Thailand (not required for Thai nationals).

The easiest way to meet this requirement is buying a special COVID-19 insurance online from Thai insurance company such as Sawasdee Thailand offered by AXA Insurance.

COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 test before departure

All travelers must have a medical certificate with a laboratory result by an RT-PCR method indicating that COVID-19 is not detected. The certificate must be issued no more than 72 hours before travelling. (not required from 1 April 2022)

COVID-19 tests in Thailand

The number of required COVID-19 tests during the stay in Blue Zone Sandbox area at own expense as per the following requirements:

  • The first test upon arrival by RT-PCR method and await the test results in the accommodation
  • The second test on Day 5 by self-testing ATK

Thailand Pass

From 11 November 2021 onwards, travellers wishing to enter Thailand must complete pre-travel registration via "Thailand Pass" at least 3-7 days before departure date. The travelers must fill in information and upload requirement in the system, in order to receive “Thailand Pass QR code” to enter Thailand. Proof of accommodation booking in Alternative Quarantine Hotel or SHA+ Hotel, including the cost of COVID-19 test, and airport pick up must be attached in the Thailand Pass system. Travelers need to present the QR Code to Airlines upon check-in and to Thai Border Control Officials.

Further Updates on Thailand Reopening

Keep in mind that during COVID-19 pandemics the rules and regulations are often changed, so we would recommend contacting your local Thai embassy before making any plans or reservations.

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