7 Best Cat Cafes in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is one of the tourist attractions in Southeast Asia and visiting one of Bangkok cat cafes is indeed a must for cat lover. There are more than 20 cat cafes in Bangkok for you to stop by. Visit one of these cafes and enjoy relaxing while playing with cute and adorable cats.

Cat Cafes in Bangkok, Thailand

The cat cafe can be used as an alternative tourist destination that gives a new experience to you. Below are listed the most popular cat cafes in Bangkok that you can visit. 

1. Caturday Cat Cafe

There are many cat cafes in Bangkok, but in terms of the number and popularity of cats, Caturday Cat Cafe is by far the best. Caturday Cat Cafe is a cat cafe that has been popular with locals and tourists. The space is not small, but because of the tables, chairs and people, it’s always crowded. At Caturday Cat Cafe you will find almost 40 cats that will keep you company between a drink or a snack. There are various menus such as various French fries, spring roll, various soups, pasta, lasagna and the most recommended is the dessert menu. Various cakes with attractive appearance such as crepe cake, rainbow cake, red velvet cake look delicious. Food and drinks prices are from 100-300 THB, slightly higher prices than the Bangkok average, but these are like entrance fees. The cats are very well kept, the staff are all kind and will teach you the name and characteristics of each cat, so feel free to talk to them. For those who want to feed the cat something, there is an also cat snack. There is no time limit on weekdays, but it seems that there may be a 90-minute time limit per person on weekends.  You can take a Polaroid photo with your favorite cat at 88 THB per picture. The Caturday Cat Cafe is located near the Ratchathewi BTS Skytrain station at the end of this shopping district called CO-CO WALK, so cat lovers will have no problem finding this place as it is easy to reach.

Address: 115 Phayathai Rd, Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily, except Monday 12:00-21:00

2. Catsanova - Adoptable Cat Café

Catsanova is not an ordinary cat cafe, but a non-profit cat cafe dedicated to finding permanent homes for abandoned cats and stray cats. It is similar to a normal cat cafe where you can order food and drinks at a cafe and interact with cats, but there are no entrance fees. Various curry and rice, spaghetti and other meals are serving at the cafe. Every cup of coffee and meal can help the cat. Catsanova has more than 20 cats to find a foster parent who wants to welcome the cat as a member of the family. Cats are divided into partitions and cages in each room, and the staff will carefully explain the background, personality, and characteristics of each cat when visiting.

Address: 54 Sathu Pradit Rd, Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120

Opening Hours: Daily, except Tuesday 10:00-20:00

3. Purr Cat Cafe Club

The unique Purr Cat Cafe Club is located in the quiet Sukhumvit Soi 53, this is a paradise not only for cat lovers in Bangkok but also an ideal destination for travelers visiting Thailand. From the name, this cafe is devoted to cat lovers. This cafe is designed exactly as a house so that visitors and the cats themselves feel comfortable. Coming to Purr Cat Cafe, you play and take pictures of fat cats as well as sip a cup of aromatic coffee and enjoy a variety of food around cats. The space of Purr Cat Cafe is divided into different areas and the most prominent is the salon area designed specifically for cats to get daily health care, grooming or bathing. 

There are some rules made by the cafe owner for the visitors. When entering Purr Cat, you will be required to remove your shoes outside and wash your hands thoroughly. You are prohibited from giving indiscriminate food to cats other than cat food. You can not disturb cats while they are sleeping and may not take photos using flash. At Purr Cat, there are also very cute cat-shaped accessories, such as hug pillows, bags or cute backpacks.

Address:  63 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlongtunnua, Bangkok

Remark: Unfortunately, this cafe is now permanently closed.

4. CatNip Cafe

CatNip Cafe is a little cat cafe hidden in Sathorn area. The cafe is beautiful and comfortable, surrounded by trees, flowers and even a yard with a pond. This cafe is more like a regular cafe than a cat cafe, where you can order a drink and relax. There aren't many seats and a few cats, so you might find it a bit unsatisfactory if you're expecting many cats. Cats here roam freely around and you can play with them. There are numerous toys for you to interact with them. Since there is no rule list on how to treat cats, ensure you treat them properly.

Address: 244 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra, Soi 8, Thung Wat Don, Sathorn, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily, except Wednesday 11:00-19:00

5. Mohu Mohu Café

If you want to visit a place where you can touch cute cats freely, then Mohu Mohu Café is your great choice. Mohu Mohu Café was a popular cat cafe in Ladprao but now it moved to Si Phraya area. The owner is Japanese, and the owner takes good care of the cats. There are about 20 cats here, and each cat has its own name. The shelves are full of books and magazines related to cats. The shop offers many drinks, such as coffee smoothies, and Italian soda, desserts, snacks and savory food made with a Japanese flavor by the owner. You can enjoy light meals such as pizza, or sandwiches, as well as meals such as hamburger curry, omelet rice and carbonara. In addition, desserts include various honey toasts, cakes, and ice cream.

Mohu Mohu Cafe has a time charge system, where you need to pay 15 THB per person for 10 minutes on weekdays and 20 THB on weekends. However, if you order food and drinks at higher price than this fee, only the food and drinks will be charged. For example, if two people order food and drink for a total of 200 THB on the weekend, there is no time charge for 50 minutes. So, when coming here, it is better to order some food or drinks.

Address: 105/5 Naret Road Si Phraya Bangrak, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily, except Tuesday 12:00-20:00

6. The Fairy Door

The Fairy Door is an Alice in Wonderland-themed cat cafe. It is a cafe at lunch and turns into a bar at night. Compared with other cat cafes, the number of cats is not big but you will find many cute cats here. The entire space is colorful, decorated with blurred lights, full of flowers and giant mushrooms and fairy doors. When you get a seat in the cafe, you will be given the rules. There is no admission fee, but all customers must order one food and one drink, so it's recommended to go for lunch or a cafe break. Cat food is available for purchase at 50 THB. Children can enter the store only during business hours from 11:00 to 19:00 as after 19:00 it is changed to bar.

Address: 777 rainhill, Sukhumvit 47 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00-24:00

Remark: Unfortunately, this cafe is now permanently closed.

7. Makura Cat Cafe

Makura Cat Cafe is a small cat cafe, just opposite Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin. There are about 15 cats in the cafe. Most of the cats here are adopted cats. You should read the rules before entering the store to play with cats. Makura Cat Cafe is also a cafe where you can interact with cats. You can buy cat food at the cafe and feed the cats. There are many foods including snacks or drinks. It is reasonably priced and available from about 70 THB for 1 drink. As Srinakarin Train night market is nearby, so it is recommended to stop by if you are visiting it on weekend.

Address: 3 4 Sanam Golf Alley, Khwaeng Nong Bon, Khet Prawet, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily, except Tuesday 12:00-21:00

Remark: This cafe is now permanently closed at the previous location but a temporary mini café gets open at Seacon Square shopping mall from time to time. Follow their Facebook page for the scheduled openings.