Chatuchak Weekend Market, also called Jatujak Market, is one of the largest weekend markets in the world, covering an area of 27 acres. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best spot for shopping in Bangkok and we would definitely recommend including this market into your trip plan if only you’re going to visit Bangkok on weekend.

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections and contains more than 15,000 stalls selling various goods at local prices. As there are so many stalls, orientating at the market can be a bit tricky for the first-timer. However, Chatuchak Weekend Market is quite well managed and organized with all its 27 sections dedicated mostly to a specific kind of goods. It doesn’t mean that you can’t find some clothes being sold at the antiques section but expect the biggest concentration of specific goods to be in the dedicated area.

The map of Chatuchak Weekend Market is presented below and can be found on display at the market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

You can also get a free printed copy of the map from the information counter which is located at the main entrance.


Chatuchak Weekend Market is very popular between Thais and tourists, attracting over 200,000 visitors each day on the weekends.  Even if visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market is a must-do for a significant part of Bangkok’s visitors, local buyers are still by far more numerous here.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

That helps to keep the local prices at the market and quite often here you can find the best deals in Bangkok.

Things to Buy

Few are the things that can’t be found at Chatuchak Weekend Market. If you can imagine the thing, most probably it’s being sold there, just look for it. When imagination doesn’t work that well and you have no idea what gifts to bring back home for your picky relatives, head to Chatuchak Weekend Market, look around and your problem will be sold. It worked for us many times already, it should work for you as well!

At Chatuchak Weekend Market you can find a wide variety of genuine leather (including crocodile, of course) goods, such as wallets, bags, hats, belts, etc.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Creative home décor items can be found suitable for any kind of interior.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Coconut shell works and other wooden crafts will bring some warmth back to your home.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

The variety of smells is one of the things that leave an impression in Thailand. Not always from the best side as Bangkok’s canals really stink and smell of frying street food might be too strong for sensitive noses. However, Thailand is full of wonderful smells offered by wonderful local herbs, flowers and fruits. Don’t forget to add some of Thai smells into your list-to-buy while shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

But at the end, nothing can beat Thai taste – we just love Thai food, snacks and drinks. If so do you, don’t miss stalls of spices and herbs at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

When it comes to shopping for clothes, here you also won’t be disappointed. Whatever your style is, expect to find something for yourself at the market. No matter what colors…

Chatuchak Weekend Market

…or cloth styling…

Chatuchak Weekend Market

… is your favorite, Chatuchak Weekend Market has something to offer for you.


Normally the prices at Chatuchak Weekend Market are better than in all other touristy shopping venues, such as MBK Center, Asiatique the Riverfront, Patpong Night Market and others.

For example, a passport holder with free name and logo, which is currently a very popular souvenir that can be found all around Bangkok, costs just 60 THB and you get 1 for free if buying 5. The only other place offering price like this was at Pratunam Market as elsewhere it easily costs 100 THB.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Another very popular souvenir in Thailand is fragrant soaps of various shapes and smells. At Chatuchak Weekend Market you can get 4 pieces for 100 THB when the best price noticed elsewhere was 3 for 100.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Of course, you need to shop around the market, if you want to get the best deal, as the prices between separate stalls of Chatuchak Weekend Market can differ too.

If you will be buying wholesale, expect to get even better prices as there are plenty of wholesale deals around Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market can easily take half day. Don’t worry if you will get hungry as you can find lots of street food around the market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

For the ones not flattered by the idea of eating Thai street food, there are international dishes such as this delicious Paella offered around as well.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

When it comes to desserts, you won’t be short of choices at the market too. From traditional Thai desserts such as fresh coconut juice and coconut ice-cream…

Chatuchak Weekend Market

…to the cakes that look just too beautiful to be eaten right away.

Chatuchak Weekend Market


When your body just can’t deal with your willingness to shop, pamper yourself with Thai massage. An hour of Thai massage at Chatuchak Weekend Market will cost you 250 THB.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Otherwise you can rest on a chair while getting your henna tattoo done or posing for a caricature.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Long story short, Chatuchak Weekend Market is definitely one of the best places for shopping in Bangkok and the market shouldn’t be missed while visiting Thai capital.

Opening Hours

Chatuchak Weekend Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 am to 6 pm.

The busiest time at the market is from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Some of the shops at the market are open on weekdays also but it’s really not worth to go there. However, on Friday night Chatuchak Friday Night Market takes place at the premises where you can enjoy late night shopping.

How to get there

The easiest way to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market is by taking MRT Metro or BTS SkyTrain.


Take MRT Metro to Kamphaeng Phet Station (Exit 1) or to Chatuchak Park Station (Exit 1) as both MRT stations are close to different Chatuchak Weekend Market’s entrances.


Take BTS SkyTrain to Mo Chit Station (Exit 1).

By Bus

Take Public Bus No. 26, 39, 59, 44, 28, 8, 104, 524 or A1/A2 going from Don Mueang Airport and drop off at Chatuchak Park bus stop.


Good quality fruits and other food products can be found at nearby Or Tor Kor Market which was ranked as one of the world’s best fresh markets by CNN.

In our opinion, Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of Top 10 markets in Bangkok. What are the other ones? Check here: Bangkok Markets – TOP 10 Best Markets in Bangkok 2019.

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