Update 20 June 2022! Thailand entry rules will be updated from 1 July 2022. The requirement of Thailand Pass application and having COVID Insurance for 10,000 USD will be removed for travelers arriving in Thailand from 1 July 2022!


COVID-19 Tests in Thailand: Hospitals and Pricelist

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the restrictions in international travel, currently, negative COVID-19 test result is required for entry to many countries. If you are looking for a hospital to make your COVID-19 test before flying out from Thailand and wondering how much do COVID-19 tests in Thailand cost, you will find the answer in this article.

COVID-19 Insurance

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Thailand is increasing, getting a proper health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment at the hospital in Thailand becomes even more important than just complying with the requirement for entering Thailand (you must have a health insurance policy covering COVID-19 treatment for at least 10,000 USD). Currently even asymptomatic cases are hospitalized in Thailand, so getting an insurance that would cover such cases is recommended.

Thai insurance company AXA Thailand is offering a special insurance package Sawasdee Thailand that complies with government's requirements and covers medical expenses incurred based on medical necessity regardless of the showing of symptoms. You can conveniently buy this insurance online before traveling to Thailand.

Many hospitals in Thailand provide coronavirus testing service at your own expense. The package of COVID-19 Screening can be varied depending on the type of the test and where you get tested. The most usual test method in Thailand is RT-PCR testing through nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs which is also commonly used internationally. If the inspection method is specified by the country of travel differently, make sure to check with the hospital if the COVID-19 test will comply the required one.

List of Hospitals & Prices of COVID-19 testing in Thailand

We conducted the main details of COVID-19 test service provided at the major hospitals of Thailand below.

COVID-19 tests in Bangkok

1. BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital is a first class healthcare provider, located in the heart of Bangkok City nearby BTS Chongnonsi Station.

  • 7,000 THB for Package including the Testing, Fit-To-Fly Certificate, Test reports and Consultant fees
  • Results within just 24 hours (Next Day)

Book with discount at 6,500 THB from originally 7,000 THB here ⬇️

2. Bangkok Hospital

  • 4,300 THB for Package of COVID-19 Screening (RT-PCR test) with medical certificate
  • 4,800 THB for Package of COVID-19 Screening (chest X-ray and RT-PCR test) with medical certificate 
  • Result is ready within 24 – 48 hrs. (Depending on the number of customers)
  • Opening hours Mon-Sun 08:00 – 12:00

3. Sukhumvit Hospital

  • 3,900 THB for COVID-19 Real Time PCR
  • The above price includes laboratory fee, medical supplies, hospital service fees
  • COVID-19 Fast Track (Drive Thru) is open 24 hours

4. Bumrungrad Hospital

  • 4,000-5,000 THB for COVID-19 Real Time PCR
  • The results will be issued within 8 hours depending on the time of the examination:
    • Tested before 8:00 and get results at 15:00
    • Tested 8:00 - 12:00 and get results at 20:00
    • Tested after 12:00, the result will be issued on the next day

5. Travel Clinic at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases 

  • 3,000 THB for Real time RT-PCR, an additional 400 THB if you pick up on Saturday/Sunday or public holiday
  • 1,500 THB for COVID-19 rapid Antigen test including the test, doctor fee, hospital fee, and medical certificate
  • Medical certificate and original COVID-19 test report will be ready to pick up on the next morning (after 10:00 on Monday – Friday and from 9:00-11:00 on Saturday – Sunday and public holiday)
  • Opening hours for swab Monday – Friday at 9:00, 11:00 and 14:00, Saturday – Sunday at 10:30

6. Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Real Time PCR
  • Additional service charge of 170 THB for a medical certificate
  • Open hour 8:00 - 20:00

Cheap COVID-19 Test in Bangkok

If you are looking for an affordable COVID-19 RT-PCR test in Bangkok, in an easy to access in Ratchada Area (nearby MRT Ratchadaphisek station) you can find an officially accredited medical testing laboratory that is offering a hassle-free process and test results within just 24 hours (Next Day) for only 1,490 THB when booking online here: COVID-19 RT-PCR Test.

7. Phyathai 3 Hospital

  • 6,500 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru)
  • Results issued within 3-5 days
  • Open hour 8:00 - 12:30 and 13:00 - 17:00 Available for appointment only
  • Phyathai 3 Hospital does not provide COVID-19 test service from Apr 13,2021. - update-

8. MedPark Hospital

  • 5,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Swab & GO), get results in 1 hour
  • 4,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Swab & GO), get results in 24 hours
  • Results report by 17:00 everyday if service before 12:00, results report by 17:00 the next day if service after 12:00
  • There is an additional cost for medical certificate
  • Open everyday 24 hours

9. Police General Hospital

  • 2,200 THB for PCR for SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19)
  • 400 THB for Antibody Rapid Test Result
  • Opening hours for swab Monday – Friday at 8:00 - 20:00 (Except holiday)

10. Krung Siam St. Carlos Hospital

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru) without COVID-19 Certificate
  • 3,500 THB for COVID-19 Test (Walk In) with COVID-19 Certificate
  • These price available for Thai citizens -update-

11.  Piyavate Hospital

  • 3,500 THB for COVID-19 Test using Real Time-PCR method (Drive Thru)
  • Additional 200 THB for medical certificate, 500 THB for medical certificate & Fit to fly 
  • The results will be issued within 24 hours

Piyavate Hospital

12. Kasemrad Hospital Bangkae

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru)
  • 690 THB for Rapid Test, get results within 30 minutes
  • Additional service charge of 500 THB for a medical certificate
  • Open everyday 08:00 - 17:00

13. Kasemrad Hospital Ramkhamhaeng

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru)
  • Additional service charge of 500 THB for a medical certificate
  • Receive examination results within 24 - 48 hours via E-mail, SMS
  • Open for service every day from 8:00 - 17:00
  • The price available for Thai citizens -update-

14. Chularat 3 International Hospital

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR (Drive Thru)
  • 1,000 THB for Rapid Test
  • Additional service charge of 500 THB for a medical certificate
  • Result issued within 48-72 hours (depending on the number of clients)
  • Open Every day from 8:30 - 17:00
  • Foreigners can use this package.
  • Due to a current shortage of test kits, COVID-19 test is not available from Apr 19,2021. - update-

15. Ladprao General Hospital

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR with a medical certificate
  • 650 THB for Antibody Rapid Test Result
  • Receive examination results within 24 - 48 hours

16. Synphaet Hospital Seriruk

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR (Drive Thru)
  • Additional service charge  for a medical certificate and doctor fees
  • The examination results are known within 24 hours
  • Open for services every day, from 08:00 - 18:00 

17. Chulabhorn Hospital

  • 2,500 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR
  • The above rate does not include hospital service fee 100 THB
  • Chulabhorn Hospital requested the COVID-19 testing service only for those who qualify High Risk first, as a limited number of cases per day can be examined - update-

18. Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

  • 3,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru)
  • This price is reserved for Thai Nationality only - update-

19. Skin Hospital Asoke (IMH ASOKE)

  • 2,000 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR
  • Results can be issue within 48 hours

Skin Hospital Asoke

20. Phyathai 2 Hospital

  • 6,500 THB for COVID-19 Test, including doctor fee and hospital service fee
  • Results issued within 3-5 days
  • Open hour 8:00 - 15:00 

21. Kasemrad Hospital Rattanatibeth

  • 3,000 THB for Real Time - PCR Test (Nasopharyngeal Swab)
  • Additional service charge of 500 THB for a medical certificate
  • Receive examination results within 24 hours 

22. Paolo Hospital Phaholyothin

  • 5,000-7,000 THB for COVID-19 Test by Real Time RT-PCR
  • Receive examination results within 24 - 48 hours
  • Open for services from 08:00 - 17:00 

23. Camillian Hospital Bangkok

  • 4,000 THB for COVID-19 Test (Drive Thru)
  • Receive examination results within 24 - 48 hours
  • Service hours 8:00 - 14:00 daily

Other COVID-19 screening Hospitals in Bangkok

Chulalongkorn Hospital: 2,500-3,500 THB
World Medical Hospital: 3,000-3,500 THB
Vajira Hospital: 2,440- 2,590 THB
Kasemrad Hospital Prachachuen: 3,000 THB
Ramathibodi Hospital: 3,500 THB for foreigners
Bang Pakok Hospital - Rangsit 2: 3,000 THB (Drive Thru)
Synphaet Hospital Lamlukka: 3,000 THB (Drive Thru)
Synphaet Hospital Ramindra: 3,000 THB (Drive Thru)
Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital: 3,800 THB (Drive Thru)
Bang Pho Hospital: 3,000 THB + 500 THB for medical certificate
Nawamin Hospital: 2,990 THB
Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital: 3,500 THB (Drive Thru)
Nakornthon Hospital costs 3,240 baht (Drive Thru)
Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4: 4,500 THB
Paolo Memorial Hospital Rangsit: 4,500 THB
Phyathai 1 Hospital: 3,500 THB (Drive Thru)
Rama 9 Hospital: 6,425 THB for foreigners
Siriraj Hospital: 2,000-3,000 THB (accepts only high-risk)
Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital (SiPH): 6,000 – 7,500 THB

COVID-19 screening Hospitals in Chonburi & Pattaya

Pattaya Memorial Hospital: 3,500 THB
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya: 3,800 THB

COVID-19 screening Hospitals in Chiang Mai

Lanna Hospital Chiang Mai: 3,000 THB
Chiangmai Ram Hospital: 3,900-4,500 THB
Rajavej ChiangMai Hospital: 3,500-6,000 THB
Nakornping Hospital: 3,000 THB

List of network laboratories for medical testing

In addition to the COVID-19 screening centers in Bangkok, other COVID-19 screening locations are also accessible in other provinces. 
At the moment, there are 279 medical facilities around Thailand offering COVID‐19 testing with 109 laboratories in Bangkok and its vicinity and 170 out of capital city. You can search the “COVID-19 screening locations” in the Department of Medical Sciences website.

Medical Certificate

The prices of COVID-19 PT-PCR test in Thailand start from 2,200-2,500 THB. However, keep in mind that some hospitals might NOT include the fee of Medical Certificate with RT-PCR laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected.

English PCR Negative certificates can be issued by hospitals. If you are travel to a country that requests a designated format, please consult with the doctor.

When you get test results?

Generally, results indicating that COVID-19 is not detected will be available approximately 24-48 hours of being tested. If the test is positive, then you are required to get further test and treatment. Most often results will come the next day. However, if you wish to get the certificate on the same day, you need to book an appointment and get tested in a very early morning and then the certificate will often be handed over from 16:00 or 18:00 on the day you have the examination. In few cases retesting may be necessary, and even those who were tested on the same day may have a time lag.

Tips for getting COVID-19 test in Thailand

As the number of new coronavirus infections in Thailand is increasing dramatically, it is recommended to avoid contact with other patients in the hospitals and use the "Drive thru" COVID-19 test service.

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

Photo by Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

You need to contact the hospital beforehand as there are difference steps required by each hospital. For example, COVID-19 Fast Track Testing by Sukumvit Hospital requires you to book via at Google Form first and the staff with contact you to proceed the E-Payment. Then you need to wait for the booking confirmation via email, until then you can come to hospital and get tested. The result will come within 24-48 hours depending on the number of customers.

The service and the price can also be changed after the new outbreak of local infections during April 2021. Several hospitals announced that COVID-19 testing has been temporarily discontinued for customers who have no signs or symptoms. Service is available for patients with signs or symptoms only or with a limited capacity.

Chularat 3 International Hospital

Photo by Chularat 3 International Hospital

If you need to have a negative COVID-19 test result certificate for traveling abroad, there may be a time limit for your test, the same way as Thai Government requires that negative COVID‑19 RT‑PCR test certificate need to be issued no more than 72 hours before travel for those who enter Thailand. Please check with the embassies of your destination for the latest COVID-19 travel requirements.

Covid-19 Insurance for foreigners entering Thailand

All incoming foreign travelers to Thailand must provide a health insurance policy with an insured amount of at least 10,000 USD, covering outpatient and inpatient treatment of the coronavirus type COVID-19. For more information on meeting the health insurance requirements when traveling to Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic check here: COVID-19 Insurance.

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