How to get from Phuket Airport to Hotel, Beach, City

Phuket International Airport (HKT) is very important for tourism in Phuket as the airport of Thailand’s largest island welcomes thousands of passengers every day. As the airport is quite far from main beaches and the city, check how to get from Phuket Airport to the hotel on the beach or in the city.

Phuket International Airport is located in the northern part of the island and is 32 kilometers from Phuket Town, and about 40 kilometers north of Patong Beach, which is the most popular beach on the island.

How to get from Phuket Airport to Hotel, Beach, City

Phuket Airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 for international flights and Terminal 2 for domestic flights. Remember to pay attention to this so you could tell your driver correctly, because the two terminals are quite far apart and you would need to take the airport bus to reach the right terminal.

Even if most tourists choose flying to Phuket, there are not many alternatives for transportation, unless you have already booked a private transfer offered by the hotel. For getting from Phuket Airport to Patong, Kata, Karon or another beach, as well as to the center of Phuket Town, you can choose one of the following transportation options.

Taxi from Phuket Airport to Hotel

There are many private taxi companies that operate at the airport and offer fairly high rates. Taxi Parking is located just outside Phuket Airport, you will easily notice soon as soon as you exit the terminal building.

Getting Phuket Airport Taxi

Taxi price at Phuket Airport can be crazy high, if you will not know how to deal with taxi drivers. Therefore, it is best to book the airport taxi by getting a ticket at the ticket desk in front of the exit. They have prices listed on the board and you just need to tell the destination, get a ticket and pay directly to the driver.

Phuket Airport Taxi Fare

Taxi fare for the trip from Phuket Airport to the center of Phuket town is 550 Baht, to Kamala beach - 600 Baht, to Patong Beach - 650 Baht, to Kata or Karon beach - 750 Baht, and to Chalong Bay - 800 Baht. The fee mentioned here is inclusive of airport tax of 100 Baht. However, remember to double-check the price before boarding and ask if the airport fee (100 Baht) is included.

Best Alternative to Phuket Airport Taxi

As Phuket Airport taxi drivers are infamous for often overcharging tourists coming to the island, we would highly recommend to arrive prepared and pre-book a private transfer for the smooth and worry-free ride from the airport to your hotel in Phuket.

Airport Bus from Phuket Airport to City

Phuket Airport Bus is the most inexpensive but also the slowest way to travel to and from Phuket Airport. The color of Airport Bus is bright orange so it is easily noticeable. This bus connects Phuket Airport with Phuket Bus Terminal, which is located in Phuket Town, and on the way stops at many points. If you want to get to the center of Phuket Town, you should stop at Central/Big C station and from there to take a Tuk-Tuk, taxi or just walk to the hotel.

Phuket Airport Bus Timetable

The journey from the airport to the city by Phuket Airport Bus takes nearly 60 minutes. The first bus departs from the airport at 6:30 and the last departure is scheduled at 21:30. The bus leaves from the airport every 15 minutes.

Phuket Airport Bus Price

Phuket Airport Bus ticket price for a trip to Phuket Town is 100 Baht. Tickets for this bus can be conveniently booked online here: Phuket Airport Bus Tickets

Should you take Airport Bus?

However, this bus is only suitable for those who have booked a hotel in the center of Phuket Town, travel very lightly and have a clear understanding of the path. If you have booked a hotel on the beach, traveling by Mini Bus is more practicable.

Phuket Smart Bus (Minibus) to Beaches

If you are traveling alone and want to spend little, taking Phuket Smart Bus (Minibus) is another possibility for getting from Phuket Airport to your hotel. Phuket Smart Bus is by far the cheapest option for getting from the airport to the beaches on the island.

Phuket Smart Bus Tickets

You can book Minibus tickets from the desks inside the airport. Pay attention that you will have to wait for the minibus to fill up before leaving so it might take some time.

It is also possible to buy a return ticket at the same time and they will pick you up as scheduled and take you back to the airport.

Phuket Smart Bus Ticket Price

The fare of Phuket Smart Bus varies depending on the distance and is about 150-200 Baht per person. When traveling alone or as a couple, taking the minibus is much cheaper than taking a taxi.

Phuket Smart Bus Route

There are 11 stops on the whole Phuket Smart Bus route. The route runs through all the most famous beach areas of Phuket: Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata and Rawai.

On the way, the bus will be making a stop at the ticket office for the ticket check, so keep the ticket with you carefully. There is an English speaking staff on board, who will ask you which hotel you stay at, and the minibus will drop you there. If you haven't booked a hotel yet, they might recommend some options to you.

In the past, there were several complaints from tourists who, during the journey, were taken to a tourist agency to book a hotel recommended by the driver, who, obviously, received a commission. Today is a rarer problem but if it happens to you, just tell them that you already have a prepaid reservation.

Phuket Smart Bus Service

The buses are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and USB-connectors for charging gadgets. The entrance and exit of the bus is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, and for security purposes, remote-controlled CCTV cameras are installed in the cabin. Each bus has luggage compartments, which allows passengers to stay in the cabin with proper comfort and provides a one-time maximum load of 24 passengers.

You can also rent the whole minibus fully for yourself if traveling in a large group.

Private Transfer from Phuket Airport to Hotel

Booking a private transfer from Phuket Airport to the hotel is actually a better option than taking a taxi. When using a private transfer, you don't have to go to pick-up point or to worry about transferring to your accommodation in Phuket, as the driver will pick you up from the airport and drive you directly to your hotel. The most important thing is that you can depart from the airport to your hotel at any time of arrival and you can book the car that suits your needs the best to travel between places quickly and safely.

For a more comfortable journey, you can enjoy a convenient transfer between Phuket Airport and your hotel by booking Phuket Airport (HKT) Private Transfer.


You can enjoy the beauty of Phuket without worrying about where to store your luggage. It can be done by booking Phuket Airport Luggage Services as you can get your luggage delivered from the airport to your accommodation or vice versa by this express same day or next day luggage delivery service.

For more information about the facilities found at the airport check Phuket International Airport.