Golf Quarantine in Thailand

Thailand's golf courses can now also be used as Golf Quarantine facilities instead of Alternative State Quarantine meaning that tourists will be able to quarantine 14 days at the golf resort, during which time they can play golf and other active sports.

Update! On 29 April 2021 Thai Government announced that Golf Quarantine will be suspended from 1 May 2021 until further notice due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in Thailand.

Thailand Golf Quarantine

The Thai government has approved "Golf Quarantine” as the approval was officially published in the Royal Gazette on 7 December 2020.

Here’s the official order for Golf Quarantine:

“Golf Quarantine means the detention of people entering the Kingdom of Thailand for the purpose of exercising by playing golf. Playing rounds and doing health activities during quarantine is according to a service program scheduled in advance by the golf business. It is a quarantine, surveillance, prevention and control facility for COVID-19, along with playing golf and doing health activities for a period of time according to the Infectious Disease Situation Management Center.”

Unlike general Thailand alternative state quarantine, which is limited to a designated indoor space within a designated facility, golf quarantine resorts will be providing a golf field where outdoor activities are conducted and meet standard requirements.

A total of three laboratory tests for COVID-19 must be done: on Day 0, Day 5 or 7, and Day 13 or 14, or according to the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health. There is also regulation for Caddy that it needs to take care of only one client throughout the quarantine period. This includes wearing self-protection clothing and equipment or providing a place to wash the body and change clothes before entering the common area.

Golfers will still be required to get a certificate of entry to Thailand (Certificate of Entry - COE) from the embassy before traveling to Thailand as well as a Fit to Fly Health Certificate and negative COVID-19 test result issued 72 hours prior to departure.

Golf Courses in Thailand

Thailand has more than 200 golf courses nationwide and there are more than 5,000 golf resorts scattered throughout the country.

In the local news it was stated that the Golf Association of Thailand has been meeting continuously for about two months regarding the use of golf courses as a quarantine facility. Initially, golf courses were affected by the decline in the number of people using the service after the COVID-19 outbreak and about 15 courses from all member of 87 golf courses has shown interest in participating in quarantine program, but after discussions the number of interested has been reduced to only about 3-5 courses in the central and eastern regions.

Many big famous golf courses as well as 7 golf course alliance in Samut Prakan Province refused to join the Golf Quarantine Program and pointed out many conditions that make them think whether it will be worth to join the program or not. It was also stated that the golf quarantine measure came a little too late as the high season to play golf in Thailand is mainly during October - December. This is another reason why there may not be many golf courses participating and offering golf quarantine for tourists.

Targeted Countries

It was also mentioned that Golf Quarantine Program would be restricted to golfers from low-risk countries. Among the countries classified as COVID-19 low-risk countries, golf travelers from four Asian countries including Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan are targeted.

List of Golf Quarantine Hotels

There are reported that six golf courses have applied for approval as quarantine facilities. The list of approved Golf Quarantine (GQ) facilities can be found here: Golf Quarantine (GQ) Resorts & Courses.

The cost of the golf quarantine package per person will depend on the level of the hotel, room size and additional services.

Stay Tuned! We will definitely update the Golf Quarantine List.

Other Quarantine Hotels

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