Hospitels in Thailand: Hotels for COVID-19 Patients

The "Hospitel" is a new type of quarantine facility in Thailand designed to reduce the number of COVID-19 patients staying in hospitals during the outbreak. Hotels are transformed into surveillance areas for COVID-19 patients for the hospitals to have more capacity to manage more critical Coronavirus patients.

What is Hospitel?

As the COVID-19 epidemic is continuing and the number of daily new Covid-19 cases in Thailand is rising dramatically during April 2021, the word "Hospitel" has been brought up again. The name of the facility "Hospitel" comes from words "Hospital" + "Hotel". These facilities are used to accommodate patients who are infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the event that the hospital cannot accept the large number of patients to receive medical treatment.

This concept applies to patients with asymptomatic or mild-symptom Covid-19 who had to stay at the main hospital for at least 4 to 7 days before being transferred to Hospitel. Patients staying in Hospitel must have the ability to take care of themselves and agree to remain at the hotel for 10 or 14 days after their discharge from the hospital to ensure that they are not contagious and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Patients to be treated in Hospitel

Hospitel is supervised under the main or partner hospital. COVID-19 patients to be treated in Hospitel must meet the following criteria:

1. Patients who tested positive without symptoms: After hospitalization for 4-7 days with no complications, the patients will be transferred to Hospitel and remain there for at least 10 days (or 14 days in case of suspected COVID-19 variants).

2. Patients who tested positive with symptoms but have no risk conditions / no chronic conditions: After hospitalization for 4-7 days with symptoms improved, the patients will be transferred to Hospitel and remain there for at least 10 days (or 14 days in case of suspected  COVID-19 variants).

3. Patients under 50 years who tested positive with no symptoms or no other risk will be admitted to stay at Hospitel for 10 days (or 14 days in case of suspected  COVID-19 variants).

4. Lung x-rays are recommended for patients who tested positive. If the lungs are abnormal, they should stay in hospital.

List of Hospitels in Thailand

Some of the hotels that are supposed to operate as Hospitels for COVID-19:

1. Malaysia Hotel

Hospital: Sukhumvit Hospital
Number of beds: 80 beds

2. Royal Rattanakosin Hotel 

Hospital: Piyavate Hospital
Number of beds: 158 beds

3. Indra Regent Hotel 

Hospital: Piyavate Hospital
Number of beds: 455 beds

4. Ozone Hotel Samyan Bangkok 

Hospital: Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital
Number of beds: 40 beds

5. Synsiri Resort Hotel

Hospital: Serirak Hospital
Number of beds: 64 beds

6. Chiva Bangkok Hotel

Hospital: Bangkok Hospital
Number of beds: 77 beds

7. Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit 

Hospital: Thonburi Hospital
Number of beds: 324 beds

8. Synsiri Hotel

Hospital: Synphaet Hospital
Number of beds: 52 beds

9. Chor Cher-The Luxury Green Hotel

Hospital: Kasemrat Hospital International Rattanathibet
Number of beds: 400 beds

10. O2 Luxury Hotel 

Hospital: Chularat 3 International Hospital
Number of beds: 194 beds

11. Anantara Riverside Bangkok

Hospital: Bumrungrad Hospital
Number of beds: 171 beds

12. The Green View Hotel

Hospital: Bangpakok 9 Hospital
Number of beds: 400 beds

13. Maple Hotel 

Hospital: Synphaet Hospital Srinakarin
Number of beds: 150 beds

14. Hotel Verve

Hospital: MedPark Hospital
Number of beds: 324 beds

15. Grand Tower Inn Hotel (Sathorn)

Hospital: MedPark Hospital
Number of beds: 108 beds

Other ASQ Hotels that temporarily converted into Hospitel 

Bandara Suites Silom

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam

Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel 

Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit

Important Note! This list is not exhaustive as new hotels are turned into Hospitels daily and their participation in this program is temporary so some of them might be removed from the program and new ones might be added.

Hospitels were just set up after the number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand started to increase during April 2021. Some of Hospitels are also approved to operate as Alternative State Quarantine Hotels (ASQ) that are used to quarantine those arriving from overseas and they were offering quarantine service previously. 

If you wish to come to Thailand and are looking for the place to quarantine 14 days, 10 days or 7 days, we would recommend to double check with the chosen hotel if they still accept guests for ASQ as hotels turned into Hospitels temporarily stop their participation in the Alternative State Quarantine program.

Hospital Objectives

1. Helps to reduce the congestion of COVID-19 patient beds in main hospitals.

2. Continued support and care of COVID-19 patients by focusing on patients with less symptoms / no symptoms (asymptomatic) before sending them back home, optimized care for Covid-19 patients in severe epidemic situations (hospital beds management and the effective use of resources, especially PPE).

3. To support the cooperation in public health, economy and society between government, private and civil society organizations, and build community participation.

Criteria for converting the hotel into Hospitel 

The criteria for a hotel to be converted to Hospitel according to the guidelines of the Department of Health Service Support cover 5 areas, which are:

Section 1. Safe building structure and engineering with isolated air conditioners.

Section 2. Well-trained medical personnel and support staff in health measures.

Section 3. Equipped with necessary medical equipment.

Section 4. Availability of medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

Section 5. Has a community friendly environment and waste management system.

Establishment of a medical care system (according to the guidelines of the Department of Medical Sciences):

1. Extended ward

2. 2 P Safety & Infection control concepts

3. Telemedical & nursing care

4. Comprehensive care

5. Multidisciplinary team and the mental health team

6. Emergency care

7. Digital IT support

Medical equipment such as:

  • Blood pressure meter (patient / staff)
  • Temperature meter
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Resuscitation device

Ambulance in case of referring to an emergency patient

Mobile X-ray unit/ portable Chest (as needed and appropriate), personal protective equipment, including risk-based PPE kits: level C, D  (gloves, surgical masks (N95, surgical mask), Lab coat, face shield, leg Cover,  alcohol gel

Safety device and camera system (CCTV) (should have)

Covid-19 Insurance for foreigners entering Thailand

All incoming foreign travelers to Thailand must provide a health insurance policy with an insured amount of at least 100,000 USD, covering outpatient and inpatient treatment of the coronavirus type COVID-19. For more information on meeting the health insurance requirements when traveling to Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic check here: COVID-19 Insurance.

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