How to Extend Thai Visa in Thailand due to COVID-19

The extension of Thai tourist visas for 30 additional days based on certificates from the embassies is available at the Immigration Office. You can find out how to extend your visa in Thailand during COVID-19 without leaving the country. The procedure is simple but you need to prepare all necessary documents.

The Government of Thailand has approved to automatically extend the validity of all visa types for foreigners stranded in Thailand due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is expiring on 26 September 2020. For more details about it check Thai Visa Amnesty Extension.

However, the Immigration Office announced that foreigners with short-term visas (TR, TS, VOA) and those who have obtained a visa waiver will have to prepare to leave Thailand no later than September 26, 2020. As it was stated on the post of the Immigration Bureau Facebook page, the Immigration Office will no longer issue automatic extensions for foreigners whose visas will be expired after September 26.

How to Extend Thai Visa in Thailand due to COVID-19

To Leave or to Stay

It is still difficult for foreigners to leave Thailand due to the situation with the coronavirus. Basically, you have 2 choices: to leave the country by September 26, 2020 or to obtain the appropriate type of visa for a long-term stay in Thailand.

If you intend to stay in Thailand after the visa amnesty extension expires, you must prove that you cannot leave the country for medical reasons (for that you must bring a medical certificate) or for unforeseen circumstances such as the lack of flight to your country or outbreaks with documented evidences submitted to the local immigration office.

Letters from Embassies Required for Visa Extension

For those who cannot return to their home countries but the reason is not illness, it is essential to present a letter from their home country’s embassy or consulate in Thailand. This document is mandatory if you wish to extend your stay in Thailand after expiration of Thai visa amnesty.

A certificate from the embassy confirming that you cannot travel and are forced to stay in Thailand due to the coronavirus is an official letter addressed to the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police with a direct indication that return to the country is impossible due to COVID-19 and it will be used to request for a temporary stay visa which let you stay for no more than 30 days.

However, a number of embassies or consulates in Bangkok have posted messages on their websites or Facebook pages to say that no longer issue visa extension letters for their citizens when Thailand's visa amnesty expires. Check with your embassy before deciding if this way is acceptable for you to extend your stay in Thailand.

Document Required for Visa Extension in Thailand

1. Form TM.7 with photo (4x6 cm) - Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom Application Form (TM. 7)

2. Form STM.2 - Acknowledgement of Terms and conditions for Permit of Temporary stay in the Kingdom of Thailand

3. Address Registration

4. Passport Copy: ID Page, Current Visa, Departure Card

5. Certificate from your embassy or Consulate

6. Copies of form 1-4

7. Fee 1,900 THB (paid in cash)

Remark: Do not forget to bring a business card of your hotel or your residence. You will need to write the full information of your address.

How to Extend Thai Visa in Thailand due to COVID-19 

When to apply for Visa Extension

Thai visa extension must be requested before the expiration of your entry stamp. For this COVID Extension, you can apply on any day before the visa amnesty expires and all types of visa extension will be effective from SEPTEMBER 27, 2020.

The immigration advised to apply for visa extension as soon as possible and not to wait until September 26, 2020 in order to reduce overcrowding and avoid long queues at the immigration office.

Where to apply for Visa Extension?

You can apply for Thai visa extension at one of Thai immigration offices that can be found in every province of Thailand.


In case of exceeding the visit time allowed by your visa, a fine of 500 THB is paid for each day of unauthorized stay. However, the total amount may not exceed 20,000 THB. For unauthorized entry into the territory of Thailand (i.e. without a valid visa), a foreigner may be sentenced to a fine of up to 20,000 THB and deportation, in the worst case, you may be prohibited from entering the territory of Thailand for a specified period by a court decision.

Important Note

Keep in mind that the rules are often changed and are interpreted differently by different officials!

We advise you to contact your local Immigration Office before going there to make sure this information is always up to date.