Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Jodd Fairs is one of the must-see night markets for tourists in Bangkok. It is one the latest night markets in the city, officially opened at the end of November 2021. Jodd Fairs Night Market is currently one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok due to its convenient location in the city center, just next to MRT metro station.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Jodd Fairs Night Market

Jodd Fairs Location

Jodd Fairs Night Market is located on Rama 9 Road, between Central Rama 9 shopping mall and Unilever Building. The night market is easily accessible from different parts of Bangkok as it is located just next to MRT Metro Phra Ram 9 station.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Jodd Fairs Atmosphere

Jodd Fairs Night Market is operated by the same owner as the previous Ratchada Train Night Market, which has been shut down due to the epidemic so basically this night market boasts a similar lively and vibrant night scene atmosphere. Many shops have moved here as well.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Although Jodd Fairs Night Market is decorated by a large number of white tents, which is different from the rainbow-colored tents of Ratchada Train Night Market, and the scale of this market is smaller, a wide range of goods and food, open-air bars and, live music performances are still available.

Update: A night market was recently opened at the original location of Ratchada Train Night Market, behind the Esplanade shopping center. The night marked was named "The One Ratchada" and you can easily check it out together with Jodd Fairs!

Jodd Fairs Night Market is usually crowded and filled with tourists but definitely offers a nice night market vibe. You will notice many large tour buses bringing Chinese tourists to the night market as they seem to be a major part of visitors coming here lately. The walkway can be quite narrow with more tourists coming when the sun goes down, and it might be difficult to pass comfortably.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Jodd Fairs Night Market is well organized and mainly divided into 2 sections. The main area of the market is dedicated to food, where you will find many food stalls and restaurants. Another area, which is nearest to the entrance, is mainly stalls selling various goods.

They are also preparing to expand and open a new zone behind Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 shopping mall.

Jodd Fairs Food

Once you hit Jodd Fairs Night Market, you will see rows of food stalls offering a great variety to feed all the different cravings. There are different vendors selling variety of Asian and fusion cuisines. In addition to Thai food, Japanese food, Taiwanese food, Western food and even Middle Eastern food can be found at the night market. It is a great place to try different cuisines.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

If you are a seafood lover, there are many grilled seafood restaurants waiting for you at Jodd Fairs Night Market. Some of them serve spicy seafood on paper. The basket and plastic gloves are provided for you to eat your food. It’s definitely one of the better food experiences at the market.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Stewed Spicy Pork Ribs is another highlight of Jodd Fairs Night Market’s food zone and you can see the long queue for it. These huge ribs are very tender and served in a hot and spicy sour soup. The meat just falls off the bone. A must eat place for foodies.

As Jodd Fairs Night Market gained fame between tourists, the most popular restaurants selling seafood or pork ribs can be packed by tourist groups meaning that getting a seat will not be as easy so you can expect. If you just want to grab some snack, there is a large sitting area, where you can bring your food and enjoy it.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Freshly grilled barbecue is another popular food at the night market and you will find plenty of variations available here.

Mango with coconut sweetened sticky rice, known as Khao Neow Mamuang, is one of the most famous desserts loved by almost all tourists and is sold starting from 60 THB here.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

They are also selling many popular Thai fruits such as mango, durian and mangosteens at the night market.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

The food and prices here are more aimed to tourists, so the prices are slightly higher than you would expect to pay at the typical Bangkok night market and other places offering street food. However, some of the food at Jodd Fairs Night Market, such as Moo Ping (grilled pork), was still sold at a normal Thai price with 10-15 THB per stick.

At Jodd Fairs Night Market, you can also find fried insects, if you are willing to try these exotic snacks. Before you try, read our guide to Thailand Insect Food.

They also have every kind of refreshing beverages such as fruit smoothies, chocolate drinks, bubble tea and cocktails waiting for you.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Things to Buy at Jodd Fairs

Next to the food stalls of Jodd Fairs Night Market, there are many stalls selling a variety of items such as mobile phone cases, clothes, T-shirts, bags, and shoes.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

The items being sold here are not much different from the stuff sold at the markets around Bangkok. You can also find lots of standard tourist souvenirs such as fridge magnets, bags, scented soaps, Thai specialties and dry fruits being sold here, just like in any other touristy spot in Bangkok.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

It’s pleasant to walk around this market zone even if it is much smaller than the food area and it’s less crowded and you don’t feel pressured into buying anything. It’s good to also look around as the same stuff could be bought at very different price. Sometimes you can bargain, but mostly prices are fixed.

Jodd Fairs Activities

There are even some barber shops offering cool haircut for men and nail salons offering nail painting for women at the night market.

After all the walking, there’s a good selection of small open-air bars with different kinds of music at Jodd Fairs Night Market to stop at for refueling and recharging.

Bars here serve beers and other liquors at reasonable prices.


In general, Jodd Fairs Night Market is currently one of the most interesting night markets in Bangkok. It is a compact night market with a decent variety of stalls and a number of interesting food options. The night market gets busy after dark. If you like a touristy vibe, then you should like this place a lot as you can truly enjoy the atmosphere that this market has to offer or get there early if you want some space.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

It’s really worth to spend 1-2 hours exploring the stalls, eating various food and soaking in the atmosphere.

You can easily combine a visit to Jodd Fairs with a trip to the nearby The One Ratchada Night Market or other night markets in the city. For more local atmosphere, we recommend you to head to the original Train Market - Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin.

Jodd Fairs Opening Hours

Jodd Fairs Night Market is open daily, from 16:00 to midnight.

The best time to visit the market is from 17:00, when most of the stalls are set up already and you can easily move around. At late night, it can become overcrowded with tourists.

How to get there


The easiest and most convenient way to reach Jodd Fairs Night Market is taking Bangkok Taxi directly from wherever you are. Just tell the driver to bring you to “Jodd Fairs” or “Central Rama 9 shopping mall” as the night market is located next to the shopping mall on the busy Rama 9 Road.


Take Bangkok Metro to Rama 9 station and take Exit 2. Jodd Fairs Night Market is located only 100 meters from the back of Central Rama 9 shopping mall.

Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

Since the night market is located in the city center, where the traffic is often jammed, it is highly recommended to take MRT to get there faster.

Public Bus

Take Bangkok Bus No. 168, 171, 517,137 and drop off at Central Rama 9 shopping mall bus stop.

Jodd Fairs Ratchada

Jodd Fairs Night Market at Rama 9 should get closed at the end of December 2023 due to the expiration of its lease. But that doesn't mean that there will be no Jodd Fairs Night Market anymore as there are plans to relocate the market to the new area. All stalls that are currently open at "Jodd Fairs Rama 9" should be moved to the new location in Ratchadapisek area (close to MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station) to be called "Jodd Fairs Ratchada".

Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit

Another Jodd Fairs Night Market should be opened in the new area near Ha Yaek Lat Phrao BTS station and with an area of 33 rai it will be much larger market called “Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit”. It is going to be a night market with a vintage European atmosphere that feels like MON JODD Chiang Mai, a famous tourist attraction of Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand. The new night market Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit should be open for tourists from 28 April 2023.


If only you have time in Bangkok, Jodd Fairs Night Market shouldn’t be the only market you visit as there are many other interesting markets in the city. What are the best ones? Check here: TOP 10 Best Markets in Bangkok.

Jodd Fairs Night Market is a crowded spot for tourists so beware of pickpockets and pay attention to your wallet and phone.

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