The Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is not just about its beaches as the island also has several magnificent viewpoints for admiring the scenery. Unfortunately, visiting most of them now cost admission. Here you can find all the details about the most beautiful Koh Tao viewpoints so you could easily decide which ones you would like to visit.

1. John Suwan Viewpoint

John Suwan Viewpoint, which is also known as the John Suwan Rock, is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Koh Tao. The viewpoint offers a fantastic view of Chalok Baan Kao Bay on the left and Shark Bay (Thian Og Bay) on the right.

The Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Koh Tao

The climb to John Suwan Viewpoint goes through rough terrain in the middle of the jungle. In fact, it is an easy walk, although the upper part is a bit rocky, and suitable for anyone. With the short 10-15 minute walk up you will be spoiled with a breathtaking view and the turquoise shimmering water around the entire island. The only thing to keep in mind is that you are on a sunny island so get ready with water and sun protection.

John Suwan Viewpoint Entrance Fee

A fee of 100 THB per person is charged to enter Freedom Beach and it at least includes a bottle of water that can be redeemed at the restaurant. Entry is quite expensive but compared to other places where you need to pay the same amount with less beautiful view, this is definitely still okay.

How to get to John-Suwan Viewpoint

You can get there by walking from the center of Koh Tao, as it is approximately a 40-minute walk in total. However, the best way to get there is by renting a motorbike and driving on the main road to the southernmost end of the island to Freedom Beach Resort. In the parking lot of Freedom Beach, you will find a sign with an indication of how to get to the viewpoint as there is an arrow that points the way.

2. Love Koh Tao Viewpoint

Love Koh Tao Viewpoint is located right in the center of the island. This is where the classic “l♥ve@Koh Tao” sign overlooking beautiful Tanote Bay is located. There are a lot of possibilities to take totally amazing photos. Although you don't have the view here as great as at John Suwan Viewpoint, the small bar up there is really nicely laid out. There are quite a few different spots to sit and relax.

The Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Koh Tao

Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Entrance Fee

If you do not want to eat or drink, you only need to pay 20 THB per person to access the viewpoint.

How to get to Love Koh Tao Viewpoint

Many people commented that you shouldn’t follow the Google map to Love Koh Tao Viewpoint as it will bring you to a dead end. To get there, you must find the way to Tanote Bay, which is located on the eastern side of the island. On the way to Tanote Bay, on your left, you may find the sign leading to Love Koh Tao Viewpoint.

3. Mango Bay Viewpoint

Mango Bay Viewpoint is one of the most impressive Koh Tao viewpoints. This is an ideal place to watch the sunset. Once at the top, you can expect a breathtaking view of Sairee Beach and Mae Haad. There is a small bar up there, where drinks can be bought for refreshment. There you can spend an hour or two admiring the scenery.

Mango Bay Viewpoint Entrance Fee

Mango Bay Viewpoint charges 100 THB for the entry.

How to get to Mango Bay Viewpoint

To get to Mango Bay Viewpoint, you need to drive from Sairee towards Hin Wong. Halfway you have to turn left. The ride is a real challenge depending on the weather so the viewpoint should only be visited by experienced motorbike drivers. The route also gets very steep and rough on the way there and back. But without a doubt, this is one of the viewpoints worth putting on your list to see in Koh Tao. Mango Bay Viewpoint is only about 200 meters from the motorbike parking lot so it is easy to go up there. There are actually several viewpoints up there. All of them offer roughly the same view.

4. Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint

Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint on the neighboring island of Koh Nang Yuan is probably the most famous in the Gulf of Thailand. From this viewpoint can be seen that there are actually three small islands connected by sandbank, so the view of the islands from afar is highly recommended. Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint of the sandbank and the islands is superb but with the mass of tourists as day trippers come here from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

The Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Koh Tao

Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint Entrance Fee

Visiting Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint costs 200 THB per person.

How to get to Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint

You can take a longtail boat from Sairee Beach or Mae Haad Bay and it will take only 10-20 minutes crossing. You can also kayak or visit it as part of a day trip. Nang Yuan Viewpoint is easy to find. Once you arrive at the pier on Koh Nang Yuan, there are signs everywhere that show the way.

If you wish to explore more on this small privately owned island, you can check our detail guide to Koh Nang Yuan.

5. Koh Tao Resorts with Best View

To fully enjoy the best of Koh Tao, we would recommend you to stay at one of accommodations with stunning views. Many hotels on the island have an excellent position on the quiet side of town overlooking the spectacular Koh Tao beaches and bays.

Cape Shark Villas

Some of the best sea view hotels in Koh Tao:

Cape Shark Villas: Cape Shark Villas offers luxurious villas with breathtaking views over Shark Bay.

Tanote Villa: Tanote Villa offers spacious villas with a private balcony overlooking Tanote Bay.

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa: This resort provides luxurious accommodation with private balconies boasting spectacular ocean views from almost all guest rooms.

We all would agree that the wonderful sea view from the hotel room is indeed a privilege for those travelling Koh Tao, so discover the list of the best sea view hotels in Koh Tao and choose the perfect place for your next vocation.

Where to stay in Koh Tao

Koh Tao accommodations come in all types and price ranges, from simple hostels and budget hotels to luxury resorts and villas on the hill overlooking the sea. Many diving schools also have their own accommodations. If you get a diving certificate there, you can usually overnight for an affordable price.

To help you find the perfect accommodation on this island, we have prepared a guide on the best areas to stay in Koh Tao. You will get familiar with the island and will find our hotel recommendations for individual beaches and bay areas.

How to get to Koh Tao

Due to the lack of an airport and mainland connection, Koh Tao can only be reached by boat. To make your journey easier, we have prepared several tips on how to get to Koh Tao easily and safely from different parts of Thailand.

How to get to Koh Tao

If you want to get an overview of all travel options for reaching Koh Tao, we would recommend using this search form.

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