Patpong Night Market – Shopping between Red Lights in Bangkok

Patpong Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Bangkok. The night market is located inside Bangkok’s oldest red light district – Patpong. Patpong Night Market is surrounded by go-go bars and beer bars making the shopping experience here really exclusive.

Patpong Night Market

The thing you must know before going to Patpong Night Market - it is not the real Thai-style night market. If you’re looking for one, you should join locals at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada or Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin as these are the top choices for the residents of Bangkok.

Patpong Night Market is orientated almost exclusively to tourists so don’t expect to meet many Thais shopping here. Normally in Thailand, night markets are full of street food stalls as eating various Thai snacks while shopping is a big part of Thai shopping culture. At Patpong Night Market you won’t find street food with the exception of few vendors selling limited choice of snacks and Thai food dishes outside the night market area.

Patpong Night Market

Most of Thais you will see at Patpong Night Market will be sellers of the market, bar girls, tuk-tuk drivers and definitely scam masters, offering you too see Ping-Pong show. Avoid these touts or else you can find yourself in the trouble.

Other locals you might notice there most probably will be heading to Foodland Supermarket which is located on one of the streets of Patpong.

Foodland Supermarket at Patpong

This Foodland Supermarket is a good place to buy food and drinks if you’re staying in the area.

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

The stuff being sold at Patpong Night Market is no different from goods that can be found in other touristy shopping spots. Here you will find various paintings and statues…

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

…coconut shell bowls…

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

…colorful luminaries…

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

…t-shirts and other clothes…

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

…counterfeit designer brand bags, wallets, belts, watches etc…

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market

However, due to the market’s proximity with the red light district, Patpong Night Market has something special to offer. Sexy clothing like this might be not so easy to find elsewhere.

Things to Buy at Patpong Night Market 

Atmosphere at Patpong Night Market

That makes Patpong Night Market different from all other night markets is its atmosphere. The lines of market stalls are surrounded by go-go bars and at the same time while being dragged into buying some souvenir you are also tempted to take a peek at one of adult entertainment venues…

Patpong Night Market

…or even to join a topless pool game…

Patpong Night Market

Should you go to Patpong Night Market?

Yes, if you want to buy Thai souvenirs in Bangkok but not going to visit other tourist shopping spots such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, MBK Center or Pratunam Market.

Yes, if you want to take a peek at Bangkok’s red light districts but too shy to go to Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza where everything is about adult entertainment. At Patpong you at least have an excuse.

No, if you want to visit real Thai-style night market and to feel the authentic Thai shopping atmosphere.

No, if you want to try Thai street food. There are much better choices for that in Bangkok.


Patpong Night Market is located on Soi Patpong nearby Si Lom Road. There are 2 parallel streets – Thanon Patpong 1 and Thanon Patpong 2.

Patpong Night Market

Opening Hours

Patpong Night Market is open daily from 06.00 pm to 01.00 am.

How to get there


Take BTS SkyTrain to Sala Daeng Station and leave through the Exit 1. Walk a bit and you will see the market on your right.


Take MRT Metro to Si Lom Station and leave through the Exit 2. Cross Si Lom Road, walk towards BTS Sala Daeng Station and you will see the market on your right just after passing the station.

By Taxi

Take a Taxi and tell the driver to go to “Patpong”, he will definitely know the area and bring you to the right place. Just don’t forget to ask the driver to turn the meter on.

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