STV Visa Extension: How to Extend Special Tourist Visa in Thailand

A Special Tourist Visa (STV) is a visa for long-term tourists who can stay in Thailand for 90 days and then extend their stay for up to 270 days. If you are planning to use this type of visa, check how to extend your STV visa in Thailand during COVID-19. The procedure is simple but you need to prepare all necessary documents.

Special Tourist Visa or STV is the new type visa that was started to be issued during COVID-19 pandemic after the official announcement of the government and is supposed to be effective until September 30, 2021. With STV visa, you can stay in Thailand for 90 days and then you are permitted to extend your stay for 2 times with each permission not exceeding 90 days.

STV Visa Extension

Document Required for STV Visa Extension in Thailand

These documents are required for STV Visa extension in Bangkok. However, we would suggest you to visit/contact your local immigration office at the place where you are staying and ask them for their list of requirements to extend the STV visa as there might be some slight differences.

1. Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in Kingdom (TM.7) with photograph 4x6 cm (not older than 6 months)

2. Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions for Permit of Temporary stay in Kingdom

3. A Copy of Passport (BIO Data page)

4. A Copy of Visa page in passport (STV visa sticker from the embassy)

5. A Copy of Last Arrival Stamp and Departure Card (TM.6)

6. ASQ certificate from Department of Disease Control and Receipt from hotel (Issued by Hotel)

7. Document for the place of residence after discharge from the quarantine facility (e.g. Hotel, Condo). It can be a proof of payment for hotel accommodation, copy of a condominium title deed owned by you or your family member, proof of condominium or house rental, proof of payment for purchasing or leasing a condominium.

8. Letter of health and accident insurance in Thailand with no less than 40,000 THB coverage for outpatient treatment and no less than 400,000 THB for inpatient. You need the Insurance Policy, Insurance schedule and Receipt. If you don't have one, request a quote for a suitable insurance from AXA Thailand.

Remark: Proof of payment for hotel accommodation or hospital chosen as an alternative state quarantine for not less than 14 days might also be required by some immigration offices

STV Visa Extension Document

STV Extension Fee 

The STV visa extension fee is 1,900 THB. You need to pay the fee in cash at the immigration office where you submit an application for visa extension. 

When to apply for Visa Extension

Visa extension must be requested before the expiration of your entry stamp. As the Special Tourist Visa (STV) is available from 2 October 2020 to 30 September 2021 only, those who are permitted to stay in Thailand for not longer than until 30 September 2021 and wish to extend the length of stay with STV, must submit an application for visa extension before 30 September 2021.

Latest Update from Immigration

STV visa holders who will be entering Thailand from 3 July 2021 onwards will not be permitted to extend Special Tourist Visa.

Where to apply for Visa Extension?

You can apply for Thai visa extension at one of Thai immigration offices that can be found in every province of Thailand.

Important Note

Keep in mind that the rules are often changed and might be interpreted differently by different officials!

We advise you to contact your local Immigration Office before going there to make sure this information is always up to date.