Thailand Arrival Card – How to Fill Thai Immigration Form 2020

It doesn’t matter which type of Thailand Visa you are using for entering Thailand, you will still need to submit dully filled Thailand Arrival Card to the Immigration officer. The form of Thailand Arrival/Departure Card (T.M.6) was changed in 2018 and some of the information you will find online might be not relevant. Learn how to fill Thailand Arrival Card 2020 form correctly and avoid misunderstandings at the Immigration.

Thailand Arrival Card

When you are using Free Visa-Exempt Stay, Visa on Arrival, Single Entry Tourist Visa, Multiple Entry Tourist Visa or any other type of Thailand Visa and want to enter Thailand, at the passport control of Immigration you must submit dully filled Thailand Arrival Card also known as Thailand Immigration Card. Thailand Arrival Card forms are normally handed out by the crew during all international flights so you can save some time at the airport and fill it before landing. If you somehow won’t get the card during your flight, don’t worry as you can find plenty of them on the table just before immigration and fill Thailand Arrival Card there.

Thailand Immigration card must be submitted by all nationalities: Americans, British, Australian, Chinese, Indians and others.

Thailand Immigration control process is described in details here: Thailand Immigration Control Procedure for Foreigners.

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Thailand Arrival Card Form

Thailand Arrival Card form isn’t complicated but it needs to be duly filled-in and by far not everyone manage to do it correctly. Too many times we saw people being rejected by Immigration officers and asked to fill the form again. Don’t waste your time at the airport and fill Thailand Arrival Card correctly.

Information Needed for Thailand Arrival Card

For filling Thailand Arrival Card form you will need:

  • Passport details
  • Travel details
  • Address in Thailand

Filling Thailand Arrival Card Form

When filling Thailand Arrival Card, you need to submit the main information about your visit and personal details. The form should be filled up in English, capital letters and Latin characters only.

There are two sections on the card form T.M.6 – Arrival Card and Departure Card. It is important to fill all the details on both sides of Arrival Card when entering the country. But you can fill Departure Card as well because the only thing that can change there is the number of your outbound flight.

Arrival Card – Front Side

On the front side of Thailand Arrival Card you need to provide your family name, first name and middle name. Then tick the box that suits your gender.

For the nationality, write the name of your passport’s country. Passport No. should be written clear and exactly the same as on your travel document. Double check it!

Your date of birth should be filled in DD-MM-YYYY date format meaning that day come first, then month and finally year.

Flight No. must be filled with the details of your arrival flight and should be the same as on Visa on Arrival application form, if you are planning to use this kind of Thai visa. Flight No. can be easily found on your flight ticket or boarding pass.

Visa No. can be found on your visa if you got one in advance from Thai embassy or consulate. If you will be using Free Visa-Exempt Stay or will be applying for Visa on Arrival, just leave this field blank and the officer will fill it.

Your occupation can be described in short with the name of your present position. The name of employer isn’t required.

Country where you boarded is the departure country of your last flight. If you have a connecting flight to Thailand from Europe and your last transfer before reaching Thailand was in Singapore, then Singapore should be mentioned as the country where you boarded.

Purpose of Visit must be tourism if you are using Free Visa-Exempt StayVisa on ArrivalSingle Entry Tourist Visa or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa. Otherwise you might be rejected to enter the country.

Length of Stay – provide a number of days you are planning to stay in Thailand. It shouldn’t be longer than the maximum length of stay your Thailand Visa allows you (15 days for Visa on Arrival, 60 days for Single Entry Tourist Visa).

Residence is your home country and the city or state.

When providing address in Thailand, be sure to give not only the name of your hotel but its address as well. Fill it with details from your accommodation booking confirmation. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, just book any hotel on or Agoda and fill its details on Thailand Arrival Card form.

Provide your telephone number in international format and e-mail address.

Don’t forget to sign your Thailand Arrival Card. You would be surprised how many people miss it!

Thailand Arrival Card

Arrival Card – Back Side

On the back side of your Thailand Arrival Card you need to submit information about your visit.

Provide the information about the type of flight – is it a charter or scheduled.

Inform if it’s your first trip to Thailand. You can never know if they won’t double check it, so better write truth.

If you are traveling as part of a group tour, then tick the answer “Yes”. Otherwise, tick “No”.

Choose the type of your Accommodation. To avoid misunderstandings, use the type of the accommodation which is present at the address provided on another side of the card.

Purpose of Visit should be holiday if you are using Free Visa-Exempt StayVisa on ArrivalSingle Entry Tourist Visa or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for entering Thailand.

When providing your Yearly Income, avoid choosing option „No Income“ as it might result in doubts about your ability to finance your stay in Thailand.

Thailand Arrival Card

Departure Card

You can fill your Departure Card at the same time as on the front side you just need to provide your family name, first name and middle name. You also need to fill the fields of passport No. and nationality.

The field Flight No./Vehicle No. can be left empty if you are not sure about the exact way you are going to leave the country.

The Departure Card needs to be signed separately.

At the time of your arrival Departure Card will be stamped and given back to you. You should keep it with your passport and present Departure Card to the Immigration officer at the time of your departure.

Thailand Arrival Card

Thailand Arrival Card Form PDF

Even if you will find somewhere online the PDF form of Thailand Arrival Card, you can’t just print it and submit as all the forms are barcoded and have unique numbers. You can fill the printed card and bring it but just for using as an example when filling the real Thailand Arrival Card form.

Thailand arrival card PDF form can be downloaded here: Thailand Arrival Card PDF.


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