Thailand visa application form is one of the main documents that you need to submit when applying for Thailand tourist visa. To avoid misunderstandings, learn how to fill Thailand visa application form correctly, find Thai visa form PDF to download and Thailand visa application form filled sample for your convenience.

Thailand visa can be obtained at one of the many Thai embassies and consulates found in most of the countries around the world. If the purpose of your visit is tourism, you can get a Single Entry Tourist Visa (at any embassy or consulate) or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (only at the embassy or consulate in your country). Thailand visa application form TM.87 is used for all types of Thailand visa, except Visa on Arrival.

Thailand Visa Application Form

Thailand Visa application form isn’t complicated but it needs to be completed correctly. Otherwise, your visa application can be refused.

The exact application form can vary depending on Thai embassy / consulate as they like to add the name of the institution on it or change a layout a bit. However, the requested data is the same everywhere. It is strongly recommended to use the application form provided by Thai embassy or consulate you are going to apply for visa at as it will help you to avoid misunderstandings and double work filling the form.

Note! Pay attention that Thai embassies and consulates in many countries now only accept online applications so filling Thailand visa application form by hand in many cases is not needed.

The standard Thai visa application form is as seen below.

Thailand Visa Form

Thailand Visa Application Form PDF

Thailand visa application form pdf examples from different Thai embassies and consulates:

Penang - Thailand visa application form pdf

Vientiane - Thailand visa application form pdf

Washington D.C. - Thailand visa application form pdf

How to Fill Thailand Visa Application Form

Below you will find a detailed information about how to fill Thailand visa application form correctly.

When applying for Thailand visa, you need to submit your personal information and details about your visit. Normally the form should be filled up in English. In some cases it can be filled up in local language but you need to reconfirm with Thai embassy or consulate you are going to apply at.

On the top left side of application form you need to attach 2 photographs taken within the last 6 months (3.5 x 4.5 cm). On the top right side tick the type of visa you are applying for - in most cases it will be “Tourist Visa”. Number of Entries Requested should be 1 for a single-entry visa and 2 or more if you are applying for a multiple-entry visa.

Thailand Visa Form

Then you need to choose your status (Miss, Mr or Mrs) and tick the correct one. When it comes to your name, you need to write it in capital letters. Provide your first name, middle name and family name. Don’t forget to fill the former name if you have one (e.g. maiden name).

For the nationality, write the name of the country which passport you are using. If you have changed your nationality, provide information about your nationality at birth too. The birth place is the city where you’ve been born. Name your marital status, if you are married, divorced, widowed or single. Provide your date of birth. When it comes to writing dates, we would recommend using date format like in your passport – it will help you to avoid misunderstandings.

Thailand Visa Form

Type of travel document should be “passport” as it’s mandatory for entering Thailand. Passport No. should be written clear and exactly the same as on your travel document. Double check it! Date and place of issue can be found on your passport as well as your passport’s expiry date.

At the occupation section you need to specify your present position and the name of employer. If you are unemployed, double check with the embassy or consulate as they might ask you to provide extra documents proving that you have funds for traveling. 

Provide your current address, phone number and e-mail. Permanent address is your address in your home country and needs to be filled-in only if it’s different from your current address.

Thailand Visa Form

If you are traveling with minor children who are traveling on the same passport, you need to provide their names, last names and birthdays in the designated area.

Date of arrival in Thailand should be the same as on your flight ticket, especially if you need to submit a proof of traveling with visa application documents. Traveling by is the name of the airline or type of transportation that you will be using - airplane, train, bus, car, ferry or cruise. Flight No. must be filled with the details of your arrival flight and it can be easily found on your flight ticket. If you will be arriving by train or bus, can leave this part empty.

Thailand Visa Form

Duration of proposed stay in Thailand shouldn’t be longer than 60 days when applying for Thailand tourist visa. If it’s not your first visit to Thailand, provide the date of previous visit to Thailand. The purpose of visit should be “Tourism”, if you will be applying for Single Entry Tourist Visa or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.

Countries for which travel document is valid – in most cases it should be “all” unless your passport is really exclusive.

When providing proposed address in Thailand, be sure to give not only the name of your hotel but its address as well. Fill it with details from your accommodation booking confirmation as the officers might check if the details of your booking comply with details provided on the visa application form.

Name and address of local guarantor are the details of a contact person in your home country. It should be your family member or the representative of tour company, if you are traveling with a tour.

Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand normally can be left blank unless you will be stating that there will be a person who will provide accommodation for you or you will be applying for Non-Immigrant Visa.

Thailand Visa Form

Don’t forget to sign Thailand visa application form in two designated areas and write the current date nearby respectively. You would be surprised how many people miss it!

The last part of Thailand Visa application form should be left for official use only and shouldn’t be filled with any information.

Thailand Visa Application Form Filled Sample

Thailand visa application form filled sample as provided by the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Osaka, Japan.

Thailand Visa Application Form Filled Sample


Your stay in Thailand can be extended once per entry. In most cases it can be extended by 30 days. For more information check: Thai Visa Extension.

Any Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions about getting Thailand Visa at Thai Embassies and Consulates and ask your own question if it's not answered there yet.

FAQ - Thai Visa at Embassy / Consulate

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