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COVID-19 Insurance

All incoming foreign travelers to Thailand must provide health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment. The insurance certificate must be submitted to Thai embassy when applying for COE (Certificate of Entry) and needs to state explicitly that the health insurance is for 100,000 USD or more and COVID-19 is covered.

The easiest way to meet this requirement is choosing a COVID-19 insurance policy of Thai insurance company as it will be tailored according to the government's requirements and therefore will be accepted by Thai embassy. Getting Thai insurance policy covering COVID-19 is easy as you can conveniently buy insurance online with credit card and the insurance policy and COVID-19 certificate will be sent to you instantly. For more details about the insurance and to get a quote, click the button below.

Important thing to note: the statement on AXA’s website says that if you will be tested positive for COVID-19 during quarantine (a big concern for most of travelers) and won’t have any symptoms, AXA will cover medical expenses incurred based on medical necessity regardless of the showing of symptoms.


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