Maple Hotel ASQ Package Reviews

Maple Hotel is an Alternative State Quarantine hotel in Bangkok, conveniently located within an 18-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The hotel offers stylish air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV and en suite bathroom.

Maple Hotel 

ASQ Package Price

Deluxe Room (32 sq.m) 33,000 THB per person for 15 nights

Luxury Room (38 sq.m) 38,000 THB per person for 15 nights

Premier Room (38 sq.m) 45,000 THB per person for 15 nights

Executive Room (54 sq.m) 45,000 THB per person for 15 nights

Premier Executive Room (56 sq.m) 55,000 THB per person for 15 nights

Family Site Room (90 sq.m) 85,000 THB per 2 persons for 15 nights

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ASQ Package Features

2 times COVID-19 PCR screening test conducted on property

24 hours emergency ambulance service transfer from the hotel to the hospital

24 hours registered nurse stand-by

3 meals a day (set menu)

Limousine service from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang Airport to the hotel

Free high speed internet

15% discount for a la carte menu

20% discount for laundry

Contact Details for Booking ASQ Package

Tel: +66 2 398 9999

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Hotel Reviews

Maple Hotel reviews on

Maple Hotel reviews on

ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Maple Hotel ASQ package?


“Place is like in brochure pictures”

“Noisy neighbors can easily be heard”

“Really appreciate the balcony”

 “Hotel location is rather quiet overall”

“Good sized room”

“Nice bed”

“Big fridge”

“No microwave but a decent fridge (medium size) but i have also seen some rooms only having the regular hotel minibar fridge (small)”

“The room is clean”

“TV is not smart TV”

“Our room looks exactly like the picture from the Thaiest website with the absence of the lamp shades and the coffee table”

“It has a 4 cu. feet refrigerator, an electric water kettle and a flat HD TV (not Smart TV) with lots of cable channels (English & Thai)”

 “Bathroom is new with shower (no tub)”

“Room doesn’t have bathtub”

“The refrigerator has freezer”

“No microwave inside the room”

“All rooms have balcony but some of the doors are locked”

“There is a balcony to air-dry laundry (good for smokers)”

“Hotel is near highway and construction site, so room tends to get dusty quickly”

“Oldish TV (some rooms have smart TVs, not mine)”

“Plate, bowls and metal cutlery are provided”

“Kettle is provided but no tea bags or instant coffee so bring your own supplies”

“Room itself is ok, clean as far as I can see”

“Bed comfy”

“Shower, no tub”

“Kettle but no tea and coffee provided”

“TV ok but not a smart TV, few ok channels in English, couple of movies channels”

“I wanted to rent a PS4 but no way to connect to the TV as built into the wall”

“Balcony is a god send. There is no view here though”


“Service and food still quite ok”

“Good food with a sizeable selection and a vegetarian page”

“You cannot use delivery services”

“Someone leave a package for you”

“Food choice is ok, but meals are small”

“The hotel food is bountiful and is more than enough for a meal”

“There are 5 pages of menu to choose from (Thai and international food)”

“There are fruits and a choice of orange juice or coffee in every meal”

“Hotel doesn’t allow order food from outside the hotel”

“Guests could order items from convenient store and you can ask your family/friend bring things to you and leave at the reception”

“The food mainly is big portion of rice and noodle, then medium portion of meat, not much vegetable”

“There are some mess up in our meal order, like missed meal or come late”

“We do get warm food most of the time”

“There is a menu. Food is tasty and well cooked. Portions are reasonable”

“Food comes either way early or a little late”

“There is a room service menu just in case. Prices are slightly high”

“Food has been fine but besides the breakfast we found the portions small”

“Fruit is melon, watermelon and dragon fruit 3 times a day which begins to get boring after a few days”

“The juice tastes too artificial”

“Sometimes the meals come far too early”

“Food is ok, western and local options”

“But all in all I cannot complain too much”


“The staff of this hotel has been wonderful, polite and kind to their guests”

“Staffs are friendly, polite and helpful”

“Hotel and hospital staff are generally helpful and friendly”

Getting outside the room

“First COVID Testing is on the 5th day. You will be allowed to spend 1 hour at the rooftop after your first result is released”

“You will find stationary bike, twister, punching ball and sets of dumbbells to sweat out”

“Once you get your first negative test, you can go up to rooftop to stretch your legs every day”

“They have some gym equipment including weights”

“Allowed outside after first negative test”

“They have an area on the roof, for chilling and exercise supposed to be for an hour but no one checks”


“Internet is getting congested to the point of dropouts and buffering sometimes”

“The Wi-Fi is ok, but not great”

“Our room has good connection speed because it’s adjacent to the WiFi access point”

“The Wi-Fi is no always good in all the rooms”

“We had problems with the internet on the first few days, only getting a good signal near the door. After mentioning the problem, they fitted a router in our room which improved the connection. Internet is strong enough for video calls and Netflix”

“Wifi is good, I have been streaming the F1 without issue”

Visitors & Delivery

“You can ask via line for delivery from 7/11”



“Good service all considered”

“Overall, we are very happy and satisfied to have chosen Maple Hotel for our ASQ Facility”

“For the price of 38k for the Luxury Room, you could do much worse. Recommended”

“Overall, Maple has been a comfortable stay”

“All in all it hasn’t been too bad”

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