Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City: Khoi 2 Hotel Review

Hotels in district 1 of Ho Chi Minh City are often preferred by travelers as they are really conveniently located. During our trip to Vietnam, we’ve also decided to stay in this area and spent 1 night at Khoi 2 Hotel. Check our review of this hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our Room

We booked a Superior Double Room at Khoi 2 Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City but the room that we were given was not the room as advertised on the booking site. We got the room on 3rd floor and there was no lift to access it.

Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City: Khoi 2 Hotel Review

The room that we got was tiny and there was no window even if we booked the room that was advertised as the room with view (this is the window we got, lol).

Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City: Khoi 2 Hotel Review

The bathroom was clean but the entire room looked very old and has not been taken care of. Towels in the room were very dirty, so we use our own.


Breakfast was not included in our room rate. However, complimentary coffee, tea, and bread with jam were available for self service. Actually looking for hotel with breakfast is not necessary in this area as you can find plenty of cafes and other eateries around that start serving food early in the morning and stay open till late night.


The location of Khoi 2 Hotel was perfect, as the hotel is in the center of the city, situated in a small lane, close to the busy bustling Bui Vien Street. Even though it's so close, the hotel was actually very quiet. We haven’t heard any noise from the street, despite of lots of bars and clubs around.

Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City: Khoi 2 Hotel Review

Finding the hotel was very confusing at first as Google map wasn’t displaying correct location. But then some nice local guy told us the way.


The first encounter with staff at check-in was okay and there is nothing to complain about. The hotel closes its front door and locks up around midnight so if you come back late night after partying, you might need to wait for the staff to let you in. Wi-Fi worked really well most of the time.

Room Price

Room prices at this hotel start from 370,000 VND per night for standard room but we paid about 420,000 VND per night that was supposed to give a better room and quality. However, we had much better hotels in Vietnam even for less money. For the amount of money that we’ve spent, this hotel was not worth it.

Our Rate: 5/10

Normally we don’t have high hopes when staying in a small budget hotel in Ho Chi Minh City but this hotel didn’t meet our expectations at all. We were disappointed with our stay overall as room pictures look very deceiving. We wouldn’t recommend staying at this hotel as well as choosing the room without window as it can get a bit depressing without natural light. Getting “window” like this, wouldn’t help either. Hopefully it gets better after the renovation and will bring different feel after changing to OYO chain hotel.

Other Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

We would strongly suggest you to find another hotel in the same area and even same street as the location around this hotel was brilliant. Here you can easily combine falling into nightlife with all the bars and restaurants with affordable stay and relaxing in quiet environment for a pretty good night sleep.

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