FAQ - Thailand Visa on Arrival

Frequently asked questions related to Thailand Visa on Arrival are listed here. The answer to your question might be already answered here. If it's not, place your question in the comment box below.

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What documents are required for Thailand Visa on Arrival?

Full list of required documents can be found here: Thailand Visa on Arrival.

Is Visa on Arrival available for Indians who come from Singapore and not from India?

There's no difference, where are you coming from.

Is Thailand Visa on Arrival Free at the moment?

Thailand Visa on Arrival fee waiver finished on 30 April 2020 and now is not available.

I am from India, heard that visa waver is extended till April 30. Is this option available in Krabi Airport?

Yes, visa on arrival is issued for free in all designated immigration checkpoints. Full list of immigration checkpoints issuing Thailand Visa on Arrival can be found here: Visa on Arrival Border Crossings.

I have booked two different hotels in two different cities (Pattaya & Bangkok). Which hotel address should I mention on Visa on Arrival form?

You should fill the address of the hotel where you will be staying on the first night in Thailand (Pattaya in your case).

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My first flight is landing in Bangkok and my next flight is to Krabi. Do I have to get my visa on arrival at BKK Airport or can I get it at Krabi Airport?

You must get your visa on arrival at the airport in Bangkok because your next flight Bangkok-Krabi is the domestic one and you can't board this flight without passing Immigration and entering Thailand.