BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit is a SHA Plus certified AQ hotel in Bangkok, located on Sukhmuvit 5, which is just 5 minutes’ walk from Nana BTS Skytrain Station. BelAire Bangkok offers stylish rooms for quarantine in Thailand.

BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit

Test & Go Package

1-night Package Price

  • from 4,900 THB per person



AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room (32 sq.m) 26,000 THB per person



10-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room (32 sq.m) 34,000 THB per person



14-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room (32 sq.m) 42,000 THB per person



AQ Package Features 

  • COVID-19 tests
  • 24/7 medical staff on site
  • Airport Transfer from BKK or DMK Airport to the hotel
  • À la carte full board with more than 100 menus selection from International cuisine to Thai, Thai street food, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian & Vegetarian (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
  • Afternoon tea
  • Kids & Baby menu available
  • Netflix
  • Free Wifi
  • Welcome snacks & soft drinks
  • Baby amenities: toiletries, bath tub, bottle warmer
  • Cleaning service
  • Access to Pool area & Fitness room

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Booking Package

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Hotel Reviews

BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit reviews on

AQ / ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit AQ package?


“Room is quite empty”

“They took the furniture out and put a plastic cover over the floor”

“The room is spacious and clean”

“The room is good”

“Belaire Suite room which feels spacious and has a seating area”

“The bed and air-con and bathroom are good and there is a nice view”

“Windows do not open”

“There is a supply of coffee, tea and water provided by the hotel”

“On the first day there was no sofa in the seating area but the staff quickly installed one when I phoned down to ask”

“The TV has about 25 channels, nearly all in Thai language”

“Grand deluxe room which is pretty spacious for us to walk around and dance sometimes”

“We got two queen beds with a work station, decent TV and cupboard”

“Pantry was loaded with tea, coffee, milk, some aerated drinks and chips upon our arrival”

“Bathroom is decent with required amenities. Only downside is stinks from the drainage at times”

 “Kettle provided, tea + coffee + cocoa”

“Room has a semi up to date modern look - clean, essential! (They have removed side table and sitting chair and loose items + covered the entire flooring with plastic/linoleum!)”

“Comfortable work desk (Good for 1 person only)”

“Comfortable bed(s)”

“Smart TV only Thai/Asian channels and TVMonde”

“No balcony (my window can be opened)”

“Room cleaning happens on day 6 (after first test result)”

“No balcony, no open windows, no good view”

“Room size okayish, no couch or extra space to sit except bed and a work station”

“Slightly hard mattresses”


“My meals got forgotten twice, i needed to remind them again and again”

“The new menu is a significant improvement”

“After a couple of mishaps with our food on day 0, everything has been sorted”

“By now, we've sampled most of the menu, it has a good selection”

 “My kids have plenty of choice and I am still trying out all the vegetarian options”

“The food is delicious and arrives hot in my experience”

“There is a good selection of Thai food and some other things too including Western food and a few Chinese and Indian options”

“There are 3 meals per day provided, each with a main course and selection of desserts or fruit and drink”

“In addition there is an afternoon tea”

“In the early days of my arrival the food delivery service was patchy and they often forgot to deliver anything at all or were hours late”

“For most of that first week they forgot at least one meal per day”

“The managers seem to have got a better control of the situation now and deliveries arrive on time, give or take about 15 minutes”

“Food is above average for a picky eater like me (i am 100% Indian vegetarian)”

“So far Indian food is good and filling for one person”

“Food is delivered warm and on time. And plenty of it!”

“Extensive menu with Western, Thai, Japanese & Indian choices”

“All meals come with dessert or fruit + Afternoon Tea as a 4th meal!”

“Vegetarian dishes available and they are accommodative of my request with extra condiments or toppings”

“Amazing menu with lot of options to choose from”

“They have Thai (obviously), Arabic, Indian, Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisines”

“You will never be out of options”

“Food quality is decent enough”

“You can customize your meals as per your preferences”

“Quantity is more than enough”

"Great food"


“They do take the feedback very seriously and they did their best to improve the situation”

“The staff and manager are very friendly”

“Hotel staff is super cooperative. They never disappoint”

“Staff very responsive and polite on LINE group”

“Staff is very good. They take care of your all requests”

"A very friendly and always helpful hotel crew made it pleasant"

Getting outside the room

“Provided you pass your day 5 test, you can book 30 minutes per day to walk or sit around the pool area”

“The area is quite basic, but it makes a big difference to get some outside time”

“You can also book 30 min slots in the gym”

“The gym is small but more than good enough for a 30 minute workout unless you are a bodybuilder”

“If result of first COVID test done on day 5 is negative, you can book to go outside – pool area/fitness room”

“Good pool side and fitness options”


“On the first day the Wi-Fi was not good, but the staff rebooted the rooter serving my floor and it has been fine since”

“WiFi is decent, I have video calls back to back for work + ipad with Netflix... no complaints..”

“Very good Wi-Fi connection”

Visitors & Deliveries

“There doesn't seem to be any system for getting things delivered to your room”

“If you have friends or family who are in Bangkok and can bring a care package to the hotel you may fair better”

“Staff help shop items at Foodland, no wet food though”

“No outside deliveries allowed”


“Overall I am quite comfortable here now that the hotel has sorted out the initial issues”

“Overall happy with this place”

“If travelling with young children, opt for another ASQ - this might be a bit dull for toddlers or young kids”

“Overall my stay was good”

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