Casa Nithra Hotel offers quarantine accommodation in Bangkok. All air-conditioned rooms at the property include a seating area and flat-screen TV with cable channels.

Casa Nithra Bangkok 

Test & Go Package

1-night Package Price

  • from 4,990 THB per person



AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Superior Room (26 sq.m) 25,900 THB per person
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 30,800 THB per person
  • Suites Room (40 sq.m) 32,900 THB per person



10-day Package Price

  • Superior Room (26 sq.m) 31,900 THB per person
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 34,900 THB per person
  • Suites Room (40 sq.m) 37,900 THB per person



14-day Package Price

  • Superior Room (26 sq.m) 39,900 THB per person
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 42,900 THB per person
  • Suites Room (40 sq.m) 45,900 THB per person

AQ Package Features

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Twice-daily temperature monitoring
  • 24 hours standby nursing service
  • 3 meals per day with selected menu
  • Pick-up transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport
  • High speed Wi-Fi internet
  • Maid cleaning service



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Rooms at Casa Nithra

Superior Room (26 sq.m) 

Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 

Suite (40 sq.m) 

2 Superior Connecting room  (52 sq.m) 

Relaxing Area


Booking Package

Check room availability at Casa Nithra for your expected travel date and conveniently book quarantine package online here ⬇️


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Hotel Reviews

Casa Nithra Bangkok reviews on

AQ / ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Casa Nithra Bangkok AQ package?


"Has a balcony"

"Comfortable room with large bathroom with shower over the bath"

"Has a balcony and was made available from day 1"

"We requested a better fridge and a large fridge was immediately delivered"

"A brand new Microwave was installed"

“The room is clean and the bed fine”

“I myself chose the deluxe room, instead of a suite, because the suite does not have a balcony”

“I did have access to a balcony, from day 1”

“It is only a narrow balcony, and the door to the balcony is very narrow, so you cannot put a chair on the balcony, but you can at least get some fresh air”

“An HDMI cable was already present and connected to the TV, so I only had to connect it to my PC to watch Netflix and football”

“Have microwave”

“Room very clean and tidy very modern”

“The room is good size and clean enough”

“Room has a small balcony, but you can open the door only very little”

“I have Superior Room in 43k THB”

“Room: very comfortable, clean, big windows, big bed”

“Balcony: open from day0, very small, not possible to put a chair (perhaps a small one but we don't have)”

“Bathroom: perfect with bathtub, hot shower...”

“Kettle, fridge”

“Noise: the street just in front of the room is very noisy day and night. Sound insulation is medium”

“The room is clean”


“The quality of the food and service from the staff has been nothing short of fantastic”

"The food is restaurant quality"

"All meals are delivered in plastic but we use our own plates and wash them between meals"

“Food is brought three times a day, but often it was already cold or lukewarm”

“I asked for a microwave and it was delivered right away. From that moment on I could decide for myself when I ate, and my food was warm”

“I have to say the food was really tasty. Never once it was disappointing”

“The food was accompanied by fruit at least twice a day”

“In addition, there was coffee and tea, soft drinks, fruit juice, milk, etc. And the water in the room was always supplemented”

“I had cutlery with me, so I didn't have to eat with plastic cutlery”

“Meal tasted good”

“Food comes in schedule time and still warm”

“Food so far is good”

“Food is perfect, delicious, like good restaurant quality”

“Food: very good western and Thai food, we have a microware”

“We need to choice all menus at the beginning for all the stay”

“Extra: unlimited water, tea, instant coffee”

“They give lots of tasty food and you can also request more food without extra charge”

“We have lots of soda, water, coffee/teas, instant noodles which are all refillable”

“Only thing we don’t like is the western breakfast, but Thai breakfast is great!”

“The food is yummy”


"Staff are very responsive"

“The staff has been very friendly and helpful, as have the nurses who kept reminding me to take my temperature and took the COVID-19 tests”

“Fast response and service”

“In this hotel staff is very friendly and helpful”

“This hotel is small, but that is why they can take care of every customer good enough”

“If you need some things just ask them. They answer right away and try to help you however they can”

“The service in this hotel has been and is exceptionally good all requests and calls have been answered extremely quickly”

“Everyone here very friendly. They tried to help much if possible”

Getting outside the room

"The roof top pool area has snacks and drinks provided each day and some basic free weights and yoga mat"

“This is also possible at the pool area on the 6th floor, after the result of your first corona test has been received, and it is of course negative. For me, that was day 6. Swimming is not allowed there”

“If test negative we could go for 6th floor pool and balcony”

“Roof top from day 7: 1 hour, very nice and possible to walk with a loop”


"The WiFi is great"

"WiFi has been good with only the occasional drop out"

“Internet was fast enough and stable”

“I’ve just uploaded speed test of the Internet so far so good”


"Items from 7/11 able to be ordered and done almost immediately"


“I’d certainly recommend anyone looking for a quality ASQ hotel to check them out”

"I’d recommend this ASQ to anyone, been awesome"

“I have been in quarantine here for two weeks, and everything that is promised is kept”

“I hope I don't have to come here anymore for this reason, but if I have to go into quarantine again, it will be at Casa Nithra!”

“Everything is so fine”

“I would recommend this hotel”

“This hotel is very good value for money”

“I recommend Casa Nithra Bangkok asq hotel”

“This is very good choice for a couple”

“For the price that we pay it very amazing from them give”

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