Hi Residence Hotel ASQ

 Hi Residence Hotel is a contemporary boutique hotel located in Ratchada area of Bangkok with 11-minute walk from a Phra Ram 9 MRT station

Hi Residence Hotel

Test & Go Package Price

1-night Package

  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 5,000 THB per person



ASQ Package Price

7-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 26,000 THB per person

Junior Corner Suite (60 sq.m) 33,000 THB per person



10-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 30,800 THB per person

Junior Corner Suite (60 sq.m) 40,800 THB per person



14-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) 39,000 THB per person

Junior Corner Suite (60 sq.m) 49,000 THB per person



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ASQ Package Features 

Covid-19 testing by Real Time RT-PCR tests

Daily health monitoring with nurse supervision

24-hour registered nurse at the hotel

Free initial assessment session via telemedicine

24-hour ambulance service transfers between the hotel and the hospital

Service transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport or Don Muang airport

Private bathroom

Free high-speed Wifi

TV, digital tuner, Youtube

Full board (3 meals per day)

Coffee & tea

Bath amenities

Room cleaning service

Hi hotel assistance service 24-hour

Booking ASQ Package

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Hotel Reviews

Hi Residence Hotel reviews on Booking.com

ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Hi Residence ASQ package?


“I booked 2 rooms at HI Residence for 50k each, they are big and comfortable”

“We have microwave and fridge and a small balcony”

“The room is pretty clean”

“Nice facilities (junior corner suite)”

“I chose a corner suite room. lots of space”

“I had a suitably sized balcony”

“I got exercise equipment when I asked for it, both dumbbells and yoga mat”

“Got my room cleaned whenever I wanted, after the first swap test”

“I am currently staying at Hi Residence in Bangkok with my partner. We are not married but we were able to sign a consent form & show proof that we were living together back at the states”

“We picked a junior corner suite room which has a little balcony, bathtub / shower, and a living room”


“Food is good, we can order it from a menu”

“Good food”

“I myself have been able to choose the menu every day, even when I have not ordered on time”

“There is a nice option of food to choose from, although it can be a bit repetitive”


“Staff very kind”

“Kind crew”

“The staff have been incredibly sweet and at the keys of every single question”

“The staff is extremely accessible on whatsapp & anything we need or ask for is brought right outside our door”


“Sometimes slow internet but it worked well by far most of the time”


“Has had the option of delivery from 7-11”


“Highly recommended”

“I can highly recommend HI Residence, and especially if you are two due to the lot of space”

“I am grateful that I chose HI Residence so far”

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