Princeton Bangkok is a full-serviced residence that is available for Alternative State Quarantine. The accommodation is located on Bangkok's Mitmaitri Road at the Din Daeng and Vibhavadi-Rangsit intersection, 3 km from Victory Monument Skytrain station and 6 km from Pratunam Market.

UPDATE 1 Jul 2021: Princeton Bangkok has been removed from the list of quarantine hotels.

Princeton Bangkok Hotel

ASQ Package Price

14-day Quarantine Package

Superior Room (27 sq.m) 27,000 THB per person

Deluxe Room (40 sq.m) 30,000 THB per person

Executive Room (45 sq.m) 33,000 THB per person

Family Suites (63 sq.m) 38,000 THB per person


10-day Quarantine Package

Superior Room (27 sq.m) 25,000 THB per person

Deluxe Room (40 sq.m) 28,000 THB per person

Executive Room (45 sq.m) 30,000 THB per person

Family Suites (63 sq.m) 32,000 THB per person


7-day Quarantine Package

Superior Room (27 sq.m) 16,000 THB per person

Deluxe Room (40 sq.m) 18,000 THB per person

Executive Room (45 sq.m) 20,000 THB per person

Family Suites (63 sq.m) 23,000 THB per person


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Medical services by Vibhavadi Hospital 

ASQ Package Features

COVID-19 testing by Real Time RT-PCR

Twice-daily temperature and health monitoring under registered nurse (RN) supervision

24-hour standby registered nurse (RN) service


Cable TV

Three meals per day By Chef

One way transfer from Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi International Airport to hotel

Extra services

Foreigners are required to have COVID-Free medical certificate valid for 72 hours prior to departure from country of origin

If you have a fever of 37.5C or above or any health problems, you will be transferred to Vibhavadi Hospital Network

Transportation costs and/or the cost of consultations with doctors are not included in this package

Other treatments at hospital are at own expense

Contact Details for Booking ASQ Package

UPDATE 1 Jul 2021: Princeton Bangkok has been removed from the list of quarantine hotels.

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Hotel Reviews

Princeton Bangkok Hotel reviews on

ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Princeton Bangkok Hotel ASQ package?


“The TV has around 30+ English channels (a mix of sports, docos, movies, WB, MTV, news)”

“The rooms are quite”

“The view from our balcony and bedrooms was a bit grim”

“In a deluxe suite had balcony and open widows”

"Room is spacious"

"Balcony use after 1st covid test 5th day"

"TV had a few English channels"

“The 45 sqm room for 33k is a more like a full apartment and well maintained”

“Although clean you could also see it has been around a few years”

“The bathroom is small, but it is clean, and the shower has a decent amount of pressure plus plenty of warm water”

“I went for the Superior room which is said to be 27 sqm, plenty for one person”

“The room is fitted with a non-smart TV, a kettle, Nescafe with sugar and creamer, a hairdryer, a trough with some laundry-powder, dishwashing liquid and a sponge, a fridge, a desk and a drawer and last but not least the AC of course”

“The fan for the ac is standing outside on the inaccessible balcony, and is rather noisy”

“In my case the room was fitted with two single beds, and they are wonderfully comfortable. I prefer a firmer madras, and for me these where perfect”

“There is a balcony. You are not supposed to use it. The door leading out to the balcony is boarded up and hidden behind the curtain, and the window will only open about 10cm”

“There a balcony but you can’t use it. Door is boarded. Window only opens 6 inches as there is a screw in the framework. Nothing that a screwdriver wouldn’t sort!”

“Room big and clean”


“Portion sizes of food were large for most meals” 

“Meals were mostly on time”

“The food was cold every time and served in plastic”

“You cannot order Grab food”

“Food was great and plentiful”

"No food choice"

"Meals were decent"

“I’m a vegetarian and I could also request certain meals and they would make them"

"I’d requested western meal options but kept getting rice dishes"

“Food really good and on time”

“I don't know about the western food but the Thai food is great and more than enough”

 “When it comes to the food, it was ok. Not the best and not the worst”

“Princeton does not have a menu with choices”

“You can contact the reception and give them your preferences”

“There is also the option to order room service”

“Water, tea, and Nescafe are provided”

“Breakfast arrives around 08:00, lunch around 11:00 and dinner usually just before 17:00”

“The food usually does not arrive hot. It will be warm-ish”

“The food was never hot”

“Not sure if I could have requested a microwave”

 “Variety of food”

“Our food comes cold but we have microwave that is a must”

“Although the food was cold, it was always delicious”

“Food simple but taste good”


“Very accommodating to any requests of allowable items”

“Staff responsive”

"The staff are friendly"

"Friendly enough staff"

"Friendly staff"

"They are very hard to reach, didn't reply my email and didn't pick up calls"

“Interaction with the staff is pleasant”

“Great staff, excellent and speedy communication with Reception & Nurse”

Getting outside the room

“Only 30-40 minutes outside time - from day 7”

“The outdoor relaxing area has some plastic loungers, or tables under a shaded area”

“There is a room available with 1 exercise bike you can use in place of your outside time”

“There is no access to a gym or the pool”

“Outdoor area spacious and easy to run around in”

“No gym”

"Garden rooftop area for Princeton Bangkok Hotel which you can use after first negative covid test Daily for 40mins"

"After 1st negative covid test you can go out for 40mins daily, they have a garden rooftop area and a large carpark area where you can exercise or run etc."

"After 1st covid negative test you can leave daily for 40mins to get out"

"Place to go outside after the first negative test has 2 floors. 1 is a garden rooftop area 1 floor is a large car park area good for running around and exercising"

“If you have tested negative the first time, on day 7 you can actually start requesting cleaning and book at time to their relaxing area outside”

“The Princeton Hotel has two areas you can book. Level 4 and level 3. Level 4 is outside, there is some flowers, and if you go up one flight of stairs there is the pool deck. As per Government rules, you are not allowed to use the pool”

“Level 3 on the other hand is a parking garage. This is not at all a nice place to relax despite their efforts in making it look nice by hanging art on the wall and putting flowers and plants all over the place. However, this is a good place to go if your feeling for having a run for instance, since its shaded and there is lots of space”

“It is a lot easier to get a time at level 3 than it is at level 4”

“2 floors. 1 is a garden rooftop area 1 floor is a large car park area good for running around and exercising”

“A nice outside area”


“Wi-Fi was stable enough to stream movies and TV”

“Very fast and rarely needed to be re-logged in. I watched YouTube daily with no buffering”

"WiFi signal weak"

"Wifi 7/10 I’d say.. was good mostly but few times had issues but worked again"

"The wifi was good most of the duration"

“Internet is fast and I can video-conference and work without distraction”

“The WIFI. I have used it for Netflix, YouTube, Skype, surfing the web other videocalls…and it just worked. Rarely that I had any connection issues, or loss of connection, and also the speed was decent enough to stream 1080 video without problems”

“According Speedtest it’s around 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up, this being tested on several occasions during my stay, both with and without VPN”

“No issues with internet”

“Wi-Fi is spot on. They do provide a booster if required which has an ethernet port”


“We had access to a small balcony - there is a no smoking sign on the door”

"You can't smoke on rooftop"


“Family members can drop off items”

“Goodies from 7-11 easy to obtain”

"If you want snacks etc. from 7/11 they will get them for you with an additional 10% charge"

“If you want snacks or soft drinks the Hotel can get them from 7/11 for you, for a 10% charge. You order the stuff through line, they charge you on the room, and usually deliver it next time the food arrives”

“7/11 allowed to be delivered. Just order via line app and the hotel will get for you. Order pre 4pm and you get with your evening meal. After 4pm you get the next day. Hotel adds 10% and adds total charge to your room payable by cash or bank transfer 1 day b4 checkout”


“If you’re a complainer you’ll probably find things to complain about no matter where you stay. This place is no different, but it was fine for us.”

“Very impressed”

"Princeton hotel is fine"

"Overall was good"

"In general wasn't bad"

“All in all, my stay at the Princeton Hotel was good, and considering it is the cheapest of all the ASQ Hotels, I am actually more than satisfied with the service and the room and everything”

“This hotel is fantastic for the money paid”

“I too stayed at Princeton Hotel and thoroughly enjoyed my stay”

“For those people who are looking for budget ASQ to stay I can recommend Princeton Hotel”

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