Qiu Hotel Sukhumvit AQ / ASQ

Qiu Hotel Sukhumvit 79 is offering comfortable accommodation for quarantine in Sukhumvit district, just 3-minute walk from On Nut BTS Skytrain station.

Qiu Hotel Sukhumvit 

AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Mirror Door Room (30 sq.m) 18,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Pool View (30 sq.m) 20,000 THB per person



10-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Mirror Door Room (30 sq.m) 26,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Pool View (30 sq.m) 29,000 THB per person



14-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Mirror Door Room (30 sq.m) 32,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Pool View (30 sq.m) 35,000 THB per person



AQ Package Features

  • Transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport or Don Muang airport to the hotel
  • 24-hour Registered Nurse (RN) at the hotel
  • COVID-19 testing by Real Time RT-PCR
  • Free 24-hour ambulance service transfers between the hotel and the hospital
  • Free initial assessment session via video call
  • Room cleaning service
  • Full board (3 meals per day), gets 20% discount for extra ordering food & drinks
  • Free private Wifi Router
  • Smart TV (Netflix, Youtube)
  • For treatments or services at Sukhumvit hospital, treatment expense is not included in this package

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Booking Package

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Hotel Reviews

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AQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Qiu Hotel Sukhumvit AQ package?


“Most of the rooms do not have windows and you’ll be stuck 100% indoors for your first week”

“The rooms are clean”

“There is a tiny fridge, water kettle and they supply you with plenty of bottled water”

“The entertainment was really good, Netflix, Thai cable, Spotify, Youtube, etc.

“The rooms with no view are basically facing each other inside the building (no view of the sky or anything)”

“Hotel is very quiet, can’t hear any traffic, road works etc.”

“Room is clean and very good value for 32k IMO”

“TV has TrueVision so plenty of English channels”

“No window, the only view is the glass sliding door of the ASQ room opposite to your room”

“Note that there are rooms around the pool area that have a view to the world”

“Clean room”

“Many TV channels and Netflix”

“My room in Qiu has no window. It's the only thing I can really complain about”

“There are huge double doors which open on to a large corridor. These are not locked and it feels safe”

“There are some rooms with pool views though I think”

“After the first test you can use the balcony and smoke"

“Netflix on TV"

“Rooms are clean"

“I have pool view"

“Very cold air-con, big flat screen TV with dual language, mini fridge, air cleaner, toiletries, hand sanitizer, thermometer, hair dryer, hot water kettle provided"

“Toilet is clean and spacious with a bathtub and 2 shower heads"

“Have to do our own dishes as no housekeeping available until the first Covid test is done and it shows negative"

“Dish soap and sponge are provided"

“Room is clean and full of amenities"

“Bed is nice and big. Pretty firm. Pillow is super high and gave me neck ache. "

“The wall is paper thin. You can hear people talking in the next room"

“Power socket location is not the greatest as it is located behind the TV and only on one side of the bed"

“Window is locked so there's no fresh air"


“The food is lackluster at best and they will not heat anything in a microwave for you”

“Don’t expect much for the food”

“The only complaint for me was the food, it was presented well and it was tasty but it’s rare that your food is hot”

“Food portions are reasonably generous and tasty”

“Can order 7/11 goods through the hotel”

“Food sometimes comes cold and there is no microwave”

“Food is mostly tasty, fruit & side salads provided everyday, portions are large, our meals have mostly been warm & room service options are good”

“Good food”

“The food is good you can choose. American Continental or Asian breakfast"

“Dinner is already in the room when I came in. All cold"

“Choose from a menu with different breakfast, lunch and dinner options"

“Food is delicious. However, I don't see the Halal or vegetarian options"

“They even give 20% discount on food order to"


“Hotel staff are very nice and attentive”

“Nice and helpful staff”

“Staff are friendly and service is good"

“Very nice staff"

Getting outside the room

“After your first negative COVID test you will be allowed outside around the pool area”

“Once your results come back negative, you'll be given a red wrist band and allowed to roam around the pool area”


“You have your own personal router”

“You get your own personal WiFi router so internet is very quick”

“Good wifi”

“The wifi is perfect"

“Individual room WiFi”

“Free sim card is available upon request"


“After your first negative COVID test you will be allowed outside around the pool area. Smoking out there is allowed as I’ve seen people smoking”

“If you smoke, I think you're allowed out your room from the get go, there is a small seating area next to the pool where you can chong away”


“You can have family members visit but they will remain in the reception area and you in the pool area separated by a glass window, people were using their phones to communicate”

“Family members are allowed to bring you things but best to check with the hotel first”

“They allow you to have visitors if you’re missing loved ones but will be separated by a glass window for obvious reasons”


“Overall: this ASQ is perfect for single travelers that don’t care about the ‘frills’”

“Overall it is still a very good hotel for the price"

“I am very satisfied"

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