Royal Rattanakosin Hotel AQ / ASQ

Royal Rattanakosin Hotel, located a 5-minute walk from Khao San Road, offers Alternative Quarantine hotel rooms in Bangkok's old town area.

Royal Rattanakosin Hotel

Test & Go Package

1-night Package Price

  • Deluxe Room 3,900 THB per person



AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room 15,600 THB per person



10-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room 23,000 THB per person



14-day Package Price

  • Deluxe Room 29,500 THB per person



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AQ Package Features

  • Covid-19 Testing RT-PCR
  • 24 Hour Nurse & Ambulance Service
  • Doctor consulting via VIDEO Call during quarantine
  • Free wi-fi
  • Cleaning service
  • Free Airport transfer Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hotel
  • Daily meals with choices

Booking Package

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Hotel Reviews

Royal Rattanakosin Hotel reviews on

AQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Royal Rattanakosin Hotel AQ package?


“The room is clean, appears newly renovated and is as advertised, no complaints”

“No room cleaning”

“Room is decent enough for size”

“Only 1 English TV channel which is a news channel”

“Mosquitos are a problem”

“Room is spacious but everything inside is outdated”

“Room: small refrigerator, kettle, large bed, large closet that can store your bags, TV (RT seems to be the only English Channel, desk, windows that open, bathtub”

“Rooms are very clean”

“You can hear people in the other rooms clearly”

“Cable has only one English channel (25-RT news)”

“Window opens”

“TV has one Eng language channel and no accessible HDMI input”

“No microwave”

“Layout of 29sqm family suite never felt crowded with 1 adult/1 child”

“No room cleaning”

“Room is okay but inner court view is not inspiring”


“The biggest issue has been food”

“Vegetarian menu went from being very limited (11 items) to basically just a choice between 2 options for each meal”

“The quality of the food is completely random”

“The quantity of food has been consistently going down each day”

“Some of the meals served were basically inedible and had to be returned”

“They allow delivering food and small essentials from home”

“There is a room service menu that you can order other food too”

“They do a daily 7 11 run and you can order before 10 am to get on the same day”

“The meals are completely hit or miss and there is no consistency on portion sizes”

“They will buy stuff from 7/11 for you (service charge +20%)”

“There’s a kettle in the room with the standard Nescafé sachets”

“You can also order coffees via room service”

“Room service for food is absolutely average”

“Each day you are sent a menu with Thai and Western options for the three meals”

“Thai meals are ok, a bit over reliant on fried rice but not bad”

“There are not a lot of fruits or vegetables in the food”

“The food from room service is good. The menu is pretty extensive other than very limited deserts”

“Room service food is full price”

“Food comes punctually, generous portions, but unvaried”

“My 9yo has liked most the food (he can be a bit picky)”

“While a bit rice-heavy for me, the hotel accommodated my request to replace meals with salad and fruit”

“Meals have no fruit except dinner”

“Limited portions”

“Overall, food is an issue”


“Staff is polite, while they are often not very helpful, they do remain polite”

“Lack of communication, there is little to no communication possible with the Hotel staff/management”

“The staff is friendly”

“Poor communication (staff)”

“Customer service fast, pleasant, eager to please”

“Staff are doing a good job”

“Royal Rattanakosin has been incredibly child-friendly, earnest and accommodating”

Getting outside the room

“1 hour outside per day after the first negative test”

“Results were supposed to come the next day. Ended up around 2.5 days later that they came back and we weren’t allowed out until then”

“It’s not a huge area, but at least good to get out the room”

“You can’t always get a chance to go outside”

“Starting day 4 you are allowed outside to the pool area (it’s pretty grim) for one hour a day”


“The Wi-Fi has been decent as well”

“I’ve found the WiFi very poor”

“Wi-Fi has become worse”

“Wi-Fi is not great. Sometimes it is ok. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all”

“Wi-Fi barely there”

“WiFi seems ok... 15mbps Witt router in room can watch UK TV no problem”

“In-room router ok”

“WiFi handled his gaming and my Zoom calls, with connection dropping only briefly now and then”



“They allow us to deliver food and small essentials from home”

“They allow family members to deliver things (like food) to you”


“It is better than I was expecting”

“Please avoid at all costs!”

“This hotel fit the bill, and - for an experience where I spend 23 hours of the day indoors - it works”

“For those seeking a relatively affordable, responsive (but not oppressive) quarantine with family feel, based on our experience, I can highly recommend this hotel”

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