✔️ The Idle Residence AQ / Sandbox / Test & Go

The Idle Residence is an Alternative Quarantine hotel surrounded by a sense of nature and relaxation. Only 20 minutes from Don Mueang Airport in Ban Lam Rua Taek. Ayutthaya province is 31 km from the accommodation.

The Idle Residence

Test & Go Package

1 Day Package

Package Price

  • Superior room (25 sq.m) 4,900 THB per person
    • Superior room 7,400 THB per 2 persons
  • Deluxe room with Balcony (37 sq.m) 5,600 THB per person
    • Deluxe room 8,300 THB per 2 persons
    • Deluxe room 10,600 THB for 2 Adults + 1 Child
  • Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m) 6,200 THB per person
    • Junior suite 8,900 THB per 2 persons
    • Junior suite 11,200 THB for 2 Adults + 1 Child 
    • Junior suite 13,500 THB for 2 Adult + 2 Children

Package Features

  • Free airport pick up to the hotel (sharing with max. 3 persons)
  • 1x RT-PCR Test + 1 ATK
  • Special designed set menu for 2 meals
  • Premium Wifi
  • Free Netflix account during your stay
  • 24-hour Personal Idle service assistant
  • 24-hour standby nursing service (by Samitivej Hospital)


AQ Quarantine Package

5-day Package Price

  • Superior room (25 sq.m) 11,500 THB per person
    • Superior room (25 sq.m) 18,000 THB per 2 persons
  • Deluxe room (37 sq.m) 12,500 THB per person
    • Deluxe room (37 sq.m) 19,000 THB per 2 persons
    • Deluxe room (37 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 1 Child 25,000 THB
  • Junior suite (48 sq.m) 13,500 THB per person
    • Junior suite (48 sq.m) 20,000 THB per 2 persons
    • Junior suite (48 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 1 Child 26,000 THB
    • Junior suite (48 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 2 Children 32,000 THB


10-day Package Price

  • Superior room (25 sq.m) 29,000 THB per person
    • Superior room (25 sq.m) 49,000 THB per 2 persons
  • Deluxe room with Balcony (37 sq.m) 38,000 THB per person
    • Deluxe room with Balcony (37 sq.m) 55,000 THB per 2 persons
    • Deluxe room with Balcony (37 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 1 Child 69,000 THB
  • Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m) 43,000 THB per person
    • Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m) 60,000 THB per 2 persons
    • Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 1 Child 75,000 THB
    • Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m) - 2 Adult + 2 Children 89,000 THB

AQ Package Features

  • COVID-19 testing
  • 24 Hour standby nursing service (by Samitivej Hospital)
  • Free doctor consultant through Telemedical service
  • Special designed set menu for 3 meals
  • Premium WiFi
  • Free Netflix account during the stay
  • Room cleaning service
  • 24-hour personal Idle Service Assistant
  • Airport pick-up to the hotel
  • Large Relaxing Area


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Rooms at The Idle Residence

Superior room (25 sq.m)

Deluxe room with Balcony (37 sq.m)

Junior suite with Balcony (48 sq.m)

Relaxing Areas at The Idle Residence

Food at The Idle Residence




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Hotel Reviews

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AQ / ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with The Idle Residence AQ package?


“Rooms are comfortable”

“They let you use the balconies”

“We are staying in a suite and had to ask for pots and pans and cutlery to be able to cook, warm things up”

“Junior suite has kitchen, microwave, working table”

“No bathtub”

“Can open window”

“This hotel is in the middle of nowhere”

“All cooking utensils and crockery taken away they brought back microwave when requested”

“There is no balcony“

“Room is average”

“TV channels are limited”

“I been here seven days and my room has been cleaned twice bedding not changed yet”

“Rooms are super nice”

“The rooms are clean, spacious with large windows (some with balconies), AC and comfortable beds”

“If you get a room with a view of the inner courtyard, then you have a nice view of trees and the hotel pool (which you are not allowed to use)”

“Netflix access is for free, TV only with Thai channels”

“I recommend the Junior Suite. It is just a bit more expensive, but you get a two room apartment with a kitchenette (no crockery), sofa, working space etc.”

“My suite has even two balconies and a fresh breathe in the rooms”

“After day 5 they clean your room every 3th day”

“They offer laundry-service, paid by items”

“The room is great like a comfortable apartment style room”

“It's clean and has a comfortable bed”

“The balcony in my room gives me little breaks with good views and fresh air”

“Got my microwave”

“Got my Netflix”


“Food choice is very limited”

“The food is ok (Thai and one Japanese option for dinner)”

“You can order from outside or have things delivered to you, no issue with that”

“Big portion of food, always on time to serve”

“You can order from 7-11”

“Food sometimes goes straight in the bin and it is mostly cold”

“The food comes in plastic containers”

“The food is really good”

“The food is completely okay to my liking, however, the choice is limited”

“Sometime you have to rewarm it in the microwave, if your room has one”

“The choice of drinks unfortunately only consists of water and instant coffee”

“For other drinks (no alcohol) or snack food you need to ask for a shopping service”


“Staff is super nice and accommodating”

“Staff very helpful”

“Room Service is good and they are prompt with request”

“Staff so far have been really good with fast responses through Line”

Getting outside the room

“COVID test on 2nd day, results on the 3rd but you cannot leave the room until the 6th day”

“There are exercise machines and an onsen outside”

“A few times a day you are allowed to go into the garden”

“The friendly - very well protected - staff guides you down and after 45 minutes up again”

“2 fitness machines are available”

“Free coffee, choco, tea and cookies”


“Their WiFi is unreliable”

“Internet can be over 100mb upload and more download or it can be 1 mb”

“The free WiFi is a bit poor”

“Wifi is approximately 40-50 mpb (depends on the device)”


“They will only buy food and needs through seven. They Charge 100 baht and 10% on top for that privilege”

“They will pick up things for you from 7/11. (100 Baht fee + 10% charge)”

“Can order from 7-11 via chatting with about 10% service extra, plus delivery fee (100 baht)”

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