✔️ The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 AQ / Test & Go

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 – Thonglor is a quarantine hotel, located only a 5-minute walk from Thong Lo BTS Skytrain Station. This property is offering a comfortable and luxurious accommodation for AQ in Bangkok. A style of the hotel is more like a private home on the corner of a European street. The designed with the idea of combining Western and Eastern cultures through the pattern of wallpaper showcasing nature between European birds hovering on Eastern trees.   

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 – Thonglor 

Test & Go Package

1-night Package Price

  • Deluxe Suite Room (35 sq.m) 5,900 THB per person
  • The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 6,900 THB per person



AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Premier Room (30 sq.m) 26,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Suite Room (35 sq.m) 28,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Suite Room (35 sq.m) 45,000 THB per 2 persons
  • The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 38,000 THB per person
  • The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 60,000 THB per 2 persons



10-day Package Price

  • Premier Room (30 sq.m) 32,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Suite Room (35 sq.m) 35,000 THB per person
  • Deluxe Suite Room (35 sq.m) 55,000 THB per 2 persons
  • The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 41,000 THB per person
  • The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 66,000 THB per 2 persons

AQ Package Features

  • COVID-19 PCR screening tests
  • 24-hour emergency ambulance service transfer from hotel to hospital
  • 24-hour registered nurse stand-by and doctor consulting via Phiyathai 1 Hospital
  • Complimentary transfer service from the airport to the hotel
  • Laundry credit value at 1,000 THB
  • Welcome snacks, in-room coffee & tea and daily afternoon snacks
  • Full board 3 meals per day with food selections
  • Complimentary high speed internet
  • Bathroom with bathtub, shower and washlet
  • Smart TV
  • Microwave and refrigerator



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Rooms at The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Premier Room (30 sq.m) 

Deluxe Suite (35 sq.m)

The Living Suite (45 sq.m) 

Relaxing Area at The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Food at The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57



Booking Package

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Hotel Reviews

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 – Thonglor reviews on Booking.com

AQ / ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 – Thonglor AQ package?


“Really like the room”

“You can open window to get some fresh air”

“They have microwave and a big fridge”

“Windows are sealed, cannot open”

“No balcony”

“Air-con controlled by each room separately”

“Facilities include kitchen, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, kettle, bath, shower, smart TV”

“The rooms are comfy, good bed, well sound proofed room”

“There is big construction on the street, but not much can be heard from outside”

“The bathroom is quite nice, there is a toto wash-let smart toilet (the Japanese type)”

 “No balcony and the window does not open”

“Lovely room with white and light gray color and little cozy wallpaper”

“The room is big enough even I can make every day my exercise”

“Have microwave in the room”

“It’s not really balcony but you can open the window”


“Food is good enough”

“Small amount of food”

“Portions here are so small”

“They not allow delivery from outside”

“You can get dry food only from your family and have this FDA sign on the food”

“You can order room service”

“No selection of food and the portion is so small but tasty”

“I have loved their food, the quantity is good enough for me”

“The meals ALWAYS arrive on time”

“Food is a set menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you don’t choose options like other facilities”

“Food is a substantial amount and it’s okay to live on for two weeks”

“Pack some dried snacks as it definitely helps to keep you going as food deliveries are not allowed at this facility”

“No food deliveries”

“No alcohol”


“Service is exemplary”

“Every time I needed something, the hotel staff on line responds and provides service within seconds”

“I’m very pleased with this place and staff”

“Staff at the hotel is really nice and helpful”

“The staff is very nice and kind and they respond very fast in line whenever I need any assistance”

“The staff are second-to-none, always so lovely“

Getting outside the room

“After you test negative on your first COVID test, you book a time when you want to use the relaxing area”

“Gym, pool (you can’t swim, you can sit outside), lounge with a few snacks”

“You’re allowed 30 minutes every day”

“After the first COVID test is negative, guests are allowed to use the recreation area for 30 minutes every day”

“After first COVID test (on 4th day), you can book one hour out of your room (still on the hotel grounds)”

“Have 30 minutes per day free to relax outside at pool area”

“Gym access after the 2 COVID-19 test”

“Pool area is better and you can spend 30 minutes per day after 6 days stay”


“WiFi is spotty sometimes but good overall”

“Internet is ok I can connect to VPN and work” 

“Internet speed is okay for watching Netflix”

“The occasional Internet lagging and not great when the rain pours”

Visitors & Deliveries

“Family can drop off stuff”

“If it’s not food i think can order from outside”

“They allow dropping packages with home cooked meals (no junk take out or alcohol)”


“Good value for money for sure”

“I would highly recommend this hotel”

“All in all is ok(ish)”

“Recommend to Request Deluxe Suite or Premier Room with town view”

“The experience for my ASQ here in this lovely Hotel was nice”

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