Maldives Immigration Form – Maldives Arrival Card

Every visitor traveling to Maldives at the time of arrival must complete Maldives Immigration Form also known as Maldives Arrival Card. How to fill up the form correctly?

Maldives Immigration Form is normally given out during the flight so you can fill up the form on the plane and save time at the airport. If you won’t get one from the crew, don’t worry as you can find plenty of forms available at the airport.

Maldives Immigration Form – Maldives Arrival Card

There are several things you should know before entering Maldives:

  1. Foreigners entering Maldives should possess a genuine passport/travel document which include machine readable zone (MRZ) with a validity of 6 months.
  2. One entry card must be filled by every visitor including one for every child.
  3. Visitors are advised to check their passport/travel document for immigration endorsements before they leave the check point.
  4. Staying in Maldives without a valid visa is an offence.

Maldives Immigration Form

Maldives Immigration Form consists of 3 parts – Arrival Card, Health Information and Customs Service.

Maldives Arrival Card

Maldives Arrival Card should be filled out in English. You should write clearly in capital letters to avoid misunderstandings.

On the immigration form you need to provide the following information:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth in DD-MM-YY format
  • Sex (Male/Female)
  • Passport number
  • Country of birth
  • Date of passport expiry (must be at least 6 months from your arrival)
  • Length of stay in days (in most cases shouldn’t be more than 30 days)
  • Flight No. as it is displayed on your ticket (for the flight landing at Maldives)
  • Address in Maldives (normally the name of hotel or resort is enough)
  • Purpose of visit – you need to choose from Holiday, Transit, Business, Conference, Official, Employment, Visit friends/relatives and Others (in such a case another reason should be provided)
  • Resident permit holders must fill additional fields – Category & Last permit No., Permit expiry date (DD-MM-YYYY format)

The form must also be signed by the passport holder in the dedicated field.

Maldives Immigration Form – Maldives Arrival Card

Health Information

A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required for travelers coming from Yellow Fever endemic-areas – South America and Africa.

On this part of Maldives Immigration Form you need to provide the list of the countries visited in the last 14 days. When coming from Yellow Fever area, you must provide the date of Yellow Fever vaccination and Lot no.

Maldives Immigration Form – Maldives Arrival Card

Maldives Customs Service

The last part of Maldives Immigration Form is dedicated to customs. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name (full name)
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Number of hand baggage
  • Number of checked baggage

This part of the form must be signed once again. Don’t miss it!

You also need to mention if you have some of these:

  1. Goods obtained overseas with a total value exceeding MRF 6000 (Approximately USD 467) in addition to personal effects such as clothes, reasonable amount of jewelry, wrist watches, pens, camera, personal radio, laptop and toiletries.
  2. Samples for business and/or goods in commercial quantity.
  3. Cash equivalent or exceeding USD 30,000 (in such a case you must fill up the Cash Declaration Form).

Maldives Immigration Form – Maldives Arrival Card

List of import – prohibited and restricted items under Maldivian law:

  1. Narcotics, illicit drugs and psycho tropic substances.
  2. Pornographic materials.
  3. Materials contrary to Islam.
  4. Idols for worship.
  5. Pork & Pork products.
  6. Alcohol.
  7. Dogs.
  8. Dangerous animals.
  9. Gun powder and explosives.
  10. Weapons, firearms and ammunition.
  11. Spear guns.
  12. Chemicals.

Severe punishment for drug offenders under Maldivian law!