Khanom Buang: Recipe of Thai Crispy Pancake / Thai Crepe

Khanom Buang (ขนมเบื้อง) or Thai Crispy Pancake / Thai Crepe is a traditional Thai Dessert in the central part of Thailand. Vendors selling these crispy delicacies can be found on the streets of Bangkok and other cities in the surrounding area as well as at numerous markets. Discover the original Khanom Buang recipe.

Khanom Buang Recipe

Toppings of Khanom Buang

Khanom Buang generally has 2 types of topping - salty and sweet.

The salty topping (orange) is made from cream and served with chopped shrimps mixed with pepper and coriander then stir-fried with added sugar, fish sauce or salt. Nowadays, shredded coconut is often used instead of shrimps.

The sweet topping (yellow) is made of egg yolks boiled in syrup, which is called Foi Thong (ฝอยทอง).

Thai Crispy Pancake (Khanom Buang)

Dough for Khanom Buang

3 cups rice flour

1 cup mung bean flour

1/2 cup sugar

2 eggs

2 cups of Red Limestone Paste dissolved in water (or plain water)

Mix rice flour, mung bean flour, sugar and eggs together and then slowly pour the water with Red Limestone Paste and gradually mix about 10 mins or until the sugar is dissolved.

Cream for Khanom Buang

2 egg whites

400 g palm sugar

In a mixer bowl of a stand mixer, mix egg whites and palm sugar on high speed until combined.

Thai Crispy Pancake (Khanom Buang)

How to Cook Khanom Buang

1. Turn your stove on and heat the pan until the air above it shimmers.

2. For each pancake, gently pour small cup of batter into the pan, and wait until cooked.

3. Add pancake fillings, start with cream and then sweet or salty filling on top.

Thai Crispy Pancake (Khanom Buang)

4. Fold the pancake into half circle and serve the dish.

Thai Crispy Pancake (Khanom Buang)

Where to buy Khanom Buang?

Thai crispy pancakes are sold all around Bangkok and you can easily find these Thai desserts at Terminal 21 Food Court, Bangkok’s best night markets and floating markets around Thailand capital.

Price: Normally 1 set of Khanom Buang costs 30-35 baht.