Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy) - Traditional Thai Dessert

Roti Sai Mai (โรตีสายไหม) is a Thai dessert with an Indian influence, as they were the first to have made Roti. Roti Sai Mai is originated from Ayutthaya and has become the most popular sweet that must be tried when visiting the ancient capital of Thailand.

What is Roti Sai Mai?

This is Roti, a small and thin, pan-fried flour pancake which is flavoured with the original taste of flour and egg. There are also additional flavours offered, the most common of them being Pandan flavour, Strawberry flavour and Banana flavour.

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

This is Sai Mai, Thai-style candy floss or cotton candy which comes in various colors. It easily melts in your mouth and is extremely sweet.

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

How to eat Roti Sai Mai?

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

The fun part comes when you place the Sai Mai over the Roti and wrap them together making it a perfect combination.

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

Then take a bite!

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

How much Roti Sai Mai costs?

Roti Sai Mai normally comes in sets that are sold for 30 Baht, 50 Baht and 100 Baht.

In the small 30 Baht set you can expect to get about 10 pieces of thin Roti for wrapping Sai Mai.

Where to buy Roti Sai Mai?

Roti Sai Mai is offered by many shops in Ayutthaya. At the shop you will see how Roti Sai Mai is made by hand. It's really amazing to see how they do. The fact is that the shop owner normally likes giving everyone to taste it for free before you buy.

Roti Sai Mai (Cotton Candy)

In other parts of Thailand, you can expect to find a couple of Thai shops selling Roti Sai Mai at the markets or nearby tourist attractions. However, these perfect Thai desserts are not that easily found elsewhere so don’t miss a chance to try it.


In Bangkok Roti Sai Mai can be found in the area around Victory Monument.