Burger King in Thailand: What's on Menu in Bangkok?

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and wondering if there are any international fast-food brands present in the country, you can be sure that you will find Burger King in Thailand to fill up your stomach as many restaurants can be found around the country. Check what's on menu at Burger King in Bangkok.

Burger King in Thailand

Burger King is another big player in the market as the American fast food restaurant chain opened in Thailand since 2000. Burger King currently operates about 86 branches in Thailand. Thailand Burger King differentiates from other fast-food brands in the market by mainly occupying key locations at gas stations, or other places with drive-thru model for people who are travelling.

However, you can also easily find this restaurant in various popular places at Thailand’s most famous tourist destinations, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Koh Samui.

Thailand Burger King Menu

The basic range such as the Whopper burger, chicken pieces, hot wings or mashed potato are also available on Burger King menu in Thailand. There are a few extra local menus such as Thai Spiced Chicken with Sticky Rice, Zaap Zeed Chicken Strips or Chicken Rice with Tamarind Sauce. Let's see the Thailand Burger King Menu below including rice, burgers, crispy chicken or French fries to popular pie.

Burger King in Thailand Menu

Thailand Burger King Rice

  • Chicken Rice with Tamarind Sauce: 69 THB
  • Crispy Chicken with Rice & Teriyaki Sauce & Tempura Nuggets: 179 THB
  • Crispy Chicken with Rice & Spicy (Jaew) Sauce & :179 THB
  • Salted Chicken with Sticky Rice: 69 THB
  • Salted Chicken with Sticky Rice + 6pc Tempura Nuggets :179 THB
  • Thai Spiced Chicken with Sticky Rice + 6pc Tempura Nuggets :179 THB
  • Crispy Chicken with Rice & Spicy (Jaew) Sauce: 69 THB
  • Crispy Chicken with Rice & Teriyaki Sauce: 69 THB
  • Thai Spiced Chicken with Sticky Rice: 69 THB

Thailand Burger King Burgers

Talking about hamburgers, Burger King has a menu that specializes in burgers with many delicious and attractive types. The signature burger here is the Whopper which comes with flame grilled 100% Australian beef patties or your choice of pork patties and is topped fresh crisp lettuce, ripe red tomatoes, crunchy pickles, sliced flavorful white onions and creamy mayonnaise on a soft freshly baked sesame seed bun. Even if about 60-70% of Burger King customers in Thailand choose from the beef menu, there are plenty of other choices with pork, chicken, fish burgers available.

  • Whopper: 165 THB
  • Whopper Cheese: 195 THB
  • Whopper Bacon Cheese: 225 THB
  • Whopper Jr.: 119 THB
  • Whopper Jr. Cheese: 135 THB
  • Mushroom Swiss: 135 THB
  • Cheese Burger: 119 THB
  • BBQ Bacon Cheese: 139 THB
  • Double Cheese Burger Bacon: 209 THB
  • Extra Long Chicken Cheese: 179 THB
  • Fish ‘N Crisp: 69 THB
  • Double Fish ‘N Crisp: 149 THB
  • Chic ‘N Crisp: 59 THB
  • French Chicken: 199 THB
  • Tendercrisp: 99 THB
  • Veggies Burger: 129 THB
  • Sesame Burger: 69 THB
  • Ninja Burger Pork: 79 THB
  • Ninja Burger Pork Set: 159 THB

If you want more premium meat dishes, there is a menu with imported Angus beef from Australia and dishes are coming with an extra thick meat weighting 155 grams. It comes with a combination of Steakhouse or Black Truffle sauce.

  • Angus XT Deluxe Cheese: 209 THB
  • Angus XT Black truffles: 289 THB
  • Angus XT Black truffles set: 349 THB
  • Angus XT Steakhouse Set: 299 THB


There are many side dishes on offer at Burger King in Thailand. The bite sized Tempura Nuggets or chicken strips are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, which can be perfect match with every menu. They are good for dipping in any of delicious dipping sauces.

  • Zaap Zeed Chicken Strips: 85 THB
  • Zaap Zeed Nuggets and Zaap Zeed Chicken Strips: 139 THB
  • Chicken King Set A: 99 THB
    • 2 pcs of Bar-B-Q Wings and 6 pcs of Tempura Nuggets
  • Chicken King Set B: 159 THB
    • 3 pcs of Bar-B-Q Wings, 6 pcs of Tempura Nugget, 3 pcs of Chicken Strips
  • Chicken King Set B: 199 THB
    • 8 pcs of Bar-B-Q Wings and 8 pcs of Tempura Nuggets
  • Tempura Nuggets: 109 THB
  • BBQ Wings: 109 THB
  • Chicken Strips: 79 THB
  • French Fries: 95 THB
  • Hash Browns: 95 THB
  • Onion Rings: 95 THB


The main dessert at Burger King is crispy pie with the mouthwatering flavors and its delectable fillings, you just can’t get enough from the very first bite.

  • Apple Pie: 35 THB
  • Taro with Corn Pie: 35 THB

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is available for delivery 6:00-10:00

  • Classic Ham and Cheese Croissant: 59 THB
  • Classic Bacon and Cheese Croissant: 69 THB
  • Breakfast Whopper Jr. Beef & Regular Hash Browns: 179 THB
  • Breakfast Whopper Jr. Pork & Regular Hash Browns: 179 THB
  • The Enormous Beef & Regular Hash Browns: 199 THB
  • The Enormous Pork & Regular Hash Browns: 199 THB
  • PancakeWich Bacon & Regular Hash Browns: 159 THB
  • PancakeWich Beef & Regular Hash Browns: 159 THB
  • PancakeWich Pork & Regular Hash Browns: 159 THB
  • PancakeWich Chicken & Regular Hash Browns: 159 THB
  • PancakeWich Chicken Ham & Regular Hash Browns: 159 THB
  • Breakfast Whopper: 225 THB
  • Breakfast Whopper Jr.: 149 THB
  • CroissanWich with Beef/Pork: 109 THB
  • CroissanWich Chicken: 109 THB
  • CroissanWich Bacon: 109 THB
  • CroissanWich Chicken Ham: 109 THB
  • Ometeette Platter: 119 THB
  • Pancake Platter: 89 THB
  • Pancake Platter with Beef/Pork: 129 THB
  • PancakeWich Bacon: 109 THB
  • PancakeWich with Beef/Pork: 109 THB
  • PancakeWich Chicken: 109 THB
  • PancakeWich Chicken Ham: 109 THB
  • The Enormous: 149 THB


  • Bottle of Water: 20 THB
  • Coke: 45 THB
  • Coke Zero: 45 THB

* Please be noted that menu prices are subject to change

Burger King Opening Hours

Normally, Burger King is open daily and the opening time depends on each branch but most of them are open 24 hours.

Other Fast-Food Restaurants in Thailand

You can also find other famous international fast-food chains in Thailand, such as KFC, McDonald'sPizza Hut or Subway.