McDonald's in Thailand - What's on Menu?

McDonald's in Thailand is a great place to get something quick to eat and Thailand McDonald's menu offers some Thai specialties that shouldn't be missed when visiting McDonald's in Bangkok or any other Thai city. We’ve visited a restaurant located at the front of The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok.

In such a busy area, we had to wait for some time to get our order but they managed well. McDonald's restaurant here is big enough so you can easily find a place to sit and eat properly.

McDonald's in Thailand

Thailand McDonald's Menu

McDonald's menu in Thailand is a bit different if compared to other countries, but the food was good as you would be expecting from McDonald's standard. At McDonald's Thailand, you can try popular Thai street food, Krapao, which starts from 69 baht only.

McDonald's in Thailand

Thailand McDonald's Burgers

- Triple Beef Cheeseburger Set = 229 Baht

- McSpicy Chicken Burger Set = 122 Baht

- McChicken Burger Set = 169 Baht

- Filet-O-Fish Set = 169 Baht

- Cheeseburger Set = 119 Baht

- Double Cheeseburger Set = 187 Baht

- Samurai Pork Burger Set = 169 Baht

- Double Big Mac Set = 217 Baht

 McDonald's in Thailand

Thailand McDonald's Snacks / Desserts

- Chocolate Sundae = 30 Baht

- Corn Pie = 19 Baht

- Pineapple Pie = 19 Baht