Bangkok BTS - How to Use BTS SkyTrain in Bangkok

Bangkok BTS or SkyTrain is a Mass Transit System which is one of the most convenient ways to travel around Bangkok as it helps to escape chaotic and often jammed traffic in Thailand’s capital. BTS SkyTrain system links central Bangkok with other important areas of the city making this kind of transport very useful for exploring Bangkok.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

There are only two lines with 52 stations at the moment but Bangkok BTS network is expanding and more stations should be added in the near future. In several places BTS system connects with other Bangkok’s Mass Transit Systems - MRT (Metro) and Airport Rail Link.

Bangkok BTS Map 2020

Current interactive Bangkok BTS map 2020 can be found here: Bangkok BTS SkyTrain Map.

Bangkok BTS Operating Hours

Bangkok BTS operates daily from 06:00 to midnight.

Bangkok BTS frequency on weekdays is detailed below.

BTS Skytrain frequency on weekdays

Bangkok BTS frequency on weekends and holidays is detailed below.

BTS Skytrain frequency on weekends

Bangkok BTS stations

Currently there are 52 BTS SkyTrain stations around Bangkok (Bangkok BTS Map). Finding one of the stations isn’t difficult as they all are above the roads and can be easily noticed from a distance.

BTS Skytrain station

Usually there are no less than 4 entrances to the BTS SkyTrain station and they all are clearly marked.

Entrance to the BTS Skytrain station

There are stairs and automated escalators leading up to the station. If you are tired and not keen on climbing the stairs, just look around, there should be another entrance with the escalator nearby.

Escalator to the BTS Skytrain station

Bangkok BTS stations can also be handy for crossing Bangkok's roads as you can get to another side of the road or even directly to a shopping mall without buying a ticket.

Bangkok BTS Fare 2020

The price of Single Journey Ticket, which is valid for a single journey on Bangkok BTS, depends on the length of journey as Bangkok BTS fare can be from 16 Baht, up to 59 Baht per journey.

The exact fare for your journey can be found on the interactive Bangkok BTS Map or on the board at the station (see below).

BTS Skytrain ticket price board

On this Fare Information Table you will find the fare to your chosen destination station from your current location (the station you are in is marked yellow).

Bangkok BTS tickets

Where to buy BTS ticket?

There are few ways to buy Bangkok BTS ticket but the most common way is using Ticket Issuing Machines. Most of these machines accept coins only.

BTS Skytrain ticket issuing machine

You need 1, 2, 5 or 10 Baht coins (satangs are not accepted). If you don’t have enough coins, just change your notes at BTS Station Ticket Office.

BTS Station Ticket Office

On touchscreen choose your destination and a number of cards (up to 4 at one time). Total fare of your trip will show up.

Insert coins. When the amount of coins will reach the required fare, your ticket (thin plastic card) will appear at the ticket-dispensing slot. Take the ticket and your change if any.

Buying BTS Skytrain ticket

Keep in mind that Single Journey Tickets are valid for travel on date of purchase only!

BTS Skytrain Single Journey Ticket

There are machines accepting notes but they are still quite rare. These ticketing machines accept not only 1, 5 or 10 Baht coins (2 Baht coins and satangs are not accepted) but 20, 50, 100 Baht banknotes too (larger banknotes are not accepted). They are more user-friendly and some of them even can issue few tickets at one time.

BTS Skytrain ticket issuing machine

Don’t be surprised to see ticket issuing machines out of service quite often, though.

Travel SMART!  Book BTS One Day Pass if you are planning to use BTS often

It is also possible to purchase a Rabbit card or long term pass for Bangkok BTS. Rabbit card and long term passes can be bought at any BTS Station Ticket Office. Rabbit card can also be booked online and picked up at the airport. It's even cheaper this way! Rabbit card can be booked here: [SALE] BTS Skytrain Rabbit Card.

Rabbit card or long term pass for BTS Skytrain

How to use BTS ticket?

When you get your Bangkok BTS ticket, proceed to the metallic gates. Green arrow signs indicate entry points - you need to choose one of them.

BTS Skytrain gates

Insert your ticket into the slot on the metallic part of the gates (see green arrow below) and wait for it to pop out from the slot on the top of it (see red arrow below). On newer gates you just need to touch the noted place with the card.

Using BTS Skytrain ticket

The gates will open then. Take your ticket back and quickly walk through as the gates stay open for just a couple of seconds.

Keep your ticket with you as at the exit you will have to insert it into the slot again but this time it won’t pop out, only the gates will open for you to exit.

Taking Bangkok BTS SkyTrain

When you enter the Paid Area of Bangkok BTS station, you need to choose the platform. The platforms are named with the last station of the line and you just need to choose correct direction. Check the map on another side of your ticket to make sure. Bangkok BTS lines connect at Siam station and you might need to change the train and platform there.

When you will get to the platform, you will notice that SkyTrain platforms have yellow arrows in black background pointing towards the track and black arrows in yellow background pointing from the track. You should wait in a line behind the yellow arrows in black background. The doors of the train will stop directly in front of the black arrows in yellow background and passengers will disembark the train there.

BTS Skytrain platform

There’s a map inside the train showing your location and other stations on the line. The name of the next station is clearly announced in advance so you have time to prepare for disembarking the train.

If you will choose wrong direction or miss your station, don’t worry and just swap platforms at the next station. You don’t need to buy a new ticket if you just change platforms and don’t leave the Paid Zone.

Tips for Bangkok BTS

Bangkok BTS SkyTrain is very convenient when used with other Bangkok’s Mass Transit Systems – MRT Metro and Airport Rail Link.

Where to Stay in Bangkok?

What is the best area to stay in Bangkok? You should choose one of the areas well connected with BTS as it can really save your time. Our recommendations for choosing the right area to stay in Bangkok can be found here: Where to Stay in Bangkok.

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