Lumpini Park or Lumphini Park is one of the biggest and definitely the most popular park in Bangkok. Due to its size and location in central Bangkok, Lumpini Park attracts local people, who like to come here for jogging and other outdoor activities, as well as tourists exploring the capital of Thailand.

Lumpini Park

When you’re visiting Bangkok’s attractions and the hot weather of Thai capital gets you (normally it’s really hot in Bangkok throughout the year), getting inside an air-conditioned shopping mall or finding some fresh air in one of the parks are your best options to hide from the heat. If visiting shopping malls is out of the range of your interests while traveling, go to one of the parks in Bangkok and lie down in a shadow. Lumpini Park might be your best choice as it is large and can be conveniently reached by public transportation with two MRT Metro stations located nearby and BTS SkyTrain station being in a walking distance.

In the Lumpini Park you will find lots of greenery and there’s plenty of space for the park never to be too crowded. Just choose a plot of grass or comfortable bench in the shadow of coconut tree and relax.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Normally the busiest time at Lumpini Park is in the morning and in early evening hours. However, Lumpini Park is a popular place for picnics and on weekends you can expect to see more locals even at the daytime.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Lakes of Lumpini Park

The landscape of Lumpini Park is dominated by artificial lakes.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

The lakes of Lumpini Park can be explored by Swan boats. These attractive looking boats can be hired at the park for as little as 40 baht per 30 minutes. Extra 40 baht has to be left as a deposit but can be reimbursed if the boat is returned on time.

Swan Boats at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Outdoor Activities in Lumpini Park

For those looking for more active leisure, Lumpini has something to offer as well. There’s not only a maze of tracks for jogging, outdoor fitness gym, basketball court but also equipment for outdoor gymnastics suitable for various ages.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Things to See in Lumpini Park

Several pavilions such as Chinese Pavilion, Clock Tower and few others are located at Lumpini Park for you to explore.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

The park is also home for a number of various sculptures, “Sagittarius” being one of the most interesting of them.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Nature of Lumpini Park

The nature is that stands Lumpini Park out of others. Where else you can expect to see such a big population of water monitor lizards freely roaming in a green plot surrounded by concrete jungle. Watching of these giant lizards living their life freely between skyscrapers of Bangkok is the main reason why we just love visiting Lumpini Park from time to time.

Lizard at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Water monitor lizards are not the only creatures that can be met in Lumpini Park as there’s a significant population of turtles as well.

Turtles at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

You don’t need the sharpest eyes for noticing one of Lumpini Park’s squirrels. However, they are quick to hide in the trees of the park so don’t miss the moment.

Squirrel at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

The lakes of Lumpini Park are full of fish. Feeding fish is one more popular activity in the park. You can by some bread for feeding them from the vendors you will meet in the park.

Fish Feeding at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Expect the water to start “boiling” as soon as the bread touches the water as there are always plenty of fish in the most common feeding areas.

Other Activities at Lumpini Park

From time to time Lumpini Park also becomes a venue of various entertainments such as concerts of classical music or Bangkok street art show.

Various Thai Festivals are taking place at Lumpini Park too. The park is a popular place to float “krathong” during Loy Krathong festival. Lumpini Park is also a home for Thailand Tourism Festival for last few years.

Other Activities at Lumpini Park

Opening Hours

The gates of Lumpini Park are open daily, from 04.30 am until 09.00 pm.

Opening Hours of Lumpini Park

How to get there


Take MRT Metro to one of the nearby stations. Drop off at MRT Lumphini Station and take the Exit 3.

MRT to Lumpini Park

Otherwise, drop off at MRT Si Lom Station and take Exit 1.


Take BTS SkyTrain to Sala Daeng Station and walk towards MRT Si Lom Station. Lumpini Park is only about 300 m from BTS station.

By Taxi

Take a Taxi and tell the driver to bring you to “Lumpini Park”. It’s a well-known landmark of Bangkok so expect any driver to know it.

Where to Stay in Bangkok?

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