Planning a trip to Vietnam and wondering where is the best place to stay in Dalat? The location of your accommodation you should choose according to your preferences and the purpose of the trip. Find detailed guide to the best areas in Dalat to stay during your holidays.

We would recommend doing a research and booking your hotel in advance, especially when traveling during peak season to save time and nerves during your trip. The best websites to book hotels in Dalat are and that always offer great deals.


Best Areas to Stay in Dalat

Dalat is known as a touristy city in Vietnam, which is often compared to a miniature Paris. Finding the best area to stay in Dalat can be confusing for a first-timer as there are all kinds of accommodations for you to choose according to your preferences and the purpose of the trip.

Here's a guide to Dalat best areas that should be chosen based on your travel style. Those who like the bustle and convenience should stay in the city center. If you want to escape from the haze of Dalat city, you can choose the hotel located far from the center but close to tourist areas to really immerse yourself in peaceful surroundings of this dream city.

1. Dalat Market Area

There are a number of hotels in the city that can suit your needs but the most popular area to stay in Dalat for tourists is around Dalat Market. The market is located in the heart of Dalat city - on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. The roads like Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Phan Boi Chau or Nguyen Chi Thanh are also known as the hotel roads. This is the area where most of domestic and foreign tourists choose to stay when coming to Dalat. Therefore, Dalat Market is easily recommended for most of travelers looking where to stay in Dalat.

Dalat Market is the central area of Dalat city. This area is a good base for exploring the city as it’s very convenient for traveling between areas from there. Wide range of tourist services such as international restaurants, chic cafes, motorbike rentals, tour service, laundry service, luggage storage, taxi or sightseeing ticket bookings are available in the area. Therefore, when choosing the hotel near Dalat Market, you will enjoy the convenience.

Some of the hotels are offering rooms overlooking the city. Prices of hotel rooms in the area are relatively cheap if compared to other locations. However, during holidays or on weekends, the rooms are often fully booked so you should book the hotel in advance if you want to stay near Dalat Market.

There are also various tourist attractions nearby Dalat Market such as:

  • Xuan Huong Lake: the scenic lake surrounded by forests and parks creating a perfect escape from the city.
  • Domaine de Marie: the landmark pink church in a serene setting featuring landscaped gardens.
  • An Cafe: a nice Dalat cafe with a rooftop garden vibe in the center of town.
  • Linh Son Pagoda: Buddhist temple on the scenic hilltop surrounded by a serene vibe, garden and large statue of Buddha.

Where to stay in Dalat - Dalat Market area

Suggested well-rated hotels in the area close to Dalat Market:

TTC Hotel - Ngoc Lan - 4-star hotel located right above the night market and close to the lake

Doc May Boutique Villa - very well-rated homestay in the area close to Dalat Market

Hana Dalat Hotel - hotel in a walking distance to the night market and very quiet during the night

For a wider selection of other great hotels in the area check Best Hotels near Dalat Market.

2. Xuan Huong Lake Area

If you are looking where to stay in Dalat and want to stay close to the central area of the city, which is convenient for traveling around, Xuan Huong Lake area is one of the best choices.

Xuan Huong Lake is situated in a prime location of the center. This place is considered to be the heart of Dalat. The area around the lake is offering beautiful scenery, as it’s surrounded by pine forests and flower gardens. It can be said that Xuan Huong Lake is the place where all the poetic and romantic features of Dalat are located so it is an ideal place to stay for couples.

In the area around Xuan Huong Lake, many interesting places can be found such as:

  • Bao Dai Summer Palace: the palace of King Bao Dai located on a high hill and surrounded by lush pine forests.
  • Lam Vien Square: the beautiful central square of the city with two huge works of art designed with fancy stained glass.
  • Still Cafe: a lovely coffee shop with a yard and some flowers inside.
  • Dalat Railway Station: the most ancient and unique railway station of Vietnam as well as Indochina, designed by the French.

Where to stay in Dalat - Lake Area

Some of the best rated Dalat hotels near Xuan Huong Lake:

Ngoc Phat Dalat Hotel - hotel right in Dalat City center with more than half of rooms offering views of Xuan Huong Lake

Silent Night Dem Lanh Hotel - well-rated hotel close to Xuan Huong Lake

Le Grey Dalat Hotel - good hotel next to Light Park and Xuan Huong Lake

Dalat is full of activities, especially in the city center, and city’s highlights are often only a few meters apart. Find the best tourist attractions of Dalat City Center to fill the must-see list of your next holiday in Vietnam.

3. Tuyen Lam Lake Area

Tuyen Lam Lake is known as the most famous tourist area in Dalat. The lake, spreading over 350 hectares, is located about 7 km from the city center. Dalat is a magnificent and peaceful city in the middle of highlands. The area around the lake makes you feel like you are lost in a fairy-tale because of Tuyen Lam Lake’s magnificent landscapes surrounded by pine forests looking both majestic and poetic.

If you are looking where to stay in Dalat and want to find a place to relax and enjoy the soothing atmosphere, Tuyen Lam Lake area with the peaceful lake, green forests and mountains can be an ideal choice for you.

There are several tourist attractions nearby Tuyen Lam Lake such as:

  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery: Zen Buddhist temple with scenic grounds.
  • Datanla Waterfall: a large waterfall area with adventure games.
  • Clay Tunnel: the park with diverse clay sculptures.

Where to stay in Dalat - Lake Area

Some of the best rated hotels around Tuyen Lam Lake Area in Dalat:

Terracotta Hotel & Resort Dalat - luxury resort nestled on a peninsula bordering Tuyen Lam lake - just 6 km from the center of Dalat City

Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa - 5-star resort offering an idyllic retreat featuring an enclave of private villas found along the water front of the resort-owned peninsula

The Lake House Dalat - affordable accommodation on the shore of Tuyen Lam Lake

4. Accommodations on the outskirts of Dalat

An accommodation out of town is a great choice if you like mountain views, large spaces and peaceful atmosphere, away from the noisy city. The fresh air mixed with the nature makes the outskirts of Dalat so charming. Those who love the peace and dreaming can have a truly wonderful experience when staying here.

If you are looking where to stay in Dalat but do not like the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, you can give a try to the communes like Da Nhim and Long Lanh in Lac Duong district (Lam Dong), located only 40 km from Dalat. Although away from the city center, staying out of town provides a great relaxation.

In general, prices of hotels far from the city center are not significantly different from the hotels in downtown Dalat but you need to pay more for transportation when staying at the outskirts of Dalat.

Stay at homestay in Dalat

Some of the best rated accommodations on Dalat outskirts:

November Villa Da Lat - cheap accommodation with a shared lounge and terrace

Hai Au Villa Hotel - budget hotel in the outskirts of Dalat

BinBin Phuc Dalat Hotel - affordable hotel close to strawberry farms

Staying at the homestay in Dalat is a truly new experience for tourists. You will be more immersed in the nature and local culture when staying at unique homestays in Dalat.

Dalat Travel Tips

If you are looking for the luxury holiday in Dalat, we've listed top luxury resorts in Dalat to make your choice easier.

When planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway in Dalat, make your stay memorable by choosing one of the best honeymoon hotels in Dalat.

If you will be arriving in Dalat by air, the fastest and easiest way to get from Dalat Airport to your hotel or resort is a pre-booked private transfer as it will take you straight to your chosen accommodation. Planning to stay in the city center? Then you have more choices for getting from Dalat Airport to City Center.

What's the best food in Dalat and where to eat it? These are the most popular delicacies in Dalat that you should try once visiting this city.

Dalat is also popular for its themed cafes with cool concepts. Unique and memorable experiences are offered at the most unique themed cafes in Dalat.

For those who are wondering what to do in Dalat at night, check the top nightlife experiences in Dalat.

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