Pho Zap in Vientiane: Rice Noodle Soup in Viet-Lao Style

Pho Zap is one of the most famous rice noodle soup shops not only Vientiane but in all Laos. There are 3 sizes of rice noodle soup at Pho Zap: PHO small (20,000 kip), PHO large (25,000 kip) and PHO jumbo (30,000 kip).

Pho Zap in Vientiane

The menu at Pho Zap restaurant is presented in 4 languages (Lao, English, Vietnamese and Chinese) and can be clearly seen as it is well presented on the wall and will help you to avoid any misunderstandings as at this restaurant you get what you see.Pho Zap in Vientiane

We’ve ordered a large size Pho rice noodle soup.  They serve noodle together with fresh vegetables at Pho Zap. Pho broth is clear yet delicious. The price of the dish is a bit high if compared to other countries in Southeast Asia but it is normal for Vientiane and Laos.

Pho Zap in Vientiane 

Pho Zap was a good introduction to Laotian cuisine and we would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant during your trip to Vientiane in Laos.