Luggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is the main international airport of Singapore. There are several places that offer luggage storage at Singapore Changi Airport where you can leave your suitcases, travel bags, backpacks and other luggage and explore Singapore by public transport easily.

At Singapore Changi Airport you can leave your luggage at one of baggage storage offices that are available in different terminals of the airport.

Left Luggage at Changi Airport

The company "Smarte Carte", operating left luggage offices in Singapore Changi Airport, has branches in all 4 terminals of Changi Airport. However, at the time of our visit only 2 of them were open: the branch in Jewel, which is adjacent to Terminal 1, and the branch in Terminal 3. Left luggage offices in Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 were closed until further notice.

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Location of Baggage Storage

The main baggage storage office is located in Jewel, an entertainment and retail complex linked to Terminal 1 of Changi Airport. If you will be arriving at Terminal 1, finding the left luggage office will be easy.

After collecting your luggage at the belt and passing the customs, just walk directly and you will clearly notice the sign directing to Jewel. As it is connected to the passenger terminal building, you might not even notice once you leave Terminal 1 and find yourself in Jewel. To locate the baggage storage, just follow the signs leading to it.

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Once you enter Jewel from Terminal 1, the left luggage office will be on your left. Baggage storage is located on Level 1, which is the same level as the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1, therefore you don't need to take an escalator or lift for getting there.

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

After turning to the left, keep walking directly and you will pass Early Check-In counters.

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Baggage storage office is located next to Early Check-in counters and is easily noticeable.

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Be prepared to queue up as despite being quite expensive, left luggage service at Singapore Changi Airport is really popular.

Price for Baggage Storage

Price of baggage storage at Singapore Airport depends on the size of your baggage and is as follows:

  • Loose Item (hat, umbrella, keys, passport or items smaller than A4 paper sheet size) - 5 SGD/day
  • Small Baggage (cabin-size bag, tote bag, shopping bag, or below 10 kg) - 10 SGD/day
  • Big / Odd Baggage (check-in luggage, backpack, boxes, stroller, wheelchair, car seat, or above 10 kg) - 15 SGD/day
  • Extra Big Baggage (bicycle, surf board, golf bag, etc.) - 18 SGD/day

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

The storage services are fully prepaid and strictly non-refundable, meaning that you won't be refunded if will decide to collect your baggage earlier than planned.

Luggage Storage Duration

The fees stated above are charged per day (between 0-24 hours).

For late collection, overdue charges will be imposed before the release of the deposit. You will need to pay for full day rate (24 hours) for overdue items as stipulated on the deposit slip.

The deposit not claimed on the stated due date shall be given a Grace extension of 72 hours, subject to overdue charges.

Important! Pay attention that terms and conditions of the service say that after the grace extension the company might dispose the deposit in any manner that they deem fit without any notice.

Collection of Deposited Luggage

The deposited baggage is only released to the person who submitted it and you need to present passport and official receipt (QR code) issued at the time of submission.

Other Terms & Conditions of Baggage Storage Service

No cash, valuable and/or fragile items are to be stored. You have to lock and secure your bag properly prior to storing it. Baggage Storage reserves the right to refuse acceptance without providing any reason thereafter.

No contraband, or anything corrosive, explosive, hazardous, infectious, dangerous, offensive, foul-smelling or illegal should be stored in the deposit.

No article to be added or removed from the deposit.

You need to allow them to make copies of your passport for verification purposes.

The company is not liable and/or responsible for any loss/damage whatsoever in relations to the deposit including its contents therein, with the exception that the loss/damage is caused and proven by their negligence. In such a case, the liability of them, if proven, shall be limited to and no exceeding 50 Singapore Dollars.

Our personal experience

During our last trip to Singapore, we have left one of our check-in luggage at Changi Airport baggage storage for 3 days and it cost us 45 Singapore Dollars. The baggage storage service at Singapore Airport is not cheap but it made our traveling much easier, especially considering tiny hotel rooms that are so common in Singapore.

The process of baggage storage at Changi Airport is pretty simple with the following steps:

1. We were lucky enough as only a couple of other customers were queueing up before us so it took less than 5 minutes for us to get to the counter (at the time of collection the queue was much longer so you might need to wait a bit).

2. The staff weighted the luggage and asked for the duration of expected storage.

3. They scanned the passport and asked to additionally provide a phone number and email address (you do it on the computer by yourself). Make sure to provide correct email address as they will be sending by email a deposit slip together with QR code that is needed for baggage collection.

4. After submitting the requested data, QR code will show up on the screen and you will be asked to take a photo of it for collection. Collection due date and time are also displayed on the screen.

Baggage Storage at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

As it was mentioned before, you will also receive this QR code and other baggage storage details by email submitted to them.

5. Then prepayment for the service needs to be done by cash or credit/debit card.

As we didn't have any Singapore Dollars with us at that time, we've used our Wise Card to pay the fee (45 SGD) and it was much cheaper than using the card issued by the bank in Europe. For this transaction we've got the mid-market exchange rate and the conversion fee was just 0.15 EUR.

6. For the collection of your baggage you don't need to wait in the main queue as baggage collection is done at the right end of the office. We were only asked to show the QR code. However, the guy returning baggage didn't even scan it and only checked the reference code above the QR code to reconfirm if the person collecting the baggage is the same as in the passport photo that is stored in their system. You might need to present your passport, though.

As we were collecting our luggage on time, no overdue fees were charged.


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Baggage Storage offices at Singapore Changi Airport also offer baggage wrapping service even if their location for departing passengers might be not that convenient. There are other service providers offering Baggage Wrapping at Changi Airport.

If you don't have credit card and will be paying for luggage storage in cash, check what currency exchange options you have for getting Singapore Dollars at Changi Airport: Currency Exchange at Singapore Changi Airport.

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