Bangkok to Nong Khai by Bus

If you’re look for an option to get from Bangkok to Nong Khai, a city near Laos border, one of the most popular options for traveling between these 2 cities is taking a bus. What should you know before taking a bus from Bangkok to Nong Khai?

Bangkok to Nong Khai by Bus

Nong Khai

Nong Khai is a city often visiting by tourists crossing the border from Thailand to Laos through the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge.


The bus from Bangkok to Nong Khai runs daily. However, we booked our bus ticket online for making sure that we got an overnight bus as we didn't want to waste time on the bus during daytime as the trip is really long.

There are many bus providers such as Air Udon, Budsarakham Tour and Chan Tour offering various departure times. We booked a Budsarakham Tour bus and paid 434 baht, not including small online booking fee.

Bus Terminal

Buses to Nong Khai leave from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit). At the bus station we just had to show our reservation at the Budsarakham Tour ticket booth and we got our tickets.

Bangkok to Nong Khai by Bus

Inside the Bus

The bus was comfortable and air conditioned. However, the trip from Bangkok to Nong Khai takes about 10 hours, so it can be a challenge if sleeping on the bus is not your thing.

Bangkok to Nong Khai by Bus

Our bus had to leave at 8.30PM but it was delayed for more than 30 minutes.  The bus stopped few times during our journey and we had to change it at some bus terminal on the way but it still arrived at Nong Khai bus station on time and we crossed the border to Laos in the morning just like we planned.


Bus tickets can be booked online here: Bangkok – Nong Khai bus tickets.

More information about crossing border can be found here: Border Crossing: Thailand to Laos via the Friendship Bridge.