Thailand Weather in April

The weather throughout Thailand in April is really hot - the average temperature frequently reaching more than 35°C. The heat in Bangkok and central Thailand (around Kanchanaburi) can be particularly oppressive. The difference between the temperature at night and during the day is small, so it will not be possible to relax without air conditioning.

The weather in the south is slightly cooler and the east coast beaches are the best choice in April.

This month is generally also considered the "wet season". Storm showers can take place every two days for 15-30 minutes. Rain showers can be expected on the west coast beaches, especially as the month progresses. If you really want to go to Thailand in April, you should turn to the Gulf Coast islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. The amount of rain here is relatively low compared to other regions and the nearby sea can offer some cooling.

In general, Thailand in April will delight you with a real summer heat and variable rainfall. The weather in Thailand in April is ideal only for those who are not afraid of the heat. Thai New Year, also known as Songkran, is celebrated in mid-April, and the watering part of this holiday adds positive emotions.

Summary of Thailand weather in April

Average temperature: 33°C

Average daytime temperature: 37°C

Average temperature at night: 27°C

Number of sunny hours: 8

Precipitation in mm: 288 mm

Number of rainy days in the month: 25

Water temperature: 30°C

Details about the weather in April

Bangkok and Central Thailand

In terms of temperatures, April is the least pleasant month of the year to stay in Bangkok or Central Thailand. It is significantly hotter in Bangkok and the central region. The average daily temperature can be over 38°C during the day. If you want to get to know the capital at this time of year, it is best to go on excursions early in the morning and be sure to indulge in air conditioning. Precipitation is still minimal.

Eastern Thailand

The number of rainy days in Eastern Thailand is slowly increasing during April. However, the temperatures are not as high as elsewhere in Thailand. They are between 24°C at night and 33°C during the day, and the sea temperature is 30°C. The weather is quite favorable for recreation and tourism in this area. Koh Chang and Pattaya are therefore very popular destinations during April.

Northern Thailand

In the northern provinces of Thailand, the air often warms up to 36°C and above during the day. In the evening, it can drop to 20°C. However, the unpleasant smog combined with little rain makes the northern province and the city of Chiang Mai unpleasant place to travel in April. If rain falls, it will be more often in the late afternoon. Nevertheless, Chiang Mai is a very popular place to celebrate Thai New Year - Songkran.

Northeast Thailand - Isan

In northeastern part of the country, extreme heat with temperatures above 40°C is the norm in April and air conditioning is necessary if you do not want to cook in your own juice. If you go to Isan at this time, make sure to try visiting the areas around the Mekong River, where temperatures are slightly lower.

Southern Thailand - East Coast

April is again another good month for the east coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand, especially for the popular islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The air warms up to 32°C during the day, and the sea up to 29°C. Rain is a little more frequent compared to previous months but it still shows up only a few days. The number of tourists on the islands at this time is not large so you can enjoy such favorable weather pleasantly.

Southern Thailand - West Coast

April on the Andaman coast, especially on the islands of the Krabi province, is very warm and

rainier, almost the same as in Eastern Thailand. The rain lasts about 2-3 hours, after which the sun shines brightly again. Expect rain every 3-4 days. Temperatures are around 31-33°C. On some days you can swim in a relatively calm sea, but often swimming is prohibited due to very large waves and strong winds. However, even this month is quite pleasant in this part of Thailand.

Tips for planning a vacation in Thailand in April

Officially, April is not considered a "high season". The hotel or apartment prices are noticeably reduced compared to the winter rates, except during Songkran Holiday. At this time a large number of travelers arrive in the country so it is better to book a hotel room in advance.

April can be safely called one of the hottest periods of the year, especially in the northern provinces of Thailand. If you are used to Central European conditions, the weather can be very uncomfortable. You should prepare well in advance and follow the simplest safety rules in order not to get sunstroke. Even some local residents are not comfortable from such intense heat.

Fairs and Festivals in April

April is notable with Songkran Festival, or Thai New Year. Officially, the holiday is celebrated from 13 to 15 April and the celebration can be continued for a whole week across the country. The holiday is full of happiness and cheerfulness. During the holiday, people pour water over each other and wish good luck in the new year. When you go outside, you need to dress appropriately and be prepared for the fact that your clothes may unexpectedly get wet. Popular places for the world's largest water battles are Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Khon Kaen.

Another incredibly beautiful Thai ceremony in April is Poy Sang Long which takes place in many temples in Northern Thailand, particularly in Mae Hong Son town. The ceremony involves young boys around age 7 to 14 and welcomes them to become monks.

The Full Moon Party, is a tourist festival which takes place on the beach of Haad Rin on Koh Phangan every month of the year, on the day of the full moon. During seasonal peaks, the Full Moon Party can bring together nearly 20,000 tourists.

Overall weather conditions in Thailand in April

Bangkok weather in April is ✦ - good

Chiang Mai weather in April is ✦ - uncomfy

Krabi weather in April is ✦ - good

Koh Samui weather in April is ✦ - very good

Phuket weather in April is ✦ - good

Pattaya weather in April is ✦ - very good

Kanchanaburi weather in April is ✦ - uncomfy

Hua Hin weather in April is ✦ - very good

Koh Chang weather in April is ✦ - good

Isan weather in April is ✦ - uncomfy>


Chance of rain in Thailand in April

Chance of rain in Bangkok in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected

Chance of rain in Chiang Mai in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected

Chance of rain in Krabi in April is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Koh Samui in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected

Chance of rain in Phuket in April is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Pattaya in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected

Chance of rain in Kanchanaburi in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected

Chance of rain in Hua Hin in April is:

✦ - chance of getting wet is close to minimum

Chance of rain in Koh Chang in April is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Isan in April is:

✦ - a bit of rain every few days might be expected


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