Thailand Weather in August

The humid monsoon season in Thailand continues in August. Thailand weather in August refers to the rainy season, in general, rainfall across much of Thailand is at its peak in August. North and northeast of Thailand typically receives its heaviest rainfall of the year.

Rain can be expected almost every day on the west coast beaches as they are experiencing their wettest month of the year too. At this time of year, the sky is cloudy and gloomy. However, Hua Hin and the east coast beaches are enjoying drier conditions with plenty of sunshine. Big waves are typical for August in many regions. The sea is quieter on the coast of the mainland.

The weather in Thailand in August is also characterized by high air temperatures reaching 32-34°C, which helps to make the atmosphere overwhelming. Even heavy rains that are frequent at this time do not help temperature dropping much lower, except the northern regions, such as Chiang Mai.

Summary of Thailand weather in August

Average temperature: 29°C

Average daytime temperature: 31°C

Average temperature at night: 25°C

Number of sunny hours: 5

Precipitation in mm: 508 mm

Number of rainy days in the month: 31

Water temperature: 29°C

Details about the weather in August

Bangkok and Central Thailand

Bangkok and Ayutthaya, as well as other destinations in the central region of the country, are not experiencing any major change. The number of days with rain increases slightly with an increased humidity value. Rainfall in Bangkok is less than in the destinations on the Andaman Sea. The maximum air temperature at noon in Bangkok usually doesn’t exceed 30°C. The difference between day and night air temperature is no more than 5-6°C with the consequence that the already very humid air becomes heavier. Local floods can occur in Bangkok as city's drainage system is overloaded and does not manage to drain torrential rain from the streets.

Eastern Thailand

The weather in Koh Chang and in the province of Trat in August is probably the worst of the whole year and the whole territory. It rains almost daily and the number of rainy days increases to 28 days on a long-term average. In August it often rains all night, during the day there is less rain. Daytime temperatures are around 30°C. At night they drop to about 25°C. The number of tourists at this time is at its absolute minimum. For a really drier August and wonderful sun exposure, travel to Pattaya.

Northern Thailand

During the peak of rainfall and cloudy weather in the northern provinces, it will not be hot. During the day, the maximum air temperature is 29°C, and in the evening, it drops to 20°C. It rains almost every day, but the rains are short-lived, no more than 1-2 hours. Cities like Chiang Mai may have problems with local streets flooding for the same reason as in Bangkok. Landslides can also be problematic in the deforested areas, especially in the provinces of Phrae, Nan and Chiang Rai.

Northeast Thailand - Isan

The northeast is similar to the north of Thailand. There the rainy season is also at its peak. Daytime temperatures are at around 32°C and nighttime temperatures are around 25°C. The provinces on the border with Laos have slightly more rainfall than the rest of Isan. The air gets unbearable with an increased moisture rate. Air conditioners and fans are recommended.

Southern Thailand - East Coast

The weather in the southeast of the Gulf of Thailand of Thailand persists and at this time is again the best in all of Thailand. It receives ten times less rain than the northeast coast, which makes the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao more pleasant compared to those on the Andaman Sea. It can be raining, but mostly at night or afternoon. In the morning, you can catch the sun or at least the time with no rain. During these hours you can swim in the ocean. Average temperatures during the day are still around 30-32°C. The water in the bay is warmed up to the same temperature. The sea remains favorable for water sports.

Southern Thailand - West Coast

On the western coast of the southern provinces, as well as on the islands of the Andaman Sea, there are many rainy days, the sky is cloudy, and swimming in the sea is usually prohibited due to high waves.

Daytime temperatures remain around 32°C and precipitation is also at its local peak. The northernmost province of the Andaman coast, Ranong is experiencing the rainiest month of the year and statistically has the most precipitation of all of Thailand.

Tips for planning a vacation in Thailand in August

Having decided on a vacation in Thailand in August, you need to take care of several things. You will need a raincoat and flip flops or rubber slippers, because of a heavy downpour. The protection for photo and video equipment and phones is needed as well.

If you don't think about the rain, August could be considered a good choice for tourists who prefer an inexpensive vacation. There is a chance to save on air travel and accommodation. At this time the hotels offer favorable prices.

Fairs and Festivals in August

Since August falls into the off-season and Thailand is dominated by rainy weather almost everywhere, it is a relatively quiet month with only a few events.

For shopping lovers, on this month comes to an end the Shopping Festival that has been running all summer in the shopping centers of big cities.

The state celebration, which is celebrated in Thailand at the end of summer, is Mother's Day or Queen Sirikit's birth on 12th August. You will see the lights and decorations adorn the streets thought out the country.

The Full Moon Party, is a tourist festival which takes place on the beach of Haad Rin on Koh Phangan every month of the year, on the day of the full moon.

Overall weather conditions in Thailand in August

Bangkok weather in August is ✦ - uncomfy

Chiang Mai weather in August is ✦ - good

Krabi weather in August is ✦ - uncomfy

Koh Samui weather in August is ✦ - good

Phuket weather in August is ✦ - uncomfy

Pattaya weather in August is ✦ - good

Kanchanaburi weather in August is ✦ - good

Hua Hin weather in August is ✦ - good

Koh Chang weather in August is ✦ - uncomfy

Isan weather in August is ✦ - uncomfy


Chance of rain in Thailand in August

Chance of rain in Bangkok in August is:

✦ - chances of rainy day are higher than 50/50

Chance of rain in Chiang Mai in August is:

✦ - chances of rainy day are higher than 50/50

Chance of rain in Krabi in August is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Koh Samui in August is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Phuket in August is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Pattaya in August is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Kanchanaburi in August is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Hua Hin in August is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Koh Chang in August is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Isan in August is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!


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