Thailand Weather in September

September tends to be the wettest month of the year in Thailand with all the country receiving rain in varying amounts. Hurricanes and winds rage along the coast. On the contrary, they bring a refreshing coolness that is necessary in case of heat. However, it doesn't rain all day and the sky shows up cloudy with sunny intervals in between.

Temperatures continue to decline and thunderstorms are not unusual as the humidity reaches its peak. In Thailand, the average temperature in September is 28°C. In many regions, however, mercury rises to 30°C and above and only drops slightly at night.

Beach conditions are poor with heavy rain and rough sea experienced on the west coast and increasingly heavy rain on the southeast coast. By the end of the month, the weather over the islands calms down and the amount of precipitation decreases. The trees begin to bloom and some fruits ripen.

Summary of Thailand weather in September

Average temperature: 30°C

Average daytime temperature: 33°C

Average temperature at night: 25°C

Number of sunny hours: 5

Precipitation in mm: 403 mm

Number of rainy days in the month: 29

Water temperature: 29°C

Details about the weather in September

Bangkok and Central Thailand

In Bangkok and in the center of the country, September is significantly rainier for almost a whole month. One advantage is that the rains usually fall in the late afternoon or night. They rarely last longer than one to two hours. You will experience the rain during your stay so don't forget to pack your raincoat. Bangkok is experiencing annual urban floods at this time. The air in the capital can be overwhelming because of the heat, which can rise to 25°C at night and 32°C during the day. The waterfalls in Kanchanaburi province are especially impressive at this time. September is okay, but not the best month to travel there.

Eastern Thailand

September brings about a 50% reduction in rainfall to the eastern provinces before great months like November, December and January. Nevertheless, it still rains the heaviest in Thailand in this region. In Koh Chang, it's still raining most days of the month. The sky is often overcast and the humidity is combined with the continued high temperatures. The average temperature is still around 29-30°C.

Northern Thailand

During the month of September, there is some rain every other day. Average daily temperatures are around 32°C. Even if the air stays very humid, the sky brightens a little. The thunderstorms are present on Chiang Rai, but the rainfall has a clear decrease. The nights are getting fresher.

Northeast Thailand - Isan

Most of Isan's provinces are experiencing declining rainfall in September. You can expect at least two weeks of rainy days. Some provinces such as Buriram and Khon Kaen are experiencing a slight increase before a radical decline in October. In September, it also rains in Isan about every other day, but with short showers. Temperatures during the day are relatively pleasant with around 32°C.

Southern Thailand - East Coast

The best travel destinations for Thailand vacation in September are the islands on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Of course, you shouldn't hope for perfect weather with the sun in the sky for a whole month, but you can count on a small amount of rain. The coastal region only receives light showers, you risk getting wet slightly during your vacations but that is acceptable and you will hardly be bothered by it.

However, it is the last month of good weather before the rainier months of October and November, which is typical for this area and very unusual for the rest of Thailand. The climate is very warm in that area in the month of September. The pleasant temperatures are between 24°C and 31°C while the water is around 28-30°C. The sea cannot be called very calm, but it is possible to swim, especially when the water is warm.

Southern Thailand - West Coast

September is the rainiest time of the year in the southwest on the Andaman coast, especially for Phuket and surrounding areas. The weather cannot boast of good conditions for a beach holiday on the coast of the Andaman Sea. Despite the downpours, the Andaman Sea near the coast has daily temperatures around 30°C, with the peaks at 32-33°C in Phuket and Krabi. The sea is still quite rough and less suitable for swimming. For surfers, Phuket offers good conditions and strong waves in September.

Tips for planning a vacation in Thailand in September

For most of Thailand, September brings a general improvement in weather. Rainfall is slowly subsiding and there is also a slight drop in temperature. The islands in Surat Thani Province still offer the best Thai weather during this period. However, you should come with a plan B in hand, in case the beach holiday is at risk.

September is not a good time for families with children, as sea swimming may not work. However, during this period, you can admire the beautiful blooming that appears in September.

In September, Thailand will delight budget tourists, because there is a chance to catch good weather, and significantly save on air travel and accommodation. At this time the hotels offer favorable prices.

Fairs and Festivals in September

A colorful Thai cultural event, the Phichit Long Boat Race, takes place on the Nan River in September. You can see 40 traditional long rowing boats competing in various categories.

Another unique event is Elephant Polo Tournament, Thailand's most unique sporting event that is held in early September at Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa. For the first time this type of game was invented at the end of the 20th century, and since that time it has been very popular among tourists, the local population and members of the royal family who often attend these competitions. 

Foodies can join World Gourmet Festival at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel which showcases the City of Angels' enviable status for street food for a week-long celebration.

The Full Moon Party, is a tourist festival which takes place on the beach of Haad Rin on Koh Phangan every month of the year, on the day of the full moon.

Overall weather conditions in Thailand in September

Bangkok weather in September is ✦ - uncomfy

Chiang Mai weather in September is ✦ - good

Krabi weather in September is ✦ - uncomfy

Koh Samui weather in September is ✦ - good

Phuket weather in September is ✦ - uncomfy

Pattaya weather in September is ✦ - good

Kanchanaburi weather in September is ✦ - good

Hua Hin weather in September is ✦ - good

Koh Chang weather in September is ✦ - uncomfy

Isan weather in September is ✦ - uncomfy>


Chance of rain in Thailand in September

Chance of rain in Bangkok in September is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Chiang Mai in September is:

✦ - chances of rainy day are higher than 50/50

Chance of rain in Krabi in September is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Koh Samui in September is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Phuket in September is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Pattaya in September is:

✦ - chances of rainy day are higher than 50/50

Chance of rain in Kanchanaburi in September is:

✦ - chances of rainy day are higher than 50/50

Chance of rain in Hua Hin in September is:

✦ - the rain isn't constant and long lasting, if any

Chance of rain in Koh Chang in September is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!

Chance of rain in Isan in September is:

✦ - not only umbrella can be handy, boat too!


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