Sapa not only is famous for its beautiful scenery, it is also a popular destination because of its trekking trails adored by nature lovers. Sapa has a variety of landscapes, including terraced rice fields, beautiful waterfalls, and verdant mountains with hill tribe villages scattered around. If you are planning a trip to Sapa and looking for the best hill tribe village to visit, this article will help you to choose an easy trekking trail.

Cat Cat Village

1. Ham Rong Mountain

Distance from Sapa town: 200 meters

Opening hours: 7:00 - 18:00 daily

Entrance fee:  70,000 VND per person

Ham Rong Mountain is a popular ecotourism destination in Sapa. It is located not far from the city center. This route is the easiest trekking route suitable for beginners. Ham Rong Mountain is small and shaped like a dragon raising its head into the sky. The mountain is divided into 3 main areas: the Ham Rong Flower Garden, Thach Lam Stone Garden and Ham Rong Hilltop. The landscape here is very beautiful with many picturesque spots found along the way. The top of the mountain is offering a wonderful panoramic view of Sapa. The best time to visit Ham Rong Mountain is around 9 in the morning.

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2. Cat Cat Village

Distance from Sapa town: 2.5 kilometers

Opening hours: 5:00 - 22:00 daily

Entrance fee: 70,000 VND per person

Cat Cat Village is an ethnic village of the Black H’mong tribe, located just 2.5 km from Sapa town. Cat Cat Village is downhill from Sapa making this trekking trail more challenging than the route of Ham Rong Mountain. The village is the most popular among tourists because of the spectacular view and many scenic spots along the way. Those who come to visit the village can see the local way of life. Cat Cat Village has many tourist attractions such as waterfalls, traditional houses, flower gardens. In addition, there are H'mong tribe performances every day.

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For the itinerary of our visit to this village check Trekking to Cat Cat Village without Guide [Review].

Cat Cat Village

3. Lao Chai Village

Distance from Sapa town: 9 kilometers

Lao Chai Village, also a top tourist destination in Sapa, is hidden in the Muong Hoa valley, about 8 - 9 km southeast of Sapa town. Lao Chai Village consists of 3 main villages, combined from more than 100 households. This is a village of H'mong and Giay people, where tourists can differentiate the tribes by the clothes they are wearing. Local people here are kind and friendly. You can learn a lot of things about their culture and daily life. The village can be reached by a car or motorbike but trekking on the path along the mountain is much more interesting and well worth it. The views of the paddy rice fields, waterfalls and villages are unforgettable. From area’s highest point you can see a breathtaking panoramic view of the village with high mountains and rivers flowing. The best time to visit Lao Chai Village is from September to April.

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4. Ta Van Village

Distance from Sapa town: 10 kilometers

Ta Van Village is located next to Lao Chai Village in the Muong Hoa valley. It is home to the Zay and H’mong ethnic people living together. The Zay tribe lives at the lowland near the stream and is growing rice and engraving silver, while the H’mong tribe prefers higher mountain’s top for corn farming. This is one of the best places to explore the culture of local people and to get some peace and quiet relaxation. The path to the village is small and narrow. On both sides of the path there is an abundant nature full of corn and rice terraces making it another village perfect for trekking.

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If you are interested in exploring all the main hill tribe villages in Sapa with a guide, we would recommend 3D2N Sapa Villages and Ham Rong Mountain Trekking Tour. This tour gives you a chance to see the breathtaking scenery and nature of Mount Ham Rong, Cat Cat Village, Lao Chai Village and Ta Van Village. You can also experience the life of various hill tribes in each village and learn about local culture and history.

5. Ta Phin Village

Distance from Sapa town: 14 kilometers

Entrance fee: 15,000 VND per person

Ta Phin Village is located in the valley that is surrounded by rice fields. The village is also the main habitat of the Red Dao ethnic group, the tribe famous for embroidery skills. The village is famous for bath salts and you can find a number of massage parlors with Red Dao bathtubs around the village. When trekking to this village, you will get a chance to enjoy magnificent views, experience the daily life of local people and explore traditional customs. The journey from Sapa to Ta Phin Village by a motorbike takes approximately 30 minutes, but tourists often choose to hike to the village because it is a track that lets you experience the real nature and beauty of Sapa.

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6. Ban Ho Village

Distance from Sapa town: 30 kilometers

Entrance fee: 40,000 VND per person

If you are traveling to Sapa to explore ethnic villages, you just can’t miss Ban Ho Village. This village is located in a small valley, 30 kilometers southwest of Sapa center. The village is home to the Tay ethnic minority. The weather here is warmer than in other areas of Sapa so this village is perfect for visiting throughout the year. Nearby attractions include May Bridge, Ca Nhay Waterfall, Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, Seo Trung Ho Waterfall, Hoang Lien Son National Park.

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7. Sin Chai Village

Distance from Sapa town: 7 kilometers

Sin Chai Village, located at the foot of Fansipan, is home to the Red Dao ethnic group. Although the village is located not far from Sapa town, it does not attract too many tourists, making it an ideal place to learn about the lifestyle of local hill tribes. Sin Chai Village offers beautiful landscapes of rice fields, streams and corn fields.

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Cat Cat Village

8. Y Linh Ho Village

Distance from Sapa town: 7 kilometers

Y Linh Ho Village is not as popular as other hill tribe villages in Sapa. However, Y Linh Ho is one of the best places for trekking as it offers authentic experience, off the beaten track. The village is located about 7 km southwest of Sapa town, established on a steep mountain on the west side of the Muong Hoa River. The road leading to the village is winding and steep so the only way to get to this village from the main road is by foot. This is therefore an ideal destination for adventurous tourists. Y Linh Ho Village has a unique culture and the majority of hill tribes here are H’mong.  The landscapes are breathtaking with cool and fresh atmosphere and there are many picturesque spots along the trail.

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For those who don't have much time but would like to fully explore the natural beauty of Sapa, we recommend taking a 2D1N Sapa Tour from Hanoi. This tour will take you to explore Cat Cat Village, Y Linh Ho Village, Lao Chai Village and Ta Van Village, where members of the Black H'mong, Tay and Red Dao hill tribes live. The tour is inexpensive so it is extremely worthwhile. 

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