How to get around Hue City, Vietnam

Hue is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations, boasting its historical attractions and the charming Perfume River on the side of the majestic Ngu Binh Mountain. Travelling around the city to explore its most important sites is quite easy as you can use various means of transportation in Hue.

Before going to explore Hue, get familiar with the best places to visit in Hue: Top Tourist Attractions in Hue.

Depending on your travel style, you can choose one of the following ways to get around Hue.

By Boat

Boats were always an essential mean of transportation in Hue, since the city is crossed by the Perfume River. Nowadays, traditional Dragon boats, bringing tourists to explore the city by the river, have become a very popular mean of transportation that is adored by many tourists visiting Hue.

Boat in Hue

There are 2 types of Dragon boats in Hue: Single boats that can accommodate up to 8 guests and Double boats that can accommodate up to 30 persons. All types of boats are built with dragon heads and painted with splendid colors.

You can rent a boat to tour on the Perfume River in a combination with listening to Ca Hue (Hue folk songs) and just sit on a boat, float along the water, enjoy Hue folk songs and release flower lanterns.

Otherwise, you can use it just for transferring to various tourist attractions in the surrounding area while admiring the views on the way. Prices depend on the type of boat and the route you choose.

You can also join one of many tours that include sailing on the Dragon boat and admiring the romantic landscape of the Perfume River.

Hue Discovery Half or Full Day Tour: This is the best-seller Hue City tour offered for the lowest price. During the tour you will be spending time visiting interesting historical sights of the city and absorbing the views of the scenic Perfume River.

Perfume River Private Dinner Cruise: On the dinner cruise you can enjoy authentic local dishes on a traditional Dragon Boat while sailing past the city's main attractions such as temples, pagodas, mountains and admiring a breathtaking sunset view.

By Cyclo

Cyclo is the 3-wheeled cycle pedaled by a driver, with the seat for passengers in front. This mean of transportation appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period. Cyclo is the most attractive and suitable way to explore in the inner Hue City and many travelers choose this way of traveling to discover the hidden charm of the imperial city.

Cyclo in Hue

Unlike in Hanoi and Saigon, cyclos in Hue are more charming with moderate width and average height of the roof. Cyclo can bring you around the city to visit the most centrally located highlights of Hue. You can hire a cyclo on the street next to your hotel or along the bank of the Perfume River, where they like to park while waiting for customers.

The normal local rate for riding cyclo should be only 15,000 - 20,000 VND per hour per person but as a tourist don’t expect the fare to be that cheap. Normally, they charge tourists about 80,000 VND for 30 minutes when traveling alone and about 100,000 VND for 30 minutes when taking 2 people. In any case, you should negotiate the price of your cyclo trip before taking it.

Alternatively, you can join Hue City Cyclo Tour to see the most famous attractions in Hue such as Imperial Citadel, Nine Holy Cannons, Ngo Mon Gate and explore the city in an authentic way on the cyclo.

Walking around Hue

If you want to explore Hue on your own, then walking around the city is not a bad idea. The most popular walking route is from the center of the city to Hue Imperial City where you can take a walk in Imperial Citadel and Ruined Forbidden City of Hue and learn about history and culture of Hue and Vietnam.

There is also Hue Street Food Walking Tour that not only guides through the streets of Hue but also lets to explore the local street food scene with delicacies such as water fern cake (Banh Beo), rice dumpling cake (Banh Loc), and many others on offer.

Hue has several walking streets including Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street, which was the first walking street, and HuePham Ngu Lao - Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau streets stretching for over 1 km. The walking street also features street art and music performances, along with a typical Hue cuisine area.

By Bus

Public Bus is also a popular way to travel in Hue, especially for locals. Taking a public bus is not a bad choice if you want to roam even far away from the city as they are reaching various districts of Thua Thien Hue province.

Public bus is also the most budget-friendly mean of transportation for getting from Hue Airport to the city center.

Currently, the public bus system in Hue has 14 routes. Some of the most popular regular routes:

Route 1: Southern bus station – Northern bus station
Operating Hours: Daily 5:00-17:00
Ticket: 5,000 VND/ person

Route 2: Southern bus station – Phu Bai Market
Operating Hours: Daily 7:00-17:30
Ticket: 4,000 VND/ person

Route 3: Southern bus station – Thuan An
Operating Hours: Daily 6:00-18:30
Ticket: 5,000 VND/ person

Route 4: Southern bus station – An Lo
Operating Hours: Daily 5:50-17:50
Ticket: 5,000 VND/ person

Route 5: Southern bus station - Tuan
Operating Hours: Daily 7:00-13:00
Ticket: 4,000 VND/ person

For all Hue public bus routes and schedule check: Hue Public Bus.

By Private Transfer

Booking a private transfer is mostly suitable if you are traveling in a group or family. The private transfer with a driver is the best way to explore Hue on your own as it helps you to visit Hue and its surroundings conveniently. You can charter a private car in Hue and travel with ease around the city and surrounding areas like Vinh Moc Tunnels, My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town.

By Taxi

There are several taxi companies operating in Hue City:

  • Taxi Mai Linh
  • Taxi ThanhDo
  • Taxi GILI
  • Taxi Thanh Loi

Taxi in Hue

By Motorbike

In Hue, the number of motorbike taxi drivers is not as big as in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. However, there are plenty of them ready to take visitors from train station, bus station or airport to the city center or to be chartered for going around the city and surrounding areas all day. The motorbike taxi driver can be your best guide if you do not know much about the city. Motorbike taxi fare in Hue is inexpensive and depends on the distance. The fare should be about 2,000 VND per 1 km but always make sure about the price before getting on a motorbike.

If you are self-driving, renting a motorbike is also a convenient choice to travel around Hue. Motorbikes are extremely useful transportation if you are on a budget and want to explore not only all the roads and alleys of Hue City but also its surroundings. You can rent a motorbike for 10,000-15,000 VND for 1 hour or 80,000-150,000 VND for 1 day. For renting a cheap motorbike in Hue, check motorbike rental shops on Hung Vuong, Nguyen Tri Phuong or Le Loi streets. If your hotel or accommodation offers a motorbike rental service, do not hesitate to book at their place as normally you can negotiate the price.


By Bicycle

Traveling by a bicycle is another good way for traveling around Hue City and getting local experience in the countryside. As most of tourist attractions are within 10 km, exploring the imperial capital by a bicycle is the choice of many travelers. Tourists can rent a bicycle at their accommodation or at rental shops on the Hung Vuong and Pham Ngu Lao streets for only 20,000 - 30,000 VND per day.



For those who are flying to Hue, there are several transport options for getting from Phu Bai Airport to Hue City.

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