ASEAN Attire: Southeast Asian Countries National Costumes

National costumes of all the countries in Southeast Asia are listed here. This collection of ASEAN countries costumes was well presented at the exhibition which shows the difference of all Southeast Asian nations and their cultures. Explore the collection of ASEAN attire for female and male.

ASEAN Countries Costume

This was a cultural exhibit showcasing Southeast Asian traditional attire. The exhibit featured traditional ASEAN attires like the terno and the barong Tagalog from the Philippines; Peranakan costumes from Singapore; the ao dai and ao gam from Vietnam; the xout lao from Laos; and Khmer traditional wedding attire from Cambodia. It also showcased Indonesia’s kebaya and jas betawi, Myanmar’s yinzi and tike-pon; Thailand’s traditional costumes; and Malaysia baju kurung and baju melayu.

Thai National Costume

National costume for men and women of Thailand. Traditional Thai clothing is called Chut Thai, meaning 'Thai outfit'.

Thailand National Costumes

Traditional Thai attire for female consists of a lower attire called pha nung (long strip of cloth wrapped around the waist), a blouse, and a pha biang (silk breast wrapper).

Traditional Thai attire for men includes a pha chung hang (wraparound cloth on lower body), a Raj pattern shirt (shirt with a standing collar and buttoned vertical opening), a pha biang (shawl-like garment) and optional knee-length white socks.

Khmer National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Cambodia. These are the traditional styles of dress worn by the Khmer people.

Cambodian National Costumes

Khmer traditional wedding attire from Cambodia is made of silk.

Khmer traditional attire for female is in a traditional pattern style with a tube skirt with a fold in front. The top of this national costume is a tube top with a ribbon.

Khmer traditional attire for male is trousers in the sampot - a piece of cloth through the entangled pants. Also traditional silk shirt is worn.

Burmese National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Myanmar. The most widely recognized Burmese national costume is the longyi (sheet of cloth, often sewn into a cylindrical shape and worn around the waist, running to the feet).

Burmese National Costumes

Longyis worn by female as part of the national costume are called htamein with multi-coloured and floral patterns. Burmese women wear blouses called eingyi. This style of eingyi buttoned at the front is called yinzi. Burmese women also typically don a shawl.

Longyis worn by male are called pahso and are generally in stripes or checks apart from plain colours. Burmese men wear a Manchu Chinese jacket called a tike-pon eingyi over a mandarin collar shirt.

Lao National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Laos. Laotian national costume is called Xout lao, which literally means 'Lao outfit'.

Lao National Costumes

Traditional Lao attire for female typically includes a sinh (handmade traditional skirt with pattern) matching in colors with a pha biang (silk breast wrapper) and a silk suea pat (long-sleeved shirt with no buttons).

Traditional Lao attire for male is typically a white silk Nehru-style jacket with a pha biang of checkered patterns on the left shoulder. Long trousers are worn traditionally.

Malay National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Malaysia.

Malay National Costumes

Traditional attire for Malay women is the Baju Kurung, a knee-length blouse worn over a long skirt, known as sarong. The blouse is long-sleeved and usually collarless, while the sarong has pleats on one side. A tudong (headscarf, worn as interpretation of the Islamic hijab) is also worn.

Traditional costume for Malay men is the Baju Melayu, a long-sleeved shirt, which is worn over trousers. Baju Melayu is usually accompanied with a short sarong, called samping, which is wrapped around the hips. It is also accompanied with a tengkolok (headgears made from long songket cloth folded and tied in a particular style).

Singaporean National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Singapore. The traditional costume of Singapore is the Peranakan costume, which represents the combination of Malays and Chinese, combining the various cultures and races of Singapore.

Singaporean National Costumes

Traditional Singaporean attire for female comprises of a blouse called Kebaya and a long skirt or Sarong. The national costume is heavily embroidered and fitted with embellished designs. The skirt is either woven or made of batik pattern fabric.

Traditional Singaporean attire for male is batik men's shirts (hand-drawn or stamp batik) and long trousers.

Vietnamese National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Vietnam.

Vietnamese National Costumes

Vietnam’s national dress Ao Dai is a long, split tunic worn over silk trousers. Ao Dai is worn with the conventional snug collar and buttoned down on the left side to the waist, with no crease in front or back.

The female dress Ao Dai flows with graceful lines from a tight waist down to the heels.

Ao Gam, a modified Ao Dai made with thicker fabric, is a traditional brocade tunic for men. The male dress extends only to the knees.

Indonesian National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Indonesia. The most widely recognized Indonesian national attires include batik and kebaya.

Indonesian National Costumes

The traditional Indonesian attire for female includes a kebaya (long sleeved tunic) in satin design embellished with golden brocade. Kebaya is usually worn with a sarong.

The traditional Indonesian attire for male is a formal Javanese men’s shirt or beskap also called Jas Betawi, which is known internationally as the Nehru Jacket.

Filipino National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Philippines.

Filipino National Costumes

The national attire for Filipina women is terno, which is characterized by its flattened, pleated sleeves creating a semi-circle above the shoulders, otherwise known as “butterfly sleeves”.  

The traditional attire for men is barong tagalog, an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt for men. It is traditionally made with sheer textiles and worn untucked over an undershirt with belted trousers and dress shoes.

Brunei National Costume

National costumes for men and women of Brunei.

Brunei National Costumes

The traditional attire for female in Brunei is baju kebaya. Brunei’s version of baju kebaya consists of two pieces: a short kebaya and kain batik as the skirt.

The national dress of Brunei for male is Baju Cara Melayu attire, which comes in two main parts: the baju (long-sleeved shirt) with raised stiff collar known as the cekak musang collar and the trousers called celana. Samping, a skirt-type adornment, is also added as well as the headgear called the tengkolok.

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