What to Eat at Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok

Visiting one of the floating markets in Bangkok is a perfect opportunity to try new Thai food dishes and snacks. If you’ll be staying in Bangkok on weekend, consider visiting Taling Chan Floating Market and enjoy traditional Thai delicacies there.

Traditional Thai Snacks

Here’s a list of traditional Thai snacks, fruits, drinks and Thai food dishes that you should try while visiting Taling Chan Floating Market.


There are plenty of traditional Thai snacks available at Taling Chan Floating Market.

Thai dessert made of sugarcane, coconut milk, pounded unripe rice, popped rice, peanuts and sesame (Kanom Kra-Ya-Sart : ขนมกระยาสารท) = 40 baht/pack

Kanom Kra-Ya-Sart

Delicious crispy Thai pancakes (Khanom Buang : ขนมเบื้อง) = 25-30 baht/set

Khanom Buang

Sweet Pandan pudding topped with shredded coconut (Khanom Piek Poon : ขนมเปียกปูน) = 20 baht/piece

Khanom Piek Poon

These three traditional Thai snacks will be good for a start but your journey to the tastes of this floating market won’t be complete without other delicious Snacks You Should Try at Taling Chan Floating Market.


You can enjoy many delicious Thai fruits at Taling Chan Floating Market as well. Before you go, get familiar with the list of Thai Fruits You Should Try in Thailand. At the market you will definitely notice:

Dragon fruit (Gao Mung Gorn : แก้วมังกร) = 60 baht/kg

Dragon fruit (Gao Mung Gorn)

Nam Dok Mai Sweet Mango (Ma-Muang: มะม่วงน้ำดอกไม้) = 100 baht/kg

This kind of mango is traditionally served as Khao Niaw Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice).

Nam Dok Mai Sweet Mango (Ma-Muang)

If you are interested what other fruits local farmers bring to sell at the market, check Fruits You Should Try at Taling Chan Floating Market and maybe you will find your favorite Thai fruit there.


Not only fruits are sold at Taling Chan Floating Market. A wide variety of fresh juices is on offer here too.

Fresh Coconut = 30 baht

Fresh Coconut

Fresh orange juice = 25 baht

Fresh orange juice

These fresh juices might be well known and easily found all around Thailand but at this market you can find a much bigger choice of juice, just check Drinks You Should Try at Taling Chan Floating Market.

Thai Food Dishes

Various Thai food dishes, including a good choice of seafood, are sold from the boats and stalls at Taling Chan Floating Market.

You can find many different types of noodle dishes being served here. The price starts from 30 to 65 baht

 Noodle Dishes

Fried mussels with egg and bean sprouts, eaten with sweet chili sauce (Hoy-Thod : หอยทอด) = 40 baht


Other options for your weekend lunch at the floating market can be found here: Thai Food Dishes You Should Try at Taling Chan Floating Market.