Sapa at Night: Where to go? What to do?

Sapa is an extremely attractive tourist destination not only for Vietnamese tourists but also for foreigners. However, it is not bustling like big cities in Vietnam. You can admire those magical beauties during the day but when the sun goes down, Sapa is inherently peaceful. However, there are interesting things you can do in Sapa at night.

Let's explore the best places to have fun and relax in Sapa at night!

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1. Sapa Lake

Sapa Lake is one of the best places to go in the evening in Sapa. It is located right near the center of Sapa town. The lake attracts everyone, especially lovers, with its peaceful scenery that becomes sparkling at night. You can walk around the lake or get a cup of coffee near the lake for a great relaxation.

2. Stone Church

Sapa Stone Church is located in the middle of the town center. The church was built in 1895 by the French. This church has become a symbol of Sapa and is the destination not to be missed in Sapa whether it’s a day or night. Behind the church lies the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, in front of the church – the main square of the town. At night Stone Church is beautifully decorated with LED lights so many people gather here to trade goods and have fun. It is the place where the activities of the Love Market going on every Saturday night.

3. Cau May Walking Street

Cau May is a bustling neighborhood, also known as Western Street, with a large number of foreign tourists choosing to spend the time at this place. This street is filled with a number of restaurants, hotels, entertainment places mostly serving foreign tourists. Accommodation in this area is quite expensive if compared to the usual prices in Sapa. At night, especially on weekends, Cau May attracts crowds of tourists and becomes a walking street. For those who love the bustling atmosphere, this is a place to come.

4. Love Market

Sapa Love Market is the place where the cultural activities of highlanders take place. It's a good place to discover the cultural characteristics of H'mong and Dao ethnic group. Young men and women from remote villages of ethnic minorities come down to the market with their traditional costumes and spend the night meeting each other, interacting with games, showing their talents. This is considering as one of the most ideal place for dating and socializing. Sapa Love Market takes place every Saturday at 21:30 in the area in front of Stone Church.

5. Sapa Night Market

Unlike Love Market, Sapa Night Market is a place for shopping. The market is bustling with unique stalls of H'Mong and Dao ethnic people who sell many handicraft products. If you are looking to buy unique traditional gifts such as brocade, ala, flute, and jewelry for your friends and relatives, this is a good place to come. There is also a food court at the market where you can try various local specialties.

6. The Hmong Sisters

One of the most interesting nightlife places in Sapa that shouldn’t be missed is The Hmong Sisters. As soon as you open the wooden door of this bar, the music is loud and laughter is everywhere. This bar is small in size but well-furnished to make guests feel satisfied. There is a variety of creative drinks and cocktails on offer that can hardly be found elsewhere. The bar is open from 16:00 to midnight.

7. Bamboo Bar

Bamboo Bar is the largest bar in Sapa. The bar is famous for the dancing specials of 5 Sapa’s ethnic groups and the special music. It is said that at this bar you can experience the typical ethnic culture so it is attracting a large number of tourists.

8.The Valley View Bar

The Valley View Bar is another famous bar in Sapa. The bar is situated in a very convenient location and has an open space with a charming view. Here you can both enjoy your favorite drink and admire the beautiful Sapa valley view from above.

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Most of the cafes with the best panoramic views in Sapa are also open till late and can be visited at night. The most popular cafes are listed here: 12 Amazing Cafes with the Best View in Sapa.

12 Amazing Cafes with the Best View in Sapa

The climate in Sapa is quite different from other regions across the country. Especially at night, the temperature in Sapa is quite low, so you should prepare accordingly when going out.