Half Day Trip : Ko Kret

Ko Kret island is filled with local vibe and lifestyle where the old Mon community and their way of life are still preserved. Visiting Ko Kret is a great day trip getaway from the city to see a different part of Bangkok.

Ko Kret

This half-day itinerary is exactly the same like we completed when visiting Ko Kret from Bangkok. We were using exclusively local transportation along the way. It wasn’t the easiest and fastest but definitely the most enjoyable way to visit Ko Kret.

Ko Kret

09.10 Chatuchak Park Bus Stop to Pak Kret

We started our journey by going to BTS SkyTrain Mo Chit Station for taking the bus No. 52 from Chatuchak Park bus stop to Pak Kret. As it was a weekend, it took some time to wait for the bus. We took a bus from Chatuchak Park to Pak Kret. The fare is 9 baht each way.

09.55 Pak Kret - Wat Sanam Nuea

We reached the last bus stop of Pak Kret which is located near Pak Kret Pier. From there we walked on Soi Chaeng Watthana-Pak Kret 4 road to Wat Sanam Nuea temple for taking the ferry to Ko Kret. The distance from the bus stop to the temple is about 500 meters. If you don’t like walking, you can take a motorbike, the price is 15-20 baht.

Ko Kret

10.04 Wat Sanam Nuea – Ko Kret

We arrived at Wat Sanam Nuea and walked to the back of the temple. There is a ferry to Ko Kret. We got on the boat and it took only few minutes to cross the river. The fare is 2 baht each way and needs to be paid at Ko Kret side.

Wat Sanam Nuea

10.13 Ko Kret - Traditional temples, Museum and Pottery Village

We took a tour by walking around Ko Kret. Ko Kret is a really unique community where the main places to visit include many traditional temples, museum, and Pottery Village.

Pottery Village

There is a market along the path way, so you can try some traditional snacks that can’t be found in other places (we can confirmed that).

Food at Ko Kret

11.30 Riverside Restaurant and Local Cafe

We took a break for lunch at the riverside restaurant where we had a Mon-style lunch and tried Khao Chae. After that, we visited a local cafe where we have tried a local dessert Khanom Thuai.

Local cafe at Ko Kret

More ideas about the food you can try at Ko Kret can be found here: What to Eat at Ko Kret.

12.16 Traditional Thai-Mon performances

We stopped by to watch traditional Thai-Mon performances. The performances take place every weekend after 11 AM. On the day of our visit, they had more than 10 performances to show for visitors.

Traditional Thai-Mon performances

12.32 Shopping

After watching several shows, we did some shopping for local souvenirs from Ko Kret at OTOP Market and Dessert Canal before crossing the Chao Phraya River from Wat Poramaiyikawas to Wat Sanam Nuea.

Food at Ko Kret

13.00 Back to Bangkok

We walked from Wat Sanam Nuea to the bus stop where we could get the air-con bus No. 166 to Victory Monument. We took a different bus back to Bangkok because it was a much faster option as this bus runs to Victory Monument on the express way and costs 18 baht.