Thailand eVisa Application: How to Apply for Thai eVisa

Thailand eVisa is an online visa application service that makes application for Thai Visa on Arrival easier and saves your time at the airport. Check how to apply for Thai eVisa online and how to fill in all the required information correctly.

IMPORTANT! eVISA Thailand is temporary closed for service improvement from 23 April, 2019. In the meantime, use eVisa on Arrival (eVOA) by VFS Global.

Before you start your Thailand eVisa application, prepare few things:

  1. Your passport. You should make digital copies (PNG, JPG, GIF or PDF format only) of your passport cover page (colorful page with your country’s name and state emblem) and personal details page (page with your photo and all other details).
  2. Flight tickets to Thailand and from Thailand (digital copies in PNG, JPG, GIF or PDF format are required).
  3. Proof of accommodation in Thailand (digital copy of hotel booking in PNG, JPG, GIF or PDF format).
  4. Credit or Debit card (for Thailand eVisa fee payment).

Step 1 – Go to Thailand eVisa Website

Application for Thai eVisa should be done at the official website of Thailand eVisa only. You can find it here: Official Thailand eVisa Website.

e-Visa Thailand

Step 2 – Start New Application

You can choose “Apply Now” from the top menu of the website or just provide the main details on the home page of Thailand eVisa application website where you need to choose:

  • Nationality
  • Arrival Airport
  • Arrival Date


Citizens of 15 countries can use Thailand eVisa service at the moment. Full list of them can be found here: countries eligible for Thailand eVisa.

e-Visa Thailand

If you can’t find your nationality in the list, your country might be eligible for Free Visa-Exempt Stay or you might need to get your Thailand Visa in advance from Thai embassy or consulate anywhere in the world.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania are still not eligible for Thailand eVisa even if all other ways of acquiring Thai Visa on Arrival are available for the citizens of these European countries.

Arrival Airports

You need to choose your planned port of entry to Thailand. Thailand eVisa is currently available at one of 4 international airports in Thailand:

e-Visa Thailand

However, more entry points are waiting in the line for the implementation of Thailand eVisa system.

Arrival Date

Thailand eVisa service can be used if there’s left at least 48 hours before your arrival. The earliest you can submit the application is not more than 30 days before your arrival.

If your planned arrival doesn’t fall into this time frame, you should apply for Thai Visa on Arrival the old way – by manually filling Thailand Visa on Arrival Form and submitting it together with all required documents at the airport.

Step 3 – Terms and Conditions

Get familiar with Thailand eVisa Terms and Conditions.

You need to accept these terms and conditions or submit Thai Visa on Arrival application the old way instead.

Step 4 – Fill in Personal Details

At this step of Thailand eVisa application form you need to provide your personal information:

  • Nationality – filled automatically if it was chosen at the step before and can be edited (15 nationalities are currently eligible for Thailand eVisa)
  • Passport Type – the only choice is “Ordinary”
  • Arrival Airport - filled in automatically if was filled at the step before and can be edited (one of 4 international airports can be used for entering the country with Thailand eVisa)
  • Salutation – choose from “Mr”, “Ms”, “Mrs” and others
  • Family Name – must be exactly as it appears on the passport
  • Middle Name – required only if you have one
  • First Name - must be exactly as it appears on the passport
  • Gender – choose: Male or Female (choosing Unknown isn’t recommended as it might raise many questions)
  • Date of Birth – your date of birth as on your passport (year, month and day are chosen from the list)
  • Email Address – your Thailand eVisa approval letter will be sent to this email address so type it accurately as you won’t get your eVisa if incorrect email will be provided
  • Mobile number - your personal phone number is required
  • Passport No – make sure it’s exactly as on your passport
  • Passport Date of Issue – choose the date when your passport was issued
  • Passport Date of Expiry – choose the date of expiry of your passport (your passport must be valid for at least 30 days from the day of your arrival in Thailand)
  • Arrival Date in Thailand – you need to provide Date (the date of your flight to Thailand), Time (time of expected arrival as on your flight ticket) and Arrival flight number (found on the ticket)
  • Departure Date (Leaving from Thailand) – you need to provide Date (the date of your flight from Thailand that must be within 15 days from your arrival), Time (departure time as on your flight ticket) and Departure flight number (found on the ticket)

e-Visa Thailand

Step 5 – Upload Media Files

There are 3 sections for uploading documents at Thailand eVisa application form:

  • Passport cover & personal details
  • Airline ticket
  • Accommodation details

All files must be in picture format (PNG, JPG or GIF file types are accepted only) and images must be clear. The size of each file can’t exceed 2 MB.

e-Visa Thailand

You need to upload 5 files in total:

  1. Passport cover page - colorful page with your country’s name and state emblem
  2. Passport personal details page – BIO page with your photo and all other personal and passport details (passport must be valid for at least 30 days after your arrival in Thailand)
  3. Flight ticket to Thailand – passenger name and ticket number should be clearly seen
  4. Flight ticket from Thailand (return or onward travel) – flight ticket must be within 15 days from your arrival in Thailand
  5. Accommodation booking confirmation – the name and address of the accommodation must be seen on the booking (you must have an accommodation for the day of your arrival at least)

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, just book any hotel on or Agoda and upload your booking confirmation.

Step 6 – Fill in Additional Details

At this step of Thailand eVisa application form you need to provide additional information:

  • Place of stay in Thailand (type of your accommodation in Thailand) – you can choose from hotel, hostel, guesthouse, private property or dormitory (once you choose one of them, new fields appear and you need to fill the name and address of selected accommodation in Thailand)
  • Residential address – you need to provide your address in your home country
  • Name and address of person(s) of reference in Thailand – this field is optional and you should fill it only if you are planning to stay at your relatives or friends in Thailand
  • Details of Minor Children - if accompanied by minor children travelling on the same passport, you should give their names, dates and places of birth (if your child has a separate passport, then a separate Thailand eVisa application for your child is required)

e-Visa Thailand

Once all the information will be filled in and media files uploaded, click the button “Continue” and you will be moved to the confirmation page.

Step 7 – Confirm Information

Your Thailand eVisa application form will be formed and show up in a separate page asking to confirm your information. Double check it as any incorrect information might lead to the rejection of your Thailand eVisa application.

Once you confirm the information, you will be automatically moved to the page of payment.

Step 8 – Pay Thailand eVisa Fee

Thailand eVisa fee consists of Thailand Visa on Arrival fee 2000 THB per person (Visa on Arrival Fees Waiver is in place until 30 April 2020) and Thailand eVisa service fee 525 THB per person. So normally Thailand eVisa fee is 2525 THB per person.

e-Visa Thailand

Thailand eVisa fee must be paid online through one of payment gateways:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay)
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay

Step 9 – Processing of Thailand eVisa

Once payment is made, your Thailand eVisa application is sent for processing. The staff will verify your application and might ask you to resubmit the documents in case something is missing.

After the verification by eVisa staff, your Thailand eVisa application will be sent further to the authorities for consideration.

After the verification and consideration, your Pre-Approval Code will be sent to you via email. To ensure your confirmation, you can print out or save the pre-approved eVisa documents on your mobile.

You should be contacted in 24-72 hours from submission of your eVisa application.

Step 10 – Getting Thai Visa on Arrival

Once arriving at the airport in Thailand, go to Visa on Arrival area.

Thailand Visa on Arrival

Then directly proceed to the eVisa dedicated lane. Present your passport, pre-approved Thailand eVisa documents and Thailand Visa on Arrival Form with your photo attached to it to the officer at the Visa on Arrival counter. Your Thai Visa on Arrival will be stamped into your passport.

Then proceed to the Immigration, present your passport and Thailand Arrival Card, get the stamp of entry and enter Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand!

Any Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions about Thailand Visa on Arrival and ask your own question if it's not answered there yet.

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