Thailand Golf Courses & Resorts

Thailand has more than 200 golf courses nationwide and there are more than 5,000 golf resorts scattered throughout the country. The high season to play golf in Thailand is mainly during October - December. Find the best places to play golf in Thailand.

1. Mida Golf Club Kachanaburi

Mida Golf Club Kachanaburi is the golf club boasting its central location in the Kanchanaburi region of Thailand. This venue is offering 18 holes golf course as well as a clean and quiet resort in contemporary Thai style.

Province: Kanchanaburi 

Mida Golf Club Kachanaburi

2. Evergreen Hills Golf Club & Resort 

Located only 2 hours from Bangkok, Evergreen Hills Golf Club and Resort is offering to experience golf in Thailand in the most private freedom, surrounded by natural atmosphere. The standard 18-hole and 72-par golf course was neatly designed to challenge your swing.

Province: Kanchanaburi 

Evergreen Hills Golf Club & Resort

3. Blue Star Golf Course

Sitting on a former mine site, Blue Star Golf Course is another golf course in Kanchanaburi. The majority of visitors at this golf course are locals.

Province: Kanchanaburi 

Blue Star Golf Course

4. Artitaya Golf & Resort

Artitaya Golf & Resort is a golf resort located only 40 kilometers from Bangkok. Choosing to spend time at this resort, golfers will be able to immerse themselves in the pleasant atmosphere of the golf course.

Province: Nakhon Nayok

Artitaya Golf & Resort

5. Sawang Resort and Golf Club

Sawang Resort Golf Club is a golf course that is offering services for golfers of all levels in Phetchaburi, 70 minutes driving time from Bangkok city.

Province: Phetchaburi 

Sawang Resort and Golf Club